1. $APPY such crap

  2. $APPY unless it s some chat room pump this stock is not moving. It s been dead, boring as hell and any gains turn to a loss fast. #Stuck

  3. $APPY time to buy soon.

  4. $APPY Institutional ownership up 8.71% Q/Q, with 641,251 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/APPY

  5. @RonCoby: $APPY No one can be hAPPY here. .40-.43 is next support area. i must say this guy knows his stuff and is always right on

  6. $APPY is crappy and make you unhappy.. GL if you buy into this trash. you will be stuck like chuck or like @r2anders :)

  7. $APPY ok

  8. $APPY gotta wonder if it s such crap/garbage why hang around to keep mentioning it to everyone....guess u want it but lower...

  9. $APPY With no news, there will be no change in stock price. So anybody predicting bullish: show me the news. When we hear news, then OK

  10. $APPY such a garage stock and it ain t gonna squeeze nothing nobody wants this crap

  11. $APPY reversal tomorrow I call it

  12. $APPY i was out just before the last dump. Sad.

  13. @R2anders $APPY buy into fear sell into the profits! minimize losses when wrong. two very important rules does it make sense @Daniel_Ward

  14. $APPY bollingers very tight on weekly, could get a heck of a squeeze...hlding on to see...seems overdone....now back to Canada Day

  15. $APPY Feeling .30s! =D

  16. $APPY this stock is a dead cat! on to better things! $INUV $DRRX $BIOC

  17. $APPY what a waste of time and money :(

  18. $APPY agreed this garbage

  19. $APPY management sucks and I see no upside..promoters pump this garbage and dumped it on us :( time to lick my wounds and go home

  20. $APPY im going to exit as well.. good luck everyone.. this normally pops once I sell lol

  21. $APPY sorry guys I m out this will get back to 60s if you wait

  22. $APPY what do you call a stock that doesn t bounce at lows? Something with a cat lol

  23. $APPY this has to be the bottom here. Can on you pos CEO do something good 4 once.

  24. $APPY what a fkn piece of shiate this company is.

  25. $APPY worst stock in trading right here lol thank god I sold a quarter yesterday