1. $arco did as well in this one today. said everything about it there is to say. another nr bar today. poised for range exp to upside

  2. $ARCO they needed 2 get brazil prez out before labor suits start flying around new guy is from outside give him plausible denial ability

  3. $ARCO: New SEC Filing for ARCO: Form 6-K, No. 0000950103-15-008070 http://stocknewsflow.com/1508478_000095010315008070_0000950103-15-008070

  4. Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=2073466 $ARCO

  5. $ARCO I am long with arco, potential return 75-85% in the next 12 months, good entry point now when reward-risk variable is favorable

  6. $ARCO still dont understand all this go long rhetoric for a company whose business depends on a single agreement that exp in 13 years

  7. $arco check as well MACQUARIE GROUP LTD long 6.7 and inversco 6.3 mio shares... oh boy... awesome long trade, all there is to say

  8. $arco I mean Charles brandes long position from 12.3 mio shares with average price of 5.75 would make me buy this thing ;-)

  9. $arco as well as banks, morgan stanley is currently long 3.5 mio shares. they added 550k shares in qu 2 2015. just to mention one ;-)

  10. $arco as well please check isntiaitonal holdings strucutre... boy... plenty of other very smart money funds/firms/people oinvolved

  11. $arco price vol rel as well. Buy divergenc eon raschkes 3/10 indicator. 100 more reason to buy it ONLY bc of technicals

  12. $arco legend Charles Brandes alone bouhg almost 3 mio shares in qu 2 2015. stock is before explosion.. bid ask vol bullish, price vol

  13. $arco Third Avenue Management is long 1.4 mio shares etc. etc etc. Gonna check urself the averarg prices... ;-) - huge long trade

  14. $arco Charles Brandes is long 12.3 mio shares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bill Gates 3.1 mio shares,

  15. $arco future cash flow value: 4.1 bux

  16. $arco needless to say that as well here is plenty of market wizard like smart money on the long side involved

  17. $arco Consensus Price Target: $4.95 (84.01% upside)

  18. $arco poised for range exp to upsdie. very nice fundamtenns if u dig deeper ;-).

  19. $arco as well a zacks buy rating. 11 short interst ratio. huge buy div daily chart and a couples of inside resp. nr x bars

  20. $arco long in this one here as well

  21. $ARCO this could be it folks, perhaps a time to jump in if this closes in the green after 13 straight red.

  22. $ARCO please anyone give me some feedback on intrinsic value of this mess, I m perplexed

  23. $ARCO 13 days down now with ever so slight momentum change, keeping on my radar.

  24. $ARCO 12 straight down days, maybe it s time to jump in. I don t remember coming across many stocks that have closed down 13 straight

  25. $RAD, $VCYT, $BWEN, $ARCO, $WYNN, $SGNL looks to me like a good time to get in, let me know if you think otherwise.