1. $APPY Started off strong. looks like it s settling out between 1.9-2. News coming

  2. $APPY Confused at how it started off so strong and then is back down to the 1.90s range.

  3. $APPY Heavy trading the last few minutes

  4. $APPY Expect stock to be halted if news comes in today. If later in the week, premarket announcement assuming good news

  5. $RMTI $APPY let s go!!!

  6. $APPY new here what do all see that will make this one pop? Their numbers look terrible.

  7. @Darren145 $APPY. You sneak! Trying to keep it away from the day traders. Oh well. Welcome! Stay for a while and make a nice chunk if cash

  8. $APPY With approval whats the PT on this?

  9. $APPY with all the rules on this type of filing along with approx dates from press releases they should hear back by Feb 11th

  10. $APPY shares 1.93 buyers 1.95-1.97 seller. Good trip! Hope it roars this industry upside

  11. $APPY Last chance?? Get on board before it s too late.

  12. $APPY must be last day...

  13. $APPY Please wake me up after approval. I m tired and need to close my eyes.

  14. $APPY: New SEC Filing for APPY: Form EFFECT, No. 9999999995-15-000176 http://stocknewsflow.com/1167419_999999999515000176_9999999995-15-000176

  15. $APPY latest filings https://insidertracking.com/node/7?menu_tickersearch=APPY || Venaxis

  16. $APPY I m out folks. Took my $4k profit and going into a holding pattern - buying a house. Thanks for the tip! GLA!!

  17. $APPY When is the 120 day deadline? How firm is the deadline?

  18. $APPY up 38% since break above prior resistance at 1.45. Another 38% gain would imply a 2.75 target minimum. http://stocktwits.com/message/31552598

  19. $VTG Sold all my shares. Only holding $APPY Currently.

  20. $GPL Sold the rest of my holdings at .7746 nice profit. May play again. Sitting in $APPY Waiting for massive pop

  21. @GibbGA Keep an eye on $APPY - nice chart & expecting FDA approval of its appendicitis screener soon (this week)? Might pop 30%? I own 1000

  22. $APPY Held this for years they manipulate PR news to get your hopes up then drop the ball. Big promises No rewards be very careful

  23. $APPY Everyone wants a piece of the pie

  24. $APPY 10k shares in boys and girls let s make some money

  25. $APPY looking to add more. Is it too high right now?