1. $ARIA but manipulation has crossed my mind throughout the past year.

  2. $ARIA I do believe we will push through $10 on company progress/momentum completely outside the BO realm before EOY.

  3. $ARIA I would be surprised to see a BO in the remaining calendar year. Positive trials may push it to 11 and result in partnership/BO. Hold.

  4. $ARIA Inocuos question, wasn t Shire rumored buyer last year?

  5. $ARIA The company would do better merging with a company like Clovis /Exelis or acquiring another smaller company. Next CEO determine....

  6. $ARIA - Main supports and resistances http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/09/aria-main-supports-and-resistances.html

  7. $aria looks good for tomorrow!

  8. $ARIA Greed &loss will often leave traders paralyzed. If you gain 40% in a single day and chose not to take even 1/3 profit that is greed

  9. NEWS Worthy: Word is the Ariad-Baxalta deal is dead. Here’s what we learned. News & link on my profile $ARIA $BXLT

  10. $ARIA funny no outcry from investors pressuring acceptance of BXLT offer. Considering 80% institutional owned. Wait and see

  11. $ARIA will drop again tomo

  12. Total Watchers for 9/3: $ACI $AMBA $ARIA $AXPW $BVXV $SUNE $TRVN $WPCS $VRA

  13. $ARIA The boys did it again !!!! and how many fell in the trap???? me me me me naahhh this time

  14. NEWS Worthy: The Defensive Anti-Chain Engulfs Ariad Read more at SeekingAlpha dot com $ARIA

  15. targets a relatively small slice of the NSCLC market that is currently controlled by Pfizer’s Xalkori and fast becoming crowded. $ARIA

  16. However, Iclusig appears not to be going anywhere fast, & its only notable R&D asset, the phase II Alk inhibitor brigatinib, ... $ARIA

  17. $ARIA is one of very few biotechs w/ a marketed oncology drug, Iclusig, & a mrkt cap within a $2bn window, even after its 42% surge on Fri..

  18. would an immediate cash payout from an acquirer $ARIA $BXLT

  19. $ARIA & BXLT face a similar need to demonstrate that staying independent would offer investors a better return than would an immediate ...

  20. $ARIA used the chance to add at this price, worth at least much more than $11

  21. $ARIA gap down stocks http://www.stock-screener.org/gap-down-stocks.aspx

  22. $ARIA used to trade this. Sorry longs, this has been a real mess, hopefully some people got out at 9+

  23. $ARIA leave you guys alone for a day and you trash the place.WTF. No worries. Hold the core. Trade the volatilty.

  24. End Of Day Scan: Below Ichimoku Cloud $ARIA $PBMD $CDNS $CYS $ISR $HRG $NML $DCUB $BOOM Subscribe to www.DailyStockPlays.com on YouTube

  25. $ARIA Move along people, there s nothing left to see here.