2. Crazy action in bio microcaps today. $DARA up 12% at one point, almost 600k in vol; $APPY up 20% at one point, almost 1.7 mil in vol

  3. $APPY what a run lol

  4. @3DTradingtrader: cheap bios $ONCY $DCTH $APPY ,etc.

  5. $APPY this could be the next one to pop off ? undervalued with the cash it has on hand/ insider buys % up/ and price is moving up. very Bull

  6. $APPY about to bounce back to .60 looking at level 2 imo

  7. $APPY finally movement ! patience is a virtue

  8. $APPY yeeee haww!

  9. $APPY until we see a pr come out it s all fluff

  10. $APPY to be real that pps accelerated too quickly based on 1 mil vol... Close at .57 or better is strong

  11. $APPY and there goes the sell off go figure.

  12. $APPY thanks shorters

  13. $APPY yes! BCLI NEXT accumulating

  14. $APPY BOOM!!!!!!!

  15. $APPY Nice movement up. Is there news?

  16. $APPY fly pelican fly

  17. $APPY why are u moving

  18. $APPY moving

  19. cheap bios $ONCY $DCTH $APPY ,etc.

  20. $APPY flying now

  21. $APPY insider buys, price jump, something is going to pop off

  22. $APPY is making a nice little run right now. most action i have seen in a month

  23. $APPY at what point does this company stop being a joke upon itself? Only spike caused by SA article . Managements like pathetic children

  24. $APPY i did not like the red finish but sometimes it needs to decline a little to pop off

  25. $APPY i see a decline coming of 48-50 cents and then a big pop