1. $ARIA Did any one noticed large green volume bar on daily chart? ER on Wednesday morning & CC Pre Market 8:30 AM! GL http://stocktwits.com/message/28706808

  2. per ‏@dougheuringaria $ARIA Iclusig TRx/NRx are 104/47, +28%/+52% wk/wk, in week 40 since the January re-launch ... looks good to me :)

  3. $ARIA Not a bad ending to a great week...!! My how (recent) times have changed. Have a nice weekend and Happy Halloween :-)

  4. $ARIA either a big holder has been dumping these past few days or someone has been accumulating right before ER

  5. $ARIA Offering 200,000 and bidding 160K and changing every second... MM games.

  6. $ARIA Didn t check for 3 days and well....SOS

  7. @webmiztriz $ARIA $ARNA both are great BIO s to play, but I would go with $ARNA as they purposely put CC on Monday Morning before bell

  8. $ARIA BIIB is under performing compared to the market

  9. $ARIA Tracking XBI intraday, no worries. Happy to see holding well.

  10. $aria $orex $pran $rgdo THIS special monday will come for one or two of them making me $$$$. enjoy the weekend!

  11. $ARIA results support ponatinib as a chemotherapeutic option against glioblastoma cells http://www.dovepress.com/the-effects-of-ponatinib-a-multi-targeted-tyrosine-kinase-inhibitor-ag-peer-reviewed-article-OTT

  12. $ARIA Last weekday of the month. I m amazed it s near zero.

  13. $ARIA Already RED in the biggest bull market in history and another stellar day on the markets. Anyone surprised? Shouldn t be.

  14. $ARIA rob always comes up with the best ideas :-) repeat it your whole life, there will be also a point where you are right.

  15. $NURO update chart..$ARIA sold...$NQ buy some $LNKD,$FB,$AAPL,on watch http://stocktwits.com/message/28681265

  16. $ARIA it seems like the tornado guy is getting a little scared ..... it may be best for him if he covered his short position now

  17. $ARIA thanks for the great news Rob, have a wonderful weekend too!!!

  18. $ARIA Oh look, it hit $6. Congrats to anyone who cares. As I ve said for over a week, ER will be a disaster. Back down to low $5s min.

  19. $ARIA .... TRICK ... or .... TREAT today ???

  20. $ARIA was that an upward bounce off $6?

  21. @chesaremans: $ARIA: Ponatinib Chinese glioblastoma http://www.dovepress.com/the-effects-of-ponatinib-a-multi-targeted-tyrosine-kinase-inhibitor-ag-peer-reviewed-article-OTT

  22. $ARIA I would like to see Harvey pull a Halloween fright night for shorts here and see a buyout announcement for October month end. :)

  23. $ARIA I hope I m wrong but I got a feeling we going to get disappointed on the end of the day ...

  24. $ARIA It took 3 days to clear 6s but I think we did it

  25. $ARIA China & Japan news has an impact...wait for the official PR.