1. $ARO Surprised it is rising. Usually sinks on low volume, rises on high. Wall Street must have taken the day off.

  2. $ARO Should be very low volume today.... Monday will be fun.

  3. Abercrombie & Fitch To Debut In Mexico Next Year http://www.trefis.com/stock/anf/articles/267735/abercrombie-fitch-to-debut-in-mexico-next-year/2014-11-28 by Trefis Team $ANF $ARO $AEO

  4. $ARO Short volume today: 524,122 Short squeeze trigger: 3.50 Consistently held in ck all day. Highly manipulated stock!

  5. $ARO not too bad, but CRIS is almost a guarantee to test $1.70 s by next week.

  6. @mensa_1963 $ARO is due... risky but frisky

  7. $ARO Short volume today: 400,094. Short squeeze trigger: 3.51

  8. $JCP $ARO $WTSL Some Retail stocks that should be dumped until after the Black Friday Sales figures and earnings come out.

  9. $ARO There has been a 348% increase in bearish posts today

  10. $SPY - Today s NY Fed Taxpayer funded 1:15 PM cash to tie up the speculators til Friday 148 BILLION - $aro $jcp $anf

  11. $ARO Short volume today: 359,363. Short squeeze trigger: 3.51

  12. $ARO Short volume today: 345,832. Short squeeze trigger: 3.51

  13. $ARO Has been consistently shorted to death. Massive Short Squeeze is its future. Not if, but when? Until then....

  14. $ARO $GOMO case in point. It looked good. Dirt cheap. Earnings WAS POSITIVE. It TANKED ANYWAY. If u bought the dip, then it ROSE. SCORE.

  15. Bearishness in $ARO dropped 74.4% compared to past 48hr bearish average of 2.00 on a scale of 0-4

  16. $ARO Short volume today: 304,038. Short squeeze trigger: 3.51

  17. $ARO If they have a good earnings report and forecast higher, we see $5. Until then ...

  18. $ARO Short volume today: 137,272, short squeeze trigger 3.48. Consistently shorted every day to be kept in check.

  19. $ARO No position, but would buy at $2.90.

  20. $ARO Another buy up to and sell before earnings story. Don t hold and get squashed.

  21. $ARO In other words, if you re green right now, sell, and buy back in on the 4th or whatever and ride it back up from $2.90-$3.50!

  22. $ARO shorts burnnnnnnn!!!!

  23. $ARO http://finance.yahoo.com/news/aeropostale-dosomething-org-team-vamps-232400672.html

  24. $ARO Keep shorting everyone. You will eventually get burned.

  25. $ARO It is consistently shorted every day to be kept in check. It feels like junk.