1. $ARNA - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/08/arna-technical-analysis-trends-pivot_3.html

  2. $ARNA Weight cycling is unlikely to influence subsequent cancer risk> http://aje.oxfordjournals.org/content/early/2015/07/23/aje.kwv073.abstract #Weightloss #Diabetes #Physician #Oprah #Belviq

  3. Having suffered thru pain of manipulation by shorts in $ARNA & $SQNM I am glad they R getting squeezed in $EXEL. More pain to come $IBB $XBI

  4. ARNA Top news - Aug 3rd, 2015 $ARNA goo.gl/M91DfQ

  5. $ARNA Pt Assist BELVIQ® _ Individuals who are at or below 150% of the current Federal Poverty Level ($17k for individual; $36k family 4).

  6. $ARNA RX Outreach Program - Belviq @ $50 for 90 day supply http://rxoutreach.org/wp-content/uploads/current/BELVIQ-Application.pdf

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  9. $ARNA This dog ain t huntin . Absolutely need to start promoting pipeline!

  10. $ARNA holy script implosion! ATM-Jack picked a partner who abandoned Belviq sales. Earnings on Wed should start move to new 52 wk lows

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  13. $ARNA Kaufman Fund new position last quarter 4,600,000 shares Arena Pharmaceuticals [ARNA]

  14. $ARNA •Features a performance history of more than 25 years.

  15. $ARNA Managed by an experienced growth team, comprising portfolio managers, analysts and industry-dedicated specialists.

  16. $ARNA regular on-site visits, industry analysis and thorough fundamental research.

  17. $ARNA •Selects stocks through an intensive, bottom-up process that includes frequent conversations with key executives and employees,

  18. $ARNA •Invests primarily in reasonably priced stocks of small- and mid-cap companies that exhibit positive growth characteristics.

  19. $ARNA •Pursues capital appreciation.

  20. $ARNA Federated Kaufmann Fund PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS

  21. $ARNA Kaufman Fund new position last quarter 4,600,000 shares Arena Pharmaceuticals

  22. $ARNA Forget Bariatrics, Obesity Medicine Is the Thing--> http://conscienhealth.org/2015/08/forget-bariatrics-obesity-medicine-is-the-thing/ #Weightloss #Diabetes #Diabesity #Physician #Oprah #Belviq

  23. $ARNA http://www.investorvillage.com/smbd.asp?mb=633&mn=180042&pt=msg&mid=15161526

  24. $ARNA who will GILD buy first? Arna??LJPC?? Both???

  25. $ARNA Forget Bariatrics, Obesity Medicine Is the Thing http://conscienhealth.org/2015/08/forget-bariatrics-obesity-medicine-is-the-thing/