1. Massive short squeeze call in: $ATOS $CYCC $ONTX $OXGN $VICL $BIOD $PARN $APPY $LINE

  2. $APPY Just like i said...this is going down again..grrrr

  3. $APPY $0.5 price target http://www.financial-market-news.com/venaxis-inc-appy-given-new-0-50-price-target-at-canaccord-genuity/823979/

  4. $APPY great buy at 15 cents

  5. Share an idea on $APPY it s at .24 not a good sign

  6. $APPY: New SEC Filing for APPY: Form PRE 14A, No. 0001079973-16-000790 http://stocknewsflow.com/1167419_000107997316000790_0001079973-16-000790

  7. $APPY so what is going to happy first? The merger or the RS? I have seen this show before.

  8. Wednesday s Watchlist Under ¢.30 1 $WRES 2 $CRDC 3 $HH 4 $ASTI 5 $DRWI 6 $HEB 7 $REE 8 $XGTI 9 $OMEX 10 $APPY

  9. $APPY: New SEC Filing for APPY: Form SC 13G/A, No. 0000884300-16-000029 http://stocknewsflow.com/1167419_000088430016000029_0000884300-16-000029


  11. interesting stocks on watch $AMDA $ZFGN $IMUC $APPY $STEM $RNN $NNA $THLD


  13. $APPY VERY interest Watchlist alert! #stockchart #pennystock

  14. $APPY shareholder approval is required with Strand Life. Should they receive approval, this stock will have no problem moving up.

  15. $APPY if you re all wondering why it tanked so suddenly. Setback for the APPY1.

  16. $APPY only a slight concern going forward. They should regain compliance with ease- and have the shares to do so

  17. $GBSN another one to look at is $appy, just did a rs merger with a huge Indian co..read http://www.vccircle.com/news/pharmaceuticals/2016/01/29/strand-life-sciences-get-listed-nasdaq-through-reverse-merger

  18. $APPY

  19. $APPY http://www.vccircle.com/news/pharmaceuticals/2016/01/29/strand-life-sciences-get-listed-nasdaq-through-reverse-merger

  20. Friday s Watchlist Under ¢.30 1 $SFXE 2 $NTN 3 $HEB 4 $DRYS 5 $HH 6 $SPEX 7 $ROYL 8 $LPTN 9 $FREE 10 $APPY

  21. $APPY Tim Sykes added this to his watchlist tonight. Be ready for volatility at open tomorrow. Might see a lot of PM action. Good luck.

  22. With $APPY, BioCharity picks now beating $XBI by 13 percentage pts. Great value here. Some names Im looking to buy

  23. $APPY predictions for tomorrow?

  24. $APPY MACD looks to be ready to reverse on the 1day5min. Hit highs of .37 Pre Market. Lets see how much she can move now!

  25. $APPY 5. I want cash to reinvest in this environment. Best of luck to those continuing as investors in the new company