1. $PPHM $ARNA $HEB This medical stock is getting ready to explode http://www.thelion.com/bin/forum.cgi?sf=OCLG&msg=6&cmd=r&t=

  2. $ARNA Agree BioWhizz1. Use ignor button : ) FUDsters working 24/7 everywhere. Vol Friday & AH may indicate shorts covering. Reality will out

  3. $ARNA YMB ruined...IV ruined..ARNA now will live off sales,data and FUNDAMENTALS

  4. $ARNA Why no script data for Belviq, Q or C today? Like to track this.

  5. $ARNA Sure doesn t sound like he s long...but maybe only one share. No one has mentioned the massive volume on ARNA today. Because of OPEX?

  6. $ARNA LJPC 20.08 +2.83 (16.41%)

  7. $ARNA need ARNA loss to offset massive LJPC gains

  8. $ARNA long arna BUT gotta love LJPC RUNNING with no pending news.,,

  9. $ARNA is slacking w re-submission to Eu/Canada? $OREX is making them look incompetent at least for now! Wasted PR on Phen/Bel ans BelSmoke

  10. $ARNA LJPC 19.75 +2.50 (14.49%) NASH

  11. $ARNA LJPC 18.99 +1.74 (10.09%)

  12. $ARNA giving more free shares for insider http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1336872

  13. $ARNA IV BOARD ;;ARNA geeks trying to short the old LJPC FROM PRE EVERYTHING...losers

  14. $ARNA LJPC 18.82 +1.57 (9.10%)

  15. $ARNA Will new year resolutions increase Belviq scrips?

  16. ICYMI Wednesday: EVP of Arena Pharmaceuticals picked up 25,000 shares http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary/?id=1336872 $ARNA

  17. $ARNA LJPC 17.94 +0.69 (4.00%) NOT A DROP OF PROFIT TAKING YET??

  18. $ARNA I wonder what has changed in the EU since ARNA pulled their application? Script data anyone?

  19. $ARNA $VVUS $OREX EU approval means they re open to fighting obesity across the board. Don t be surprised if others are approved later date.

  20. $ARNA LJPC not a drop of profit taking after huge run,,,only buying

  21. $ARNA Well, the pps seems to take Contrave approval positively. Still want to be in best of breed IMO. OREX pop fading?

  22. $ARNA Scripts?

  23. @JaguarJKD007 $ARNA Out with quarter short scalp. Everything helps.

  24. $ARNA bought this morning. when mystery is sad, i buy. arena just needs to continue executing.

  25. $ARNA only thing that would save this stock now is Jack being forced out as CEO. failed to get approval in other territories.