1. $ARNA Lorcaserin (Belviq) in Obesity:Identification of CNS Targets Using fMRI-> https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02400359?term=lorcaserin&rank=6 #Weightloss #Diabetes #Oprah #Obesity

  2. NR4 ID http://www.dailystockplays.com/NR4-ID-2015-03-27.html $TLT $KMI $XLU $UNP $EBAY $SDS $ODP $MCD $ACN $DBEF $SYMC $JNPR $BRCD $DIA $IWF $SPXU $ARNA $ESRX $ADSK $PGR

  3. $ARNA at support?

  4. $ARNA green close! We did it, Bulls! ;)

  5. $ARNA shorts trying to bore retail out,,,,slowwww grind down...but we add we never sell

  6. $ARNA I read on Iv that SK rxs will be reported on monthly basis.

  7. $ARNA very close to setting a new record for monthly rxs for belviq. need one more good week and 2-3k for Korea. need better than 60648.

  8. $ARNA this weeks #s dont add the SK scripts yet. But one of these weeks they will and hopefully it is for March! It has to be at least 1-2K!

  9. $ARNA 2 trading days left if Jack keeps his promise re: APD371 results in Q1. Just saying...

  10. $ARNA B commercial on CNN this am, gives me hope

  11. $ARNA Ims 3/20 IB 14579 / 10663 C 11403 / ? Q 11394/ 8152 $vvus $orex

  12. @Shas_el $ARNA $OREX Looking at Symphony #s, it appears that Contrave has lower script refill % than Belviq. Correlates with user reviews.

  13. $ARNA symp 3/20 belviq 03/20/2015...trx .17,866.....nxr.13,513

  14. $ARNA much more to offer under ARNA s roof, market will figure it out one day, half the entry fee for now,both going up over time.oversold..

  15. $ARNA FB belviq support group 2508, bel 1 day at time 809, qysmia support 1528, contrave support 1165. $orex $vvus good growth.

  16. $ARNA belviq rx for this month will reach all-time high when SK rx s are included.

  17. $OREX all the same PR and paths of ARNA and VVUS being followed.. See $ArNA for this stocks direction. PROVEN twice, this garbage dont sell

  18. $ARNA What will happen 2us 2days PPS ?

  19. $ARNA possible play off $orex dunno

  20. Incompetent mgmt in $ARNA & EISAI notwithstanding the NT technical bottom is in we will see a rare upside tomorrow and for a few days ahead!

  21. $OREX what does everyone believe in diet and exercise $ARNA $VVUS can be approved but not used

  22. $ARNA I imagine Biowhizz1 has wet himself several times this evening. Whats that sound:Wzzzzzz

  23. 5 Days Down http://www.dailystockplays.com/5-Days-Down-2015-03-26.html $NVAX $ISIS $ZTS $ARNA $ACHN $VVUS $UNH $LVS $VRTX $PPC $CLDX $BMRN $CEMP $SAVE $INCY $MAC $PPHM $MDCO

  24. @ApexTraderAllDay $ARNA If you have not heard... $OREX has EURO approval... which is huge... good luck!

  25. $ARNA If you have not heard... $OREX has EURO approval... which is huge... good luck!