1. $APPY A director at Venaxis Inc bought 35,000 shares at 2.036USD and the significance rating ... http://y.ahoo.it/bnDVit8q #markets #Stocks

  2. Insider Transaction: $APPY Purchase at $2.04 per share of 35000 shares by Officer Hurd Donald R on 2014-04-14.

  3. AspenBio Pharma SVP Donald Hurd Buys $71,400 in $APPY http://y.ahoo.it/u49iSBgz

  4. $APPY oh well, mind games. Dont worry & be Happy. $SYN doesnt look like is going anywhere today. Lets see next week

  5. $SYN Still having resistance $APPY BOOM!!

  6. $APPY BOOM!! SYN Still having resistance

  7. $APPY BOOM!! $SYN Nope.

  8. $SYN up or down? If u noe my past posts, u will noe. For $APPY, its going to be UP! Dont miss it

  9. Watching 4/17 TOP 10 $APPY $BIOF $EMMS $ENZ $GPT $III $LTS $OXGN $SMT $TROV ..KA BOOM...

  10. @alandelmz @DMJX @Frogmopolitan $APPY EOD juice.

  11. $APPY I bought nack on January sold and bought yesterday on the dip glad to see them move up makes me happy

  12. $APPY having a nice sustained day, up a bit. Lets wee if we can get back over 3 again short term

  13. $APPY Got lucky didnt go negative...

  14. $APPY whats happening here, nice movement today?

  15. $APPY The real fun begins from here

  16. @EE551976: $APPY Updated Daily TA http://y.ahoo.it/P20EL77R

  17. $APPY what is the process time for medical devices , drugs are 6 or 10 months.

  18. $KBIO, $APPY Staying strong and holding long. Market has been in huge funk but patience.

  19. $APPY is full proof just current market manipulation is effecting it, but no worries approval in 9 or 10 months, this is a long play ppl

  20. $CHTP Bought $APPY this morning, news for both companies should make good profits any time in the next month or a little longer

  21. @BiotechMoney18: $$$ 4/10 BIOTECH watchlist: $ATHX $SGYP $NVAX $MNKD $FLML $CYTK $APPY $ATRS $IMMU $TGTX $ACRX $TKMR $$$


  23. I was hoping $AFFY was like $APPY but no way Jose not today

  24. $AMPE $APPY $CYTK $MNKD $PRAN $SNSS. My watchlist!

  25. $APPY Nice return of 7.8% today so far. Hopefull we can get back to normal levels if we get a few more days like this!