1. Plug Power Inc Teams Up With M&T Bank To Offer Financing Service http://y.ahoo.it/JPMZEea0 $PLUG $SCTY $APWR $SUNE

  2. $KNDI next? Chinese Scams are real: $APWR $ABAT $FEED $CELM $CCME $CNW $CHBT $FUQI $LLEN $PUDA $SCEI $UTRA $YUII http://y.ahoo.it/HheDXQhC

  3. Chinese Stock Scams are real: $APWR $ABAT $FEED $CELM $CCME $CRTP $CNW $CHBT $FUQI $LLEN $ONP $PUDA $SCEI $UTRA $YUII http://y.ahoo.it/2AMEk79z

  4. http://y.ahoo.it/wONJle7l : A-Power Energy Generation Systems, Ltd. Q4 2009 Earnings Call Transcript $APWR

  5. SEC suspends trading in old delisted China stock $APWR http://y.ahoo.it/BnQD38Ni

  6. Another long halted China stock $APWR to reopen on the pink sheets Monday.

  7. 26 Chinese Firms Delisted in 2011; More are Likely to Follow | iChinaStock $APWR $FTLK $HRBN $CSR

  8. with great $APWR, comes great responsibility...get the books right!

  9. my IRA might be down -6.6% YTD, but at least I own $LNKD and $CYOU or it could be a lot worse. $APWR $GGB $RIMM $MVIX been real dogs

  10. $APWR another director has resigned

  11. RT @TheArmoTrader uh oh...another china scam?? $APWR (halted) > Pavlov has us conditioned for them now!

  12. A-Power $APWR auditor resigns. Stock halted.

  13. RT @firstadopter $APWR auditor resigns

  14. $APWR announcing auditor resignation

  15. $APWR halted, nasdaq requesting info

  16. fortune8 sold $APWR and now holds a 0% allocation in their Covestor Personal Track Record

  17. The Chinese solar / alternative energy stocks are leading the way on the downside. $SOL $DQ $APWR $

  18. Tomislav Kovalisko sold $APWR and now holds a 0% allocation in their Covestor Personal Track Record

  19. $APWR

  20. Stocks leading bearish options activity: $ARNA $IOC $AAPL $TBT aPWR $SMN $APWR $AONE $BIDU $FXP $QUIK $NDX $USO $SLV $SCCO $HOV $CSUN

  21. Stocks w/ most bearish option activity: $ARNA $YRCW $TBT $SOHU $RUT $ROVI $RMBS $AGQ $TYC $VXX $APWR $QUIK $HPQ $USO $SCCO $HOV

  22. Losers in portfolio down -2,5% (last hr) $FSLR $STP $V $MA $MGM $UEC $LCC $ALK $KBH $ZQK $PSUN $IO $ANW $LEA $LNN lost $TSL $APWR with stop

  23. Stocks down -2% (after 90 min) $V $MY $APWR $TSL $LNN $NYT $UEC and $PSUN with -7% worst performer

  24. Stocwatch today: $ACRB $BSPM $ADES $VALE $APWR all set to run

  25. Breaking today $ACRB $APWR $BSPM and $ADES All rising today