1. $ARIA Inclusion Approved in US and Er. So what sthe hold up?

  2. $ARIA That 13G today-Adage Capital...these guys know what s up, Denner in the mix for good reason...matter of time!! http://y.ahoo.it/KKpOQJag

  3. $ARIA http://y.ahoo.it/XPwMbshG

  4. $ARIA http://y.ahoo.it/9TDXNesK

  5. $ARIA 15mg iclusig isperfect. Now it takes 2 pills for a 30mg dose!

  6. $ARIA New ARIA investors guide to bulletin boards. Please share! http://y.ahoo.it/czpxeZsf

  7. $ARIA Buy here with big money... or wait and for a clean break of the downtrend and I will sell you my shares at $7 :-)

  8. $ARIA BASURA!!!

  9. $ARIA ribbit :(

  10. $ARIA $IMMR $PXLW Feel bad saying so because I know how much people have lost but I had my best month ever shorting stocks Made $31,497 GL

  11. @suriNotes @Gbones2692 I agree. Not adding $ARIA calls til uptrend is confirmed. holding up nice.Thx http://y.ahoo.it/ElwpRruN

  12. @sheilaragu @Gbones2692 I would not trade long $ARIA until it trades above $6.4.

  13. Daytraded #stocks : $SGMS $ARIA $ONN $IG $SGMS $MBLY $CYH $EXPE $WLT $ACHN $IG $FB $PXLW $WETF $SPRT went a lousy 13/19 for only +$84.

  14. $ARIA Have a great weekend friends. Things are happening behind the scenes. Good days are on the horizon.

  15. $ARIA green would have been better,but .17 off lod and another big player coming aboard ... I can live with that close

  16. @bmc89 lol-ok-whatever-I been following $ARIA long time now...and said 2 when it was at 20 and everyone bullish on expansion to euro news

  17. $ARIA Here is a Press Release for you: FDA APPROVAL OVER HERE. :)

  18. @Raskoll25 Lol basing a chart off a huge red candle that was a product of FDA pullin drug $ARIA

  19. $ARIA press release for FDA approval is missing. looks like they prepare something for the weekend or the ER. In any way I think its good :)

  20. $ARIA Looks like Bears loaded the boat again right at $5.62 where it was expected

  21. $ARIA Daily update..4.50s next http://y.ahoo.it/ykdni50H

  22. $ARIA Earnings next week, any postive from ER and this will explode

  23. $ARIA Could explode over weekend. #JMHO

  24. $cris only stock within balls, $amrb, $mnkd $aria red

  25. $ARIA How to say : cooks already have a cook book and startet cooking. grill is heatet. for alwho missed the news Happy weekend shorties :)