1. $ARIA stock went from 6.66 to 8.13 off speculation of CEO getting removed? Get real. He is what made Aria fly into the 20s. 100% Maniplation

  2. $ARIA omg bulltrader83 blocked me. I am so upset. Lol

  3. $ARIA Lotta gyrations for a .06 gain on the week.

  4. $ARIA If you re in the stock now, might as well stay and see what happens after breaking 9

  5. $ARIA a little after hours action.

  6. $ARIA great week!

  7. $ARIA Hey Bulltrader83 how much money did u loose today slick? u got more genius advice 4 anyone here? or are u about done running ur mouth?

  8. $ARIA Do not short your money.

  9. $ARIA Shorts are really working overtime, but they just can t get traction. Total change of dynamic here, folks.

  10. $ARIA I literally ran out of people on tinder i have been so bored today... new low... 8.15 close

  11. $ARIA yawn, wake me up when we re in double digits.

  12. $ARIA Thanks for the laugh. Here shorty shorty shorty shorty! Here boy! gonna borrow this & paste on my facebook

  13. @Mrmookie123 Ask anyone on the $ARIA board about 6.66 pin. It was so ridiculous it became laughable.

  14. @trading_cyclist very cool stuff..only been doing this a year or so and finance isn t even my major..love your $ARIA blog too by the way!

  15. $ARIA I don t see the downside risk here. Surprised it s not higher actually. Anyone know when the BOD vote>?

  16. $ARIA very low volome, end of month, could be a sell off today and monday morning, but will go up next week.

  17. $ARIA Here shorty shorty shorty shorty! Here boy!

  18. $ARIA down 0.50% and all shorts come out. Now green and they all disappear.

  19. $ARIA back up we go!

  20. $ARIA http://stocktwits.com/message/33317332

  21. $ARIA jajajajaja..he will wait for it to drop 0.001 just to spit out any trash ..pathetic.

  22. $ARIA one drug in the pipeline so far this thing is dropping soon. Not enough money to merit this valuation. $4-$5 soon.

  23. $ARIA @TravelerRob Hey bud. Open your eyes. $4 is not the future of $ARIA. $6-7 w/ a buyout?! That s a joke, right? Let s be realistic


  25. @TravelerRob $ARIA LOL. Already red. Great job pumpers. You re obviously winning. Do u copy paste your comments?