1. $ARIA otsuka purchased a company denner was involved in a few years back. Could denner be looking to repeat?

  2. $ARIA the duration cited in the recent CT s suggest new license agreements

  3. $ARIA so earlier CT 2 weeks ago pertains to lease agreement...seems odd to have all these CTs in place...balance sheet evaluation underway?

  4. $ARIA lil paranoid/excitement over the timing of CT, and Putnam wanting more mil s of shares. Hints to drug sales better than expected

  5. $ARIA 10.9.1 and 10.9.2 references Bellicum pharma. Not releasing more details. Hmmmm

  6. $ARIA the volatility in this market has been redonk the last several weeks

  7. $ARIA reading the CT it references exhibit 10.8 back to filed 10k on March 2... The deal with Otsuka Asian distributor

  8. $ARIA Now just need are copies of Exhibit 10.8, 10.9.1 & 10.9.2. Then it will all make sense LOL Time to call in some favors folks, anyone?

  9. $ARIA Another CT filed. http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/aria/sec-filings

  10. $ARIA So was the 8-k what we were granted an SEC disclosure waiver for awhile back?

  11. $ARIA What a day!! Needed that one. Hope we see more this week. Congrats!!

  12. $ARIA may drop to 8

  13. $ARIA Congrats to LOXO longs would love to see ARIA follow suit

  14. $SSYS $MU $ARIA $UPS $CYTX -- Thank you, Satan! Loving that Faustian trading. (joke, but holding the above)

  15. $ARIA Can I get another AH 8k please? Put the shorts nads in a vice and crank it tight!

  16. $ARIA why is this going up?

  17. $ARIA Any other big boys want to increase their position before the BO is anncd? Call Denner! $atnm (aml drug) showing life today also!

  18. $ARIA now 8.26 is support. Hopefully. If not back to 8.20. Looking to break 8.49 hopefully.

  19. $ARIA Looking good for run into the close :) Rock On Arians!

  20. $ARIA 3rd run of the day

  21. $ARIA actually we still have a little way to go to get back to where we were ONE WEEK ago

  22. $ARIA for all you peeps that have been here since $2s $3s and $4s - OHHHhhhhhh YYYYEeeaaaahhhhh!!!!!

  23. $ARIA Took profit on swing position picked up yesterday. Still holding core position.

  24. $ARIA need to break 8.26 for another jump. Or retreat back to 8.20. Need that support

  25. $ARIA small volume spike annnd we re back in business