1. $GBSN and $APPY two very promoted stocks both drove into the ground. for the all new traders out there, beware of going on LONG on small cap

  2. $APPY I really hate this company. Seriously

  3. $APPY $NSPR $RXII - http://wallstreetpoint.com/biotech-stocks-buzz-rxi-pharmaceuticals-corp-rxii-idera-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqidra-biomarin-pharmaceutical-inc-nasdaqbmrn-2/725272/

  4. $APPY $BIOD $RXII $NSPR $MSTX -http://www.insidertradingreport.org/mast-therapeutics-inc-nysemktmstx-price-target-update/680871/

  5. $APPY who all held this after the PPS drop from the last report? I told you guys to jump ship.

  6. $APPY Institutional ownership up 8.71% Q/Q, with 641,251 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/APPY

  7. $APPY Man the market is really taking a beating today

  8. Of all the stocks I ve EVER owned, only $SPDC $APP $HELI $MEA $FBC $S $APPY $ZQK $IMMU were up today. The other 150+ were all red. #BeerMe

  9. $APPY Where is @Daniel_Ward ? No more paid promos ? The guy must get off on leading others in the wrong direction. Take his ideas and short

  10. $APPY this pos can never hold or make any gains. Wish I never bought this sham of a company.

  11. $APPY what of this dead mouse? still no pulse.

  12. $APPY Chart tells the tale of my sad APPY time. Lucky to get out today at 0.43

  13. $APPY keep going up you pos just keep going up maybe those a holes could release some positive news for once

  14. $APPY this is probable another chat room pump that is most likly selling while your buying.buyer beware

  15. $APPY Sold my small position for a 27% loss. Held for two months.

  16. $APPY .

  17. $APPY quick sell while you can!

  18. $APPY someone tell the CEO he is a worthless piece of shiate please!!!!!!!

  19. $APPY What is this farking mother faulk peice of shiate going to do? Do they ever have anything positive?

  20. $APPY appy on fire, might hit 44 by eoy

  21. $atnm $imuc $ibio $pphm $oxgn $elnk $mstx $oncs $ctic $appy $mdm $ngd $nvgn $biod ...long

  22. $APPY good volume today

  23. $APPY will this ever see .60 or the light of day ever again?

  24. $APPY: New SEC Filing for APPY: Form 10-Q, No. 0001079973-15-000532 http://stocknewsflow.com/1167419_000107997315000532_0001079973-15-000532

  25. $XOMA $RXII $OXGN $APPY $IMUC ---> $PPHM http://www.moneyflowindex.org/zacks-short-term-rating-on-peregrine-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqpphm/394516/