1. $ARIA Green everywhere! 7.25 plus would be nice...

  2. $ARIA You longs will celebrate by the end of the year.

  3. @J420N $ARIA 100% bullish community sentiment & zacks puts a sell rating on the stock lol Zacks is a POS

  4. $ARIA 😎👍

  5. $ARIA This looks fimiliar. http://www.bizjournals.com/boston/blog/bioflash/2015/10/former-u-s-attorney-hopes-to-focus-sec-attention.html Remember this post http://seekingalpha.com/article/3537196-ariad-pharmaceuticals-appears-to-be-on-the-brink-of-bankruptcy

  6. $ARIA 100% bullish community sentiment & zacks puts a sell rating on the stock lol

  7. $ARIA 100%

  8. $ARIA OOPs, I think I know where the close is headed

  9. $ARIA I tnink I n

  10. $ARIA Just hit 6.66 in my portfolio.... what a surprise....

  11. $ARIA About time for another rumor. To think this stock was in the twenties without the current pipeline.

  12. $ARIA Can t BEAR it anymore taking a break

  13. $ARIA Ok back in let do this. Let get 7+

  14. $ARIA support @ 6.45 c mon aria, I need a BIG shortie cover.

  15. $ARIA wrong way ariad!!!

  16. $ARIA : http://www.practiceupdate.com/content/combination-hyper-cvadponatinib-achieves-remission-in-acute-lymphoblastic-leukemia/30500/37/1/1

  17. $ARIA can we see $7+ today??

  18. Hottest Healthcare Stocks Now - $NLNK $ARIA $ISIS $LCI | InvestorPlace http://investorplace.com/2015/10/hottest-healthcare-stocks-now-nlnk-aria-isis-lci-nlnk-aria-isis/#.VhZvWw7_eXw.twitter @investorplace 10/7/15

  19. $ARIA: Over 95% of patients with CML and + 30% patients with ALL contain Ph +. Selection of appropriate treatment !!! http://www.bms.es/news/Documents/pdf/Documentacion_LMC-Final1.pdf

  20. @chesaremans $ARIA: I m a bull but this posting of data that isn t new is worse than TRobb. Blocked.

  21. $ARIA: Ponatinib confirm lower toxicity with reduced doses and previous line of therapy with sustained higher answers http://www.journalonko.de/news/anzeigen/Chronisch_myeloische_Leukaemie_Ponatinib_induziert_Remission

  22. $ARIA Is it part of their salary to cash in their insider stocks? It must be. Sick of getting emails alerts about it. Pr damage.

  23. $OPK $CNAT $TTPH $ARIA- alll my bios are going to close green today! Bio portfolio is up 6% today. yipeee

  24. $ARIA I guess I will try tomorrow.

  25. $ARIA Ha I got stopped out at 6.40 couple days ago. It dropped below that next day. I din t buy back now i missed buy again. damn.