1. $ARIA ive been watching since $6.66 days.

  2. $ARIA this drop was really bad. Buy out coming soon! At this price it s a steal

  3. $ARIA that s a fact. Speechless

  4. $ARIA it is getting to point where bxlt offer was 3x current pps. ridiculous

  5. $ARIA probably we will see more insiders buys in coming days

  6. $ARIA The sky is falling- man killed by a meteorite!

  7. $ARIA Max Pain is 5.50 for maturity 02/12/2016. Price = 4.58. http://maximum-pain.com/options/max-pain?s=ARIA&urk=ARIA

  8. $ARIA Market Cap standing at 865M.

  9. $ARIA 4.62 nice buy

  10. $ARIA set your target and fire away..new CEO just bgt 61 thou at 5..wait till the market corrects and make $$

  11. $ARIA Bought some for my S*it account, low-cost trading for testing patterns. Boy, mini-pattern fail, 15% loss since Thursday, pathetic.

  12. $ARIA buy

  13. $ARIA $4.65 ouch. I thought my but at $4.85 was a steal

  14. $ARIA and agriculture are generally amongat the last to get cut, so good news in europe, unless brig fails, this cap level is absurd

  15. $ARIA nothing has changed, market sell off, but dollar is about 7% weaker to euro over last 3 months, so 7% rev rise in europe. health...

  16. $ARIA still holding my extra 1000 tho i would have sold in the mid 5s if i was at my computer, either way not too worried, fundamentaly...

  17. $ARIA the only stealing going on here was HB from its shareholders...fact...funny didnt stop him from buying shares before his exit.

  18. $ARIA huge support in this area..buy here and any dip to 4...its the floor folks.

  19. $ARIA little does he know..HB sold out moments before the drop from the 20 s..he couldnt even remember his lead drug name in a CNBC int.

  20. $ARIA Bumping up against recent 52 week low. IBB as well.

  21. $ARIA stop the bleeding!

  22. $ARIA Alex Denner basically stole this company from Harvey. Never thought i was see these levels again LOL!. WHat comes around goes around..

  23. $ARIA if she goes any lower looks like Denner might be have a hostile take over of his own hahaha. Which is what he deserves!!

  24. $ARIA the quicker we go back to paying $3.50-$4.00 a gallon for gas the better off we all will be

  25. $ARIA No Mas! No Mas!