1. $ARIA Harvey does not want to sell the company, because $ARIA,is the machine to make easy money based on the losses of shareholders.

  2. EVP of ARIAD Pharmaceuticals just declared ownership of no shares of ARIAD Pharmaceuticals http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1416332 $ARIA

  3. $ARIA Another week of trying to get back losses due to good news funny how 8 seems incredible and a year ago people were talking about 12

  4. $ARIA Another green hold for our baby on an awful day. Been a good week to hold Aria and mnkd.

  5. $ARIA Harvey J. Berger, has become rich at the expense of the loss of shareholders, this inefficient CEO must go now, should be in prison.

  6. $ARIA This company has 24 years of existence and still unable to produce a dollar of profit, the only one who has become rich is the CEO.

  7. $ARIA I ll like it!

  8. $ARIA Price currently dictated by hedge funds computers autopilot.

  9. $ARIA 6.50 close if we are lucky, 20dsma right at 6.50ish highly doubtful we cross that on a friday

  10. $ARIA let s go back to green

  11. $ARIA Do we think this is consolidation going into earnings? 3 month chart looks like a harmonic wave or hysteresis

  12. $ARIA Must be horrible to work as hard as HB and realize you should have been making hamburgers rather than curing leukemia. $SHAK

  13. $ARIA Needs some spice.

  14. $ARIA This thing is going to be pinned at 6.50 all day for OPEX.

  15. $ARIA Let s go $ARIA, finish the month on a high note!

  16. $ARIA check out BGMD

  17. Earnings announcement: $ARIA is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Feb 19 2015

  18. $ARIA...http://blog.estimize.com/post/109409860742/podcast-why-the-biotech-boom-is-still-in-the-1st

  19. $ARIA Closer to 6M and that s why I say he is grossly over compensated for his performance.The only SH value he s concerned about is his own

  20. $ARIA Really, 5M ?

  21. $ARIA hb made over $5 million last year with stock salary etc...that s 10% or revenue, doesn t know his own drugs, sold everything b4 droo

  22. $ARIA The pumping never stops here

  23. quite an exiting day holding $aapl $aria $gild $FXCM $RNN

  24. $ARIA $ICPT gets breakthrough status & stock goes up. Aria got it, but turned into a short sell rally. Life s a beotch holding this

  25. $ARIA It is a great company with a good product, but unfortunately is being directed very bad, its CEO, is the WORST of the WORST.