1. $ARNA $VVUS Qsymia rep stopped by the office today. Avoid Belviq. It causes serotonin syndrome . http://y.ahoo.it/u415EjVi

  2. $pozn: PDUFA 4/25 Very likely to get approval. $gild $aria $mnkd $arna $tza

  3. @CallmeCrazy  It s #6 and to bad it doesn t mention $ARNA or belviq ...

  4. $ARNA Close below trend-line sitting at 200D http://y.ahoo.it/51XHS0ef

  5. $ARNA Check this out and read number 7 http://y.ahoo.it/6SS2w9Fq

  6. $ARNA looks like a Pennant flag from textbook... big move coming soon?

  7. Don t fall victim to Apple Syndrome ! http://y.ahoo.it/s1UfAulE $AAPL $SODA $QCOM $GWPH $ANGI $FFIV $VIPS $NOW $ARNA $CTXS $UA $MCP $ZNGA $LVS

  8. $ARNA The expired discount card saga continues. Read rbrmd on IV.

  9. $ARNA Spoke too soon TD has it settled out at 6.179 That makes six days of opens and closes within range.

  10. $ARNA Meh. Closed it a penny short. Close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades.

  11. $ARNA I ll bet we won t like scripts on Friday. Question is if this is already built in and how to decipher it. That s what makes it fun.

  12. $ARNA coiling like a rattlesnake! Oh Oh which way will it go

  13. $ARNA This thing is really coiled up.

  14. $ARNA If it closes at or above 6.17 today that will make six.

  15. $ARNA Has opened and closed between the 200 sma and 100 ema for the past five trading sessions.

  16. $ARNA Close right at 200 sma?

  17. $ARNA yesterday & today were rather low volume days for ARNA even though other biotechs were pretty active. Looks like wait & see attitude!

  18. $ARNA huh! it is like saying if you need to lower your cholesterol, stay off fats, etc. Why take Zocor, etc. LOL

  19. $ARNA Ill start unloading this equity if there is no script improvements in next 2 months. Ive been long since 2010 Adcom & suffered enough.

  20. $ARNA That s my opinion, i love this stock but you know... don t trust it !!

  21. $ARNA If you want to loss weight .. just go to the gym,you would look fine in 6 months. You will have to exercise anyway if you take belviq

  22. $ARNA I quit smoking 6 months ago because i want too.. and i believe it s just a hobby.. once you can control it. Stay away from smokers !

  23. $ARNA There is nothing going to stop fat people from eating forever unless they have to use belviq every day... but it won t work that way.

  24. $ARNA Kuna mahakama ya juu kuliko mahakama ya haki na kwamba ni mahakama ya dhamiri. Ni supercedes mahakama nyingine yote.

  25. $ARNA You know how much money that I have to pay for Deductable Annually... $2500. usd Also, i ve to pay over $100. each paycheck.