1. $APPY are we looking at a RS or some news to put us over $1?

  2. $APPY looking at level 2, it keeps getting close to filing that order at .41. also it looks like the asks are holding the stock below .45

  3. $APPY fugly

  4. $APPY ownership is not up. I hate when that computer keeps posting that. Misleading as ever

  5. $APPY Institutional ownership up 8.71% Q/Q, with 641,251 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/APPY

  6. $MSTX $ATNM $MSTX $PPHM $OXGN $IMUC $CTIC $IBIO $BIOD $APPY $INO $PTN $ADMP $CUR mkt asleep, gone fishing for the long wknd

  7. $APPY doesnt hold gains and really only moves on pumps until news comes this is not a good buy imo def not what daniela ward claims

  8. $APPY ouchhhh! it never holds a gain grrrrr

  9. $APPY If the company wants you to invest in them, all i expect is an answer to valid question. none of us could get one. not even Daniela:)

  10. $APPY I dont buy off others opinions. when they have no skin in the game but claim the name is so cheap& so many upsides.stinks like a snake

  11. $APPY Thanks Daniel. The entry level is very important and now it is the time.

  12. $appy any gain on a article will quickly vanish. this needs real news to bounce imo

  13. @netcruise: @Daniel_Ward I like $appy at this price. I will add some shortly... shortly aka he isnt adding any at all & dan owns 0 appy

  14. $APPY volume just came pouring in. obviously no one cares what daniel ward says and your better off shorting any movement he can make lol

  15. @Daniel_Ward I like $appy at this price. I will add some shortly...

  16. New Research Out: Venaxis Remains Inexpensive After The FDA Setback $APPY http://seekingalpha.com/article/3360465-venaxis-remains-inexpensive-after-the-fda-setback

  17. $APPY never moves !

  18. $APPY Gl Longs ! hope the money comes pouring in

  19. $APPY should thank the pumpers for taking the stock this bad

  20. $APPY @daniel_ward no one cares what your article says. its not hard to see that the stock is crap and they re about to dilute it some more

  21. My $APPY article went out to SA PRO folks at 1:49pm Eastern this afternoon and will go sitewide 24 hours from that release time

  22. $APPY buy some shares invest in a huge piece of crap. Email the ceo and tell him he sux tiny ball sacks

  23. $APPY thank god I sold this when it dropped weeks ago

  24. $APPY total garbage I want out

  25. $APPY pos pos pos pos pos pos