1. $APP Good luck to all of you. I jumped a month ago and took a loss, sadly. This is looking to be years worth of recovery. Wishing the best.

  2. $APP Who needs a CEO,they re totally overrated.We can save a fortune on costs without one.Maybe even report a profit. All in favor say ayy!

  3. $plug $fcel $bldp $app Yellen says rates will stay low for considerabl time,so mkt crash has been given another lifeline w/fake $&0int rates

  4. $FCEL $BLDP $PLUG $APP ding dong is now speaking...

  5. $APP the wait is getting old...seriously...what does the BOD do??? Seems like obviously nothing

  6. $APP Low 0.80s and I ll bite. I m hoping Friday.

  7. $APP This one s stalled out like an old rusty ford. 1 bad market day and this could slide back to .70 s range easily...

  8. $APP you can wake up everyday and expect nothing here lol. cmon APP you brought us an 8k friday with some details bring on the real news

  9. $fcel $bldp $plug $app not much action today as we mots wait to hear what that train wreck Yellen has to say...

  10. $APP http://y.ahoo.it/tLTKwW8W how the sex shocking adv works not so good nowadays. AAP vs Benetton Case.

  11. $APP funny how $rsh is higher then this and they are in worse shape. In my opinion.

  12. $APP nice after hours hits here. cant complain about that

  13. $APP The past tells a different story. Compare the two charts now. http://y.ahoo.it/dpUYRu3B

  14. $APP Accum/distr is not phased by price fluctuations. Mostly buying here. http://y.ahoo.it/3h0gk8WQ

  15. $APP too much debt wait for news buy the uptick

  16. $APP Green... :)

  17. $APP a green day is a start

  18. $APP One good year of consistent quarterly profits puts this baby back to $2 plus late 2016 early 2017...$3.50 plus

  19. $APP This could go back down to the 60 s if they don t announce something good soon

  20. $APP talk about uncertainty..wow, at least it keeps pushing forward after dips

  21. $APP - Great price for $APP!!!! Buy in and reap profits!

  22. $APP and down again...on a very up day in the market

  23. $APP Another green day should break the downtrend.

  24. $APP Been buying all the dips.

  25. $APP Clowns did say they projected a decision on Charney and CEO by mid sept didn t they???