1. $APPY yo guys don t blame the stock it s the whole market shaking

  2. $APPY this stock needs any news to come out ..like seriously

  3. $APPY Would keep on WL

  4. $APPY I m out this garbage stock

  5. $APPY What s going on here ?

  6. $APPY does it really matter what the price is if there isn t ever any news?

  7. $ATNM $APPY My worst investment so far this

  8. $APPY Management owns shareholders an update. This is getting ridiculous

  9. $APPY $NSPR $$MSTX $BIOD $ ARNA $RXII http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/rxi-pharmaceuticals-strengthens-intellectual-property-portfolio-for-ocular-indications-20150908-00229

  10. $DARA $APPY $CLDN low risk until news upside. Please avoid/short names dealings w ramifications of cashless warrants: $AEZS $CAPN $GBSN etc.

  11. $NSPR $BIOD $APPY $RXII Price target and estimates http://www.americantradejournal.com/zacks-rating-on-rxi-pharmaceuticals-corporation-nasdaqrxii/669847/

  12. $APPY $ONCS $RXII $BIOD $PPHM $ECYT http://www.smarteranalyst.com/2015/09/08/cantor-reiterates-buy-on-endocyte-inc-following-vintafolide-clinical-update/

  13. $APPY What s up with this pos stock everything move except this.. Nothing in a week or two I m out with small.

  14. $NSPR $APPY $MSTX $INO $ARNA http://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.com/apd334-multiple-sclerosis/

  15. $APPY wonderful :( ...have you any suggestions

  16. $APPY: New SEC Filing for APPY: Form 8-K, No. 0001079973-15-000572 http://stocknewsflow.com/1167419_000107997315000572_0001079973-15-000572

  17. $APPY I m out this is going nowhere adios

  18. New Biotech Weekly: Reviewing The <1x Book Biotech Screen ---> http://seekingalpha.com/article/3479676-biotech-weekly-reviewing-the-1x-book-biotech-screen?notified=3461946 $XBI $BOTA $OXGN $LPTN $KDUS $APPY $MEIP $CLTX $AQXP

  19. $GBSN and $APPY two very promoted stocks both drove into the ground. for the all new traders out there, beware of going on LONG on small cap

  20. $APPY I really hate this company. Seriously

  21. $APPY $NSPR $RXII - http://wallstreetpoint.com/biotech-stocks-buzz-rxi-pharmaceuticals-corp-rxii-idera-pharmaceuticals-inc-nasdaqidra-biomarin-pharmaceutical-inc-nasdaqbmrn-2/725272/

  22. $APPY $BIOD $RXII $NSPR $MSTX -http://www.insidertradingreport.org/mast-therapeutics-inc-nysemktmstx-price-target-update/680871/

  23. $APPY who all held this after the PPS drop from the last report? I told you guys to jump ship.

  24. $APPY Institutional ownership up 8.71% Q/Q, with 641,251 net purchase http://lovelystocks.com/APPY

  25. $APPY Man the market is really taking a beating today