1. ARM Holdings plc (ADR) s sell rating reiterated at Liberum Capital. http://y.ahoo.it/lGCkZlcO $ARMH

  2. Are These Battered Stocks Making A Turnaround?($ARMH) http://y.ahoo.it/CoGfIqKe

  3. 1-star analyst Alexander Duval from Goldman Sachs upgraded rating on $ARMH to BUY. http://y.ahoo.it/H59HRp3B

  4. $ARMH $AAPL With the release of iPhone 6, ARM will start getting more attention for their chips

  5. August 12 2014 Chart Patterns: Triangle Descending http://y.ahoo.it/c1UHahu4 $GGB $ARMH $LKQ $ING $HAIN $UTIW

  6. $ARMH AMD mulls custom ARM 64-bit server chips $INTC $AMD $NVDA http://y.ahoo.it/VSy42BzS

  7. $NVDA $AMD $ARMH $AAPL $INTC Nvidia details Denver for PC-class performance in mobile. http://y.ahoo.it/IMEszsZ7

  8. $INTC Unveils New 14-Nanometer Technology http://y.ahoo.it/oLvbClgn $QCOM $ARMH


  10. Stocks from the SMB Scanner: $KMR, $EPB, $KMI, $KMP, and $ARMH http://y.ahoo.it/N0Ofiorq

  11. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 1/2 $AES $AGO $AL $ARMH $ARUN $BKS $BPZ $CB $CDE $CHK $CLVS $CRK $CUZ $CX $CYS $DDR $DYN http://y.ahoo.it/uXVF4RoG

  12. Moved Upper Bollinger Band 1/3 $ADT $ALNY $ANR $ARMH $BCRX $BIG $CCI $COH $EGOV $ESNT $FINL $FIVE $FL $FOSL $GORO http://y.ahoo.it/cnqYlD7F

  13. $ARMH Potential Upside Breakout! Long Setup to watch http://y.ahoo.it/4A65OXHB

  14. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 1/2 $AES $AGO $AL $ARMH $ARUN $BKS $BPZ $CB $CDE $CHK $CLVS $CRK $CUZ $CX $CYS $DDR $DYN http://y.ahoo.it/foiJCeCk

  15. Moved Upper Bollinger Band 1/3 $ADT $ALNY $ANR $ARMH $BCRX $BIG $CCI $COH $EGOV $ESNT $FINL $FIVE $FL $FOSL $GORO http://y.ahoo.it/PH8Pmqch

  16. August 8 2014 Chart Patterns: Triangle Descending http://y.ahoo.it/B3PqK2st $LINTA $ARMH $LKQ $UTIW

  17. 💡 And this »» RT @paulwoll: http://y.ahoo.it/hfdDFPft $ARMH nice TL break... http://y.ahoo.it/DniYzOdD

  18. ARM Holdings plc (ADR) s buy rating reiterated at Galvan Research. http://y.ahoo.it/7hnSAoVR $ARMH

  19. @WallStJesus Those are very aggressive call for $ARMH!!! Could any positive news be coming out soon? Like a takeover!!! lol

  20. $ARMH Let s see if he recommends it after the bell

  21. DRJ on @CBOE_TV: markets rxn 2 Iraq & other geo-political events, $AMX & $ARMH upside calls $$ @optionmonster reports http://y.ahoo.it/KGJEK1cM

  22. $ARMH Up 5-6% in 2 days. No news. Something is brewing.

  23. $ARMH opening buyer »» 2000 ARMH Sep14 50.0 Calls $0.38  ASK  ISE 09:58:23 IV=32.8% +1.0  

  24. ESP Gap Up: $TKMR $AGO $MHR $GDP $NOG $GPS $MNST $BCRX $LULU $ARMH $JCP $VVUS #stocks #stockaction #stockmarket