1. $APPY What s the consensus among us, approved or not? ARIA had clearance in European market last December but not USA look at them now....

  2. @jungle79 I hear good things on $TNXP and I like $HALO and $APPY

  3. @Doewap It could be quick once $appy provides the information requested by the FDA. It s all speculation from here.

  4. $APPY wasn t this a 510b or whaddaya callit, so it could be rather quick if they manage to explain things properly?

  5. @Meddoc2006 I m hoping it doesn t take too much longer after $APPY meets with the FDA.

  6. @canapa123 I m not sure it will be quite that quick. I m optimistic about $APPY but it might take longer than originally anticipated

  7. $APPY Too many questions, lets get approved!!!

  8. $APPY I would expect this to be approved in the coming month.

  9. $APPY ... no posts in 2 days. Guess nobody likes this anymore?

  10. $APPY Buy more or find something else to buy is my question?

  11. $APPY out.

  12. @MrTrending nice job with $NEWL. tried to get in Pre market 7k bid not cleared and now kicking myself. I only made about 1k today on $APPY.

  13. $ATRS bought at this rock bottom prices. also bought $APPY. $PPHM $SNTA $MELA

  14. $APPY Out 6K at 2.02. Will go down further for the next few days if not weeks. Will look for re-entry again.

  15. $APPY back in again for a trade.

  16. @EE551976 been in meetings. Hate I missed PB $APPY

  17. $APPY booked a quick profit.

  18. $APPY I got in at 1,84 I do not think the issues are serious, some clarification to the FDA will be enough. The test works and has EU appr

  19. $APPY bought here.

  20. $APPY all out from 1.74 5k shares. will trade again on a dip. successful long play

  21. $APPY I don t understand why such a drop. They just haven t been approved yet.. It will take longer than the few months we hoped...

  22. @EE551976 $APPY Not the news we were looking for....you don t sell on a day like today if you re long this stock

  23. $APPY http://y.ahoo.it/sUIW7ovQ

  24. $APPY hop

  25. $APPY Venaxis Reports on Recent FDA Submission Activities.. http://y.ahoo.it/vBebofZN