1. Small Cap Best And Worst Report $INFN $ANAC $CBK $FINL $AVID $EVC $ARNA $BEAT $CORT $GIGM http://y.ahoo.it/4s7zyFiZ

  2. $ARNA ???

  3. $ARNA Could it be...wait...no one jinx this! Shhhh

  4. $ARNA The report will call for a shift in NHS investment towards targeted and proven prevention programmes.

  5. $ARNA Obesity could bankrupt NHS if left unchecked http://y.ahoo.it/qNv852fZ

  6. $VVUS Are obesity drugs nearing a breakout? Novo, Takeda think so => http://y.ahoo.it/c6Ehhoyt$NVO $ARNA $VVUS $OREX #pharma #VIVUS #Stock

  7. $ARNA A Plan http://y.ahoo.it/XDJfcMHc

  8. $ARNA Spencer Osborne does it again.... Just as pps rises he publishes an article that drives pps down.... Coincidence??

  9. $ARNA Nice to see Canadian sites in trial locations. http://y.ahoo.it/Tbjx7IAZ

  10. $ARNA There are no words...

  11. $VVUS positve, $OREX positive BUT and Alas! $ARNA is negative.....what other good news can we PR that will continue the trend?

  12. $ARNA another close at LOD. Very fascinating..but predictable isnt it??

  13. $ARNA now working on a new 4 day price squeeze. Last squeeze was 7 days, squeeze exited 09/08, pps dropped from 4.1x to 4.8x.

  14. $ARNA 100,000 shares traded at the ask in one block...at 14:54:45...didn t even budge.

  15. $ARNA nice buy 100.000

  16. I hope $arna tanks to $3. I ll be accumulating shares with every dollar I can find. Smoking and Belphen results. Watch out.

  17. $ARNA about time the HF cronies who get to look at IMS script #s to start betting. Of course they will sell on Friday, but they act Wed/Thrs

  18. $ARNA there you go finally the much awaited dip into the -ve territory. Pretty amazing? It like a long horror movie in a very slow motion.

  19. $ARNA Absolutely stunning that no buyers are coming in. Any sign of new buyers, the stock shoots straight up. Otherwise its just HF traders

  20. $ARNA Stock trades like my 7 month old, he tries to stand up then falls on his face.

  21. $VVUS and $OREX are up more than 2% $ARNA is flat and likely end up in negative territory. Who had the most recent +ve news about combo??

  22. $ARNA Are obesity drugs nearing a breakout? Novo, Takeda think so--> http://y.ahoo.it/MMZkbVlH IMHO Belviq is the gold standard!!

  23. $ARNA cant muster the strength to stay +ve. Looks like we will end losing a few pennies & heading towards another weekly loss. must b record

  24. $ARNA stuck In this stock when is it going to pop?!?!

  25. $ARNA smoking cessation and belphen results to be released before year end. New article on MF. Jack answers