1. $APPY SA article with APPY 3 M PT $2.30, 6-9M PT $4.80

  2. $APPY new Seeking Alpha article with PT: http://seekingalpha.com/article/2610655-venaxis-latest-clinical-data-reveals-huge-market-potential

  3. $APPY target patients for APPY1 are 2-20, so just count the market?? ... they developed APPY3 for adult .... what the hell????!!!


  5. $APPY I see this changing clinical management of appendicitis in the peds ER. Exciting

  6. $APPY Venaxis APPY1 Trial Results Presented by Dr. David S. Huckins, M.D., at ACEP14.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/APPY/communique/796829

  7. $APPY ePoster Presentation today, 2:30 pm(CT); @ McCormick Place West Convention Center, Chicago, IL; Level 3, Skyline Ballroom W375D

  8. $APPY Today after market closes 2:30 Central Time

  9. $APPY so today?

  10. $APPY results will be announced on Monday! 2:30 Central Time!!!!! Lets hope for the best!

  11. $APPY Why would someone buy 5 k at 1.50 when u could buy at a bargain during normal trading hours. Someone clicked the wrong box.......

  12. $APPY Up over 11% AH on anticipation for the 27th!!!!

  13. $APPY Is this price due to after hours

  14. $APPY nicely keeping up the up pace. Cant wait til the 27th!!!

  15. $APPY 7 days to buy before you see this spike!!!

  16. $APPY APPY engaged SomaLogic, Inc., to assist Venaxis in developing a biomarker panel for the APPY2 Test.

  17. $APPY Product is still selling in Europe so Im assuming its a good sign if results will be released on the 27th!

  18. $APPY Oct 27th Results will be announced

  19. $APPY please, please, please!

  20. $APPY gimme more, columbo s wife is growing impatient :)

  21. $APPY Venaxis Announces APPY1 Test Results to be Presented at ACEP14 - I hope you enjoyed my prediction. Stand back and see her grow.

  22. $APPY Venaxis Announces APPY1 Test Clinical Trial Results to be Presented at ACEP14.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/APPY/communique/788996

  23. $APPY Comapny showing legs. Watch for a breakout between now and Q1

  24. $APPY Company value is only 16M with around 40M shares ... so do your math, no revenue after 1 year ... again do your math. no insider buy.

  25. $APPY Anyone have any thoughts on the action today? Seems to be a shake out