1. Added $ARNA today. Sold $HK when 2.98 could not break.

  2. $ARNA tick tock,,,,,tick tock,,,,tick tock,,,

  3. $ARNA Imagine what $OREX wouldve done w/ NASS data if they had it? Stock would jump 50% and WS would be exploiting it. $PFE $MRK $GILD $GSK

  4. $ARNA seriously shorts,,,those 1 share trades aint gonna do it

  5. $ARNA not much longer,,,,look for Big story s....when short hedges tell them to start

  6. $ARNA its pretty amazing that @CNNhealth @Bloomberg @Forbes R ignoring story of Belviq & its impact on wt loss, NASH, and smoking cessation

  7. $ARNA 39,000,000 to cover

  8. $ARNA yawnnnnnnnnnn

  9. $ARNA if we are still at 4 in March i will sell and move on

  10. $ARNA http://www.forbes.com/sites/panosmourdoukoutas/2014/11/08/intercept-pharmaceuticals-below-180-mega-millions-vanish/ BELVIQ THE ANSWER

  11. $ARNA shorts know only 1 direction ARNA CAN GO


  13. $ARNA tick tock soon under $4 .. tick tock

  14. $VVUS 11/14/2014 36,393,996 2,218,069 16.407964 up 300,284 $orex $arna

  15. $OREX 11/14/2014 39,760,174 5,763,747 6.898320 down 911,040 $arna $vvus

  16. $ARNA 11/14/2014 39,144,911 5,502,238 7.114362 down 1,590,427 $orex $vvus

  17. $ARNA new short interest numbers today after close..

  18. $ARNA Great we get a reward of 1 cent (maybe) for securing the patent for PAH drug. How wonderful! Time to celebrate don t you think?

  19. $ARNA Nice Web Site-> Your Weight Matters --> http://www.yourweightmatters.org/ #Weightloss #Diabetes #slimmingworld #oprah #fitness #Belviq #nutrition

  20. $ARNA China Prepares for Bigger Smoking Crackdown With Fines http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-25/want-to-puff-in-a-china-bar-you-could-be-fined-80-bucks.html

  21. $ARNA tick tock 40 million needed to cover tick tock

  22. $ARNA Arena awarded composition of matter patent for ralinepag http://seekingalpha.com/news/2147685-arena-awarded-composition-of-matter-patent-for-ralinepag?uprof=44

  23. $ARNA when we take off....it will be truly a run to remember...

  24. $ARNA I can wait

  25. $ARNA naked shorting & 100 shr transactions between HFs will continue until Jan 17. PPS will rise only after that date when all calls expire