1. $ARIA Maybe a little Doors Music this morning... Break On Through!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOpQjD-rX0g

  2. $ARIA Orange juice this morning for breakfast. Well squeezed, please.

  3. Day trading list for the day: $ESPR $RLD $ARIA $NLNK $STZ $CREE $WLT $TSLA $LAKE $WILN $FHCO $TWI $ARDX $DRL GSAT $GPN $VECO

  4. $ARIA Is this where bo talks start again

  5. $ARIA shouldn t this be popping a lot more?

  6. Pre-Market: $ESPR +31%, $ARIA +10.8%, $TSLA +5.1%, $KITE +4.2% / $WILN -14.5%, $CREE -13.8%, $LAKE -5.9%

  7. $ARIA Good morning honey...how did you sleep? ... fine, my short is making us money on that POS ARIA ....login WTF!! Noooooo LOL

  8. $ARIA ARIAD AP26113 receives Breakthrough Therapy designation from FDA

  9. $ARIA days to cover -> 11 http://wsj.com/mdc/public/page/2_3062-nasdaqshort-highlites.html

  10. $ARIA At least 7 today

  11. $ARIA 30% short, should be a nice squeeze!

  12. Alright, so today s list of pre-market movers/gappers: $CREE $EXPR $STZ $QIHU $MKC $GPN $NLNK $INO $DTV $RLD $DGLY $AGU $KNDI $ARIA

  13. @SullyinFL $ARIA Denner bought massiv at 5.88 so he will want ~ 14-24 when selling...

  14. $ARIA (Denner) We are very BULLISH about Iclusig - Cough Cough (quiet voice) and 113 Cough LOL

  15. $ARIA bad side is, AF probably doesnt hold a hugh short position at a level to loose all money...... But maybe one time jail waits...

  16. $ARIA Wonder why Denner wanted more??? :-)

  17. Buy long today $TSLA $ARIA $WLT Short $GPRO

  18. Pre-market movers $ESPR $ARIA $TSLA $KNDI $INO $ADSK $SCTY $TASR $HERO $DRYS

  19. $ARIA Imagine if we could get another frontline drug with 113...New molecule is coming soon too...LONG way to go but....

  20. $ARIA hugh attention and EMA/PRAC still coming....

  21. $ARIA ...Futures rolling over already? Geez... This market is really ill.

  22. $ARIA We are still way down but this certainly has to get the attention of those that matter...

  23. $ARIA who shorted yesterday @ 5.3-5.5 level and keeped overnight? enjoy the day. A..h... AF dont care about you. :-)

  24. $ARIA in with 5k @ 5.94.should run a little

  25. $ARIA It might be time to UN-Block some naysayers for a VERY short time LOL Where are they anyway??