1. $ARNA i ll just wait for the belsmoke, apd317, apd334, eu, mex, canada, israel.

  2. $ARNA http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25727097

  3. $ARNA something wrong with this ARNA, cant hold any gain what so ever...

  4. Shares Of Orexigen Soar 54% After It Announces Improved Safety Results For Weight-Loss Drug $OREX $ARNA $VVUS http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/shares-of-orexigen-soar-54-after-it-announces-improved-safety-results-for-weight-loss-drug?post=60007

  5. $ARNA seems only thing ARNA helping you lose is money / pps...

  6. @Drmcclin I think weight loss in general is the driver of MACE data, not the drug but OREX has data in hand - $ARNA just started trial

  7. $ARNA it s all about the pipeline here, not fun to watch the bleed, but we ve been thru this before, Korea sales will boost sales short term

  8. $ARNA rotating out of ARNA and into OREX..

  9. $ARNA = outperforming the sector..

  10. $ARNA hasn t Belviq also been shown to have positive effect on MACE? Why such a big deal for OREX?

  11. $OREX Remember $ARNA? Same thing here!!

  12. $ARNA those guys arent haveing fun @ OREX this is better time @ ARNA...

  13. $ARNA OREX rally is actually helping the sector. IMO ARNA couldve been down much more.

  14. $ARNA I wouldnt short OREX just yet. Maybe wait till post EU decision. There s a good chance they get the approval.

  15. $CVM http://www.nasdaq.com/press-release/celsci-reports-2nd-consecutive-month-of-record-patient-enrollment-in-2015-for-its-phase-iii-head-20150303-00481 $ARNA $OREX $GENE $EYES

  16. $ARNA MMs want all your shares and will do all they can to get them. Believe in the science and add in the $3s. The key is the pipeline.

  17. $ARNA In the meantime, expect some selling pressure. This could go back into the $3s. Looking at $3.50, $4.00 for OPEX this friday.

  18. $ARNA Wallstreet values Arena worse than some one drug company. Only time will tell as more partnerships are won.

  19. $ARNA Was really hoping for pain news with ER. Probably coulda neutralized the reaction.

  20. $ARNA can anybody explain why orex is going up?thanks

  21. $OREX Piper PT: $26 shows that combo pills can be a success. $VVUS $ARNA

  22. $OREX the CVOT news should be a lift for all obesity drugs $VVUS, $ARNA

  23. $OREX wow... nice squeeze... could be +70% like $ARNA last time.

  24. $ARNA thaa investopedia article was a plug for $OREX no doubt! This was justa ploy to start a short position look out!

  25. $ARNA holding but pissed off @ performance...