1. $ARIA Max Pain for 4/25 options is $7 so a green day tomorrow and then another downturn

  2. $ARIA Took profits today! will buy at dips! Not holding over long weekend! All cash except small positions of Long $UVXY $JNUG Short $HLF!

  3. $ARIA So glad I got back up to my full postion at $6.66

  4. Daytraded: $FB $WRES $LIVE $GOGO $BIOF $ZLCS $ARIA went 10/10 for +1881$. All trades posted on Stocktwits in real time (approx) Happy Easter

  5. $ARIA Thanks @wengang1 I m actually still in Africa but had some 3G and had to post. This crap is going right back to $6s next week IMO

  6. $ARIA good close.

  7. $ARIA 100% cash...70 pts on SP in a week...no thanks..will c what Monday brings

  8. $ARIA bgt in @7.20 for a ST trade up to 7.50.

  9. $ARIA We closed on this high yesterday, so a positive close today is still bullish!

  10. $ARIA hopefully close will be similar to yesterday.

  11. $ARIA There is a party over at PLUG, but i am staying home with ARIA. who is with me?

  12. $ARIA Take a look on $PLUG. Ariad will do the same before Q1 Report

  13. $ARIA Hey I´m shortly back for a message: I wrote an email to Kendra Adams a few times ago and she answered! Seems they care to shareholders

  14. @CamelJockey seen it happen with $ARIA, another momo, when good news hits, it sucks retails in AH at inflated prices. Not short, realistic

  15. $ARIA I called a 7.19 close last night... Not far off right now!

  16. $ARIA lol just got off the phone w/ scottrade. never buying a marijauna penny stock again! have a good long weekend!

  17. $ARIA I wish you all happy eastern. In Germany market is closed on monday now its your turn to bring her up back to 8. See ya on tuesday.

  18. $ARIA A close above 7.33 looks very bullish on the weekly chart. IMHO.

  19. $ARIA Ukraine situation reportedly getting better. Should have a positive affect...

  20. $ARIA I´m back from lunch and its down again? Not what I was wanted to see, but what I´ve expected :(

  21. $ARIA $PLUG Seems like they re always battling.

  22. $ARIA seems strong but needs to cool down to 7.1 to move forward.

  23. $ARIA Resistance 3: $7.68 Resistance 2: $7.39 Resistance 1: $7.24

  24. 1100.0% increased bullish conversations in $ARIA in the past 3 hours.

  25. $ARIA Shorts finally starting to leave. http://y.ahoo.it/SxnMdSJZ