1. $ARCP congrats to those that bought at the 7.50 range... I hoped for lower but it didnt happen

  2. $ARCP Go baby go !!!

  3. $ARCP The salary saved with those departing execs more than makes up the acct error ☝️

  4. Looks like some $ARCP shorts might be getting schorched today. Doesn t appear to be any news out. Anyone know anything?

  5. $ARCP - oversold and triggers VSB day 1 if close over 7.71. Watching for entry.. Great long set up here..

  6. $ARCP I m long the common. Although, I m hopeful for a recovery, today s counter rally has been on declining vol... http://stocktwits.com/message/30362948

  7. $ARCP Starting to make some sense here, grossly undervalued company. Hammered cuz panic sell, fundamentally nothing has changed.

  8. $ARCP @ertr Up 6.75% I guess somebody recognizes an outrageously low price.

  9. $ARCP They would still be involved. Nick is still involved as chairman of the whole operation, he no longer is involved in the operations

  10. $ARCP Put it this way. The investigation started before all management left. Them leaving isn t going to make then clean and free.

  11. $ARCP Don t underestimate the possibility of $O buying this if it goes any lower either

  12. $ARCP Even the worst scenario leads me to believe that the REIT isn t going anywhere and those credit tenants will pay rent

  13. $ARCP Everyone wants to assume the worst and think that means the REIT will somehow go insolvent....

  14. $ARCP Down 2 more % in PM. Again, people need to see what s happening. 5 Execs walk away from the company during the investigation.

  15. Bearish MACD Crossovers $AAL $ACAD $AKRX $ARCP $ARMH $AVGO $AVNR $AVP $CYCC $DAL $DUK $EXAS $FE $FMC $FTNT $FXCM $HEB http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/beraish-macd-crossovers.html

  16. @PSTRADER Well, they better hurry up. It s been in the 7 s and without a leader or spokesperson, $ARCP isn t going to rally anytime soon.

  17. $ARCP Like someone already stated above, officers job is just to collect rent check. Anyone with less than 7 figs salary+bonuses can do this

  18. $ARCP Company already pays 93% of net income to shareholders. It was a must to fire these officers so we can get more div in future.

  19. $ARCP Time to buy again :) Everything is falling in place exactly as it should, house cleaning done, release the audit finding, select CEO.

  20. $ARCP If you wait until the accounting comes out it ll be too late...this thing will skyrocket. I agree it s a bit roulette-like though

  21. $ARCP No reason to buy this unless you like playing the roulette wheel.

  22. Seriously, a reasonably intelligent chimp could do that job. $ARCP

  23. The concern about $ARCP losing its management team is misplaced. It s a triple-net retail REIT. Mngmnt s job is to collect the rent check.

  24. Management exodus saved roughly $20 million in year-end bonuses; about the size reported accounting errors http://seekingalpha.com/article/2758575-american-realty-schorsch-falls-affo-rises $ARCP

  25. $ARCP Until ALL accounting mess is out, this is a risk. Kay may have bailed knowing more is coming. Be careful here.