1. $APPY macd positive...trying to turn up, fill that gap...watching

  2. $APPY considering taking a small position in this

  3. $APPY one million shares ....and still going

  4. $APPY Could really use some positive news to push this.

  5. $CYTX .. $KBIO and $APPY

  6. $APPY

  7. $MSTX bullish $appy breaking .60..vol buuilding

  8. $APPY pushing .60...go appy

  9. $APPY big days coming next week. 1.25 comin. Look at the GEVO and CYCC bounces

  10. $APPY i gonna have to change my name to Jonah cause just as soon as i solf out the stock shot straight up!

  11. $APPY this stock is way undervalued and oversold. 1.3M shares yesterday and 3+plus million today. F the cry babies filing suit.

  12. $APPY anyone know anything here. Looking ripe.

  13. $APPY http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2015/02/20/investor-alert-class-action-lawsuit-against-venaxis-inc-announced-by-law

  14. $APPY 3 mill and counting...someone def. positioning in this

  15. $APPY pretty decent for a down IBB day

  16. $oldier Hard: $APPY and$ KBIO, couple penny Bio s moving too... http://investorshub.advfn.com/boards/read_msg.aspx?message_id=111251725

  17. $APPY why is appy rallying?

  18. $APPY ...60 test coming then if ...if it goes thru then .64 test...after that area it would be open for a decent run

  19. $APPY Why the rise in price, anyone.

  20. $APPY nice 25k buys going thru

  21. $APPY 2 million surpassed and it s not even coffee break lol

  22. $APPY volume watch -- now

  23. $APPY on watch if it breaks .63 could fill a huge gap to 1.25 (50DMA)

  24. $APPY volume ripping now...nice buys going thru...def. not retail...tutes

  25. $APPY finally some action