1. $cbay $rgls $nvet $prqr $arna $petx keep an eye

  2. $ARNA Having a great day today! Looooong way to go for me to get my money back though.

  3. $ARNA shes gonna blow

  4. $ARNA just how long do you think they can hold this down? money is made going Higher

  5. $ARNA $arna $4.25 1 Yr target. Analyst have it higher. Keep the faith

  6. $ARNA just saying

  7. $ARNA

  8. $ARNA Whts Arena doing these days?

  9. $OREX trying to make a break out of Dollar Land. Probably not this week tho. $arna not so much....

  10. $ARNA bought this last summer before the plinge, glad I dumped it

  11. $ARNA looks positive low risk ro reward

  12. $ARNA Finally, More Doctors Are Specializing In Obesity Treatment http://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2016/02/01/finally-more-real-obesity-treatment-doctors-arriving/#67265ba7194e

  13. $ARNA Karma is a female dog. #shkreli http://www.marketwatch.com/story/1bn-here-we-come-martin-shkreli-told-turing-board-as-daraprim-buy-got-closer-2016-02-03

  14. $ARNA adding

  15. $ARNA market bounce, oil squeezing

  16. $ARNA lot of buying down here see 1 buy 4 547th at $1.40 someone thinks it a good buy

  17. $ARNA less than $.35 more to my sub $1 prediction & kool-aid drinkers will keep defending this Company all the way to insolvency.

  18. $OREX Wow! $ARNA winter sell continues. 1.30 ish as predicted

  19. $ARNA Piece of crap. I lost, I am out. Good riddance.

  20. $ARNA another day, another low. comical how utterly useless this zombie became. path to delisting & future bankruptcy grows nearer...

  21. Short Interest data at https://drkkd.com/3443/premarket-biotech-digest-2016-02-03-gild-beats-pfe-reports-q4-results-vblt-surges/ on $ARNA $ARGS $ARIA $ARRY $ARWR $ATRA $ATOS $LIFE $AUPH $AAVL $AVEO $AXGN $AXSM

  22. $ARNA long long long with a short pop soon. If u don t like this stock u can t read financials!

  23. $ARNA macro events effecting the bios.

  24. $ARNA markets are tied to oil for now, it decoupled for a few days but ibb and xbi sold off when oil dropped.

  25. $ARNA another lower high set yesterday. today leaning towards to new closing low as $ plummets towards sub $1 & eventual company failure