1. $APPY Gets get some action here APPY!!!!

  2. $APPY Really?! Let s get some movement

  3. $APPY appy appy where are u!!

  4. $APPY has this moved today? lol...still

  5. $APPY Soon above 3

  6. $APPY moving back where it belongs, above 2

  7. $APPY looking very attractive under $1.70

  8. $APPY need some news APPY…….

  9. @Daldan $APPY Looks good below $2 & looks really good @ 1.70..thx for bringing it to my attention

  10. $CJT $RE $FCEL $MSTX $RNN $PLUG $IDN $BONE $APPY $APP $ISIS $MNKD $HEB ... back to school week! summer is over! Let s have a green week!

  11. $APPY still seeing $2 by end of September, lets see what happens

  12. $APPY

  13. $APPY Nice retun today, lets break 1.71 and go higher

  14. $APPY I m new here, but when is the next significant catalyst for APPY? Thanks.

  15. $APPY Its ok they sell, we buy!

  16. $APPY soon would be be 1.5 ... and then ????!!!!

  17. $APPY Really, lets get back above 2, no way this should be so low.

  18. $APPY Cannot believe anyone would sell down here, easily a $3 stock

  19. $APPY Strong buy : http://y.ahoo.it/Se9EW527

  20. $APPY Strong buy

  21. $APPY Most likely over 2 in a few days not end of september

  22. $APPY I see $2 by end of September….go apply!

  23. $APPY Any news?

  24. $APPY See this going back over 2 short term. Strong growth and great company. Very low volume

  25. @stockunder10: Best stocks under $10 (Aug. 20): $ISR, $MNGA, $HH, $MILL, $AZC, $APPY http://y.ahoo.it/mWcHROzL