1. @1nvestor: a good place to hunt, strong Large Caps to end the week: http://y.ahoo.it/pzvT6Wcn $STUDY $SNDK $MU $PPG $ARMH $SEP $BHI $MS

  2. a good place to hunt, strong Large Caps to end the week: http://y.ahoo.it/eWZ3Ns6F $STUDY $SNDK $MU $PPG $ARMH $SEP $BHI $MS

  3. Pre-market movers $GS $SNDK $MS $GOGO $MU $CETV $SODA $CY $SCTY $ARMH $GRPN $ZGNX $CMG

  4. AMD Bear Case or Death Case Scenario $AMD, $TSM, $TXN, $ARMH http://y.ahoo.it/UCY50WBJ

  5. Stocks going ex-dividend tomorrow (4/17): $CL $CVS $ARMH $BAP $APA $LTC

  6. $ARMH $PRGB

  7. Stocks with increasing volume: $RAD $P $LPNT $IWC $MSI $ARMH $ARUN $FSL $GDP $SPR $GWW

  8. IV30(TM) GAINER $ARMH +10.6% $WYNN +8.69% $ANF +8.51% $CONN +8.16% $FENG +7.39% $HLF +6.7% $TZA +5.97% http://y.ahoo.it/2Jpbo63K

  9. Active puts @ CBOE; $AAPL Apr 515 & 520 $ANV June 4 $ARMH Apr 46 $FSL June 25

  10. Active calls @ CBOE; $MSFT July 45 $AMAT Jan 22 $MU July 27 $ARMH May 49 $GDP June 22.

  11. Block Trade: 10:15 $ARMH May17 49 C (PHLX) 1.95 9175x Today s Full Report: http://y.ahoo.it/NtAO7CMq

  12. $ARMH ready for another push higher

  13. Block Trade: 9:42 $ARMH Apr19 46 P (PHLX) 0.25 8380x Today s Full Report: http://y.ahoo.it/1BCV0ooQ

  14. Block Trade: 9:42 $ARMH May17 49 C (PHLX) 1.95 10000x Today s Full Report: http://y.ahoo.it/el3hnqIX

  15. Intel Bear Case Scenario Chips or Mobile $INTC, $TSM, $TXN, $ARMH, $BRCM, $AMD http://y.ahoo.it/BdQ1GVLY

  16. $ARMH is dropping, could drop fairly low, but this is probably still good hold if we base if off charts

  17. Apple s Laptop Opportunity http://y.ahoo.it/5IyN2LBd $AAPL $AMD $ARMH $HPQ $INTC

  18. Digital Security Leader Gemalto Under A Storm Of Shorts http://y.ahoo.it/u3KHEVy0 $GTOMY $ARMH $WEIGF VOD $JSAIY

  19. @andrewunknown: Look Left: Semiconductors Are At 20-Year Fulcrum Point $SMH $SOX $SOXX $INTC $ARMH $MU $AMAT $XLNX http://y.ahoo.it/2B3LwjmT

  20. Looks like $armh could have a couple more low days.

  21. $armh & $N calc. assumed no additional shares (impossible W all the insider options & sales), a 30% increase in sales for 2014 & p/s of 3X

  22. according to a guest on cnbc software cos. should trade ~ 2-3X sales. W 30% slaes growth in 2014--> $N s/b ~ $14 & $armh (comm.) s/b ~ $10

  23. GAP DOWN - $COP, $CVX, $COG, $INFY, $ARMH, $BBBY, $FDO, $EQT, $ALNY, $MYGN, $BMY, $HMC #daytrading #gaptrading #gapdown #tradingroom

  24. @TheGameTheorist $nok, $bbry, $SAND, $ARMH, $GEVO, $ONCY, $ARMH, $ALU. Message me your email i ll send more

  25. $ARMH EMAs ( 50-day 20-day) were broken with decent volume! Gapper candidate tomorrow! Long Setup http://y.ahoo.it/V8h078yy