1. $ARIA ok I guess other small pharm acting the same too.

  2. $ARIA $5 double bottom in, technically, this should head north. gotten no love from the $ action though. no position

  3. $ARIA long 5.77

  4. $ARIA we can see how powerless retail buyers are.

  5. $ARIA is this halted?

  6. $ARIA ladies and gents place your bets.

  7. $ARIA This is strangely holding 5.75. This has almost zero volatility today. Hmmmmm

  8. $ARIA MM is awaiting something

  9. $ARIA the perfect straight line.

  10. $ARIA can u feel something is brewing.

  11. $ARIA Dow up 200pts and we re trading flat in 3c range.........nope absolutely no manipulation here. I can t wait for the day this blows up.

  12. $ARIA Only one red in the portfolio. Humm

  13. @afmarko99 5.95 - 6.05 is Big R for $ARIA , need to be taken out for more gains. http://stocktwits.com/message/28246909

  14. $ARIA See that... It s all about covering and buying big blocks now. They have been holding it at $5.75 to accumulate for a buyer at $5.80.

  15. $ARIA profit taking ... consolidating ... no biggie for LT investors

  16. $ARIA 200k bought in 1 min at 5.80

  17. $FNMA And $FMCC Exploding! $mnkd and $aria ready for turnaround, $lake, $tkmr, $gale, $idra

  18. $ARIA I would sell $5 puts Nov 7th for at least $0.15. A Safe Bet.

  19. $ARIA Are we back to business. Party is over. Everybody get back to work now. It was fun while it lasted. inst has gone up by 0.01% y day

  20. $ARIA a sudden trading halt is anticipated.

  21. $ARIA cruise control... said trading algorithm 1... indeed... replied algorithm 2

  22. $ARIA Looking for a retest of 5.6 ish, that would be a good place to add, IMO

  23. @Locks4Stocks $ARIA Consolidation is a good sign here. If u have, Take profits or start accumulating at dips.

  24. $ARIA Wow, really thought this was gonna surge especially today. I bet by EOD we re in the black tho

  25. $ARIA would be very nice to see this s**t at $4.98 again