1. $ARNA curling up and BBs tightening

  2. $ARNA 11/13/2015 24,340,204 short interest still dropping 10/30/2015 25,879,900

  3. $SUNE $AVXL $VLTC $BMRN $HAIN$ PEIX $ARIA $ARNA $ADXS $TWTR $TSLA $FB $GPRO $BABA $YHOO $BBRY $DE $LMAT $FCX Who wouldn t benefit from this?

  4. Anyone know the next big stock tommorow $GBSN CLBS $BIOD $CYCC $RTIX $ARNA $RLYP $AMDA $VIPS $LPCN $CERS $AMPE $SYT $OPXA $RWLK $VRX $UWTI

  5. $ARNA CNBC Fast MONEY boys saying BP is foaming with cash to buy pipelines.....

  6. $ARNA Selling at $3



  9. $ARNA retail shorts are clueless with raids..lmfao

  10. $ARNA Arena Pharmaceuticals to Present at Piper Jaffray 27th Annual Healthcare Conference http://invest.arenapharm.com/releasedetail.cfm?ReleaseID=944246 I hope they ve got news.

  11. @Kn0ckem0ut hey brother about to jump into $ARNA any thoughts on a good poe?

  12. $ARNA look at AH!

  13. $ARNA ARNA NEW IR http://www.argotpartners.com/?page=capa_transactions

  14. If I was short $ARNA, I d be scratching my head here. Added to my $3Jan2016calls @0.07 will add more on dips

  15. $ARNA when is new commercial air date? Huge!

  16. $ARNA as we wait,,,my LJPC is soaring into phase 1 results

  17. $ARNA Added a little

  18. $ARNA http://invest.arenapharm.com/

  19. $ARNA, such a cute little stock this is. It s still early for those that want to buy some. Ahem @diegodominguez =)

  20. $STEM People being able to move and function should be worth something! $CLDX $BLPH $BMRN $STRP $ARNA $KITE $JUNO $BLUE $NSPH

  21. True BUT still surprised little benefit to @stemcell $STEM GREAT RESULTS. $CLDX $BLPH $BMRN $STRP $ARNA $KITE $JUNO $CTIC $NSPH

  22. $OREX back to 1.80s . See and learn from $ARNA how to gain 25% in a week inspite of $ARNA being not suprior .Who cares when it s making cash

  23. $ARNA Zacks just raised ARNA to #1 Cheapie Now is the time Look for $3.25 in a snap

  24. Bullish on $AMRN ($OREX too, but avoid $ARNA $VVUS)

  25. $ARNA NASH.,,,see CANF locaserin already here