1. $ARIA Some interesting articles if you guys want some light reading material. http://y.ahoo.it/L6kuC0hz

  2. $ARIA I m not seeing anything lined up for the 27th. Can someone clarify?

  3. $ARIA Lower coming, they trying very hard but the EMA regulators r being overly cautious.

  4. $ARIA grrrrr

  5. $RAD $KORS $ARIA $VLO $EXEL $ZBB you took my money and I hate you

  6. $OREX +3.2% $PRAN +0.5% $ARIA -0.5% not too bad

  7. $ARIA thinking about getting back in. at least this price is below Denner s buys...

  8. @HazzMatt @Snorticus @BehavioralEdge @davidjudy93 Small Decrease in $ARIA Short Interest! good sign?http://y.ahoo.it/97mxIUHy

  9. $ARIA Harvey Berger should be kicked out of Ariad,he is the only reason which Ariad not progress,we have to put pressure in the hedge funds.

  10. $ARIA See those 2x trades at 3pm for 158k each @ 5.54...we know the direction continues.....

  11. $ARIA there are people here, who dream to see $ARIA in $20, so it will never happen, $ARIA will reach maximum between $8 and $10.

  12. $ARIA Not too bad of a day so far.. All things considering, it s trading better than the indexes.

  13. $ARIA the same CRAP everyday with this stock, we have to put pressure in the hedge funds,this company needs to be sold, call the hedge funds

  14. @tunwang: $ARIA When you are down Sorry n look up!

  15. $ARIA When you are down

  16. $ARIA dont kid yourself this company needs to be sold. they dont have time and they dont have money. the longer they wait, the more we lose

  17. $ARIA @neek9821: @SludgeReports: Catalyst Watch http://y.ahoo.it/F3iGizbC

  18. @neek9821: @SludgeReports: $ARIA Catalyst Watch http://y.ahoo.it/H3lH0IHv

  19. $ARIA Will it run up?

  20. $ARIA Berger is out of his league if takes on a motivated Denner. Take part in the change or step down, your choice Harvey. Tick Tock

  21. $ARIA down she goes...no surprise here.....

  22. $ARIA No support? This is absolute artificial/controlled price movement on less than low,meaningless volume. Smoke and mirrors til real news

  23. $ARIA Sept 27 is a Saturday. Odd day to post results, then wait for Monday

  24. $ARIA Still trying to find support. No buyer interest. Sales and profits trump all.

  25. @BehavioralEdge updated trial results on that day. Watch for $ARIA Price to go upwards & short interest down if WS expecting +ve results! GL