1. $ARO Shorts will get killed. Just a matter of time. It s technically held down by Hedge Funds right now. Not for long! MHO

  2. $ARO I expect to see a TWTR like pop in ARO. JMHO

  3. $ARO Battle of Hedge funds on level II today. The shorts were fighting back hard. This is due. Then they can t bully it down anymore!

  4. #stocks http://y.ahoo.it/HTqcNluA large player sell signals on $NCT $ARO $PBI

  5. $ARO Hoping for the best. This company has about 3,000+ employees and generates more than $2bil in gross receipts /year.

  6. $ARO Go to an AERO store today, I went yesterday, was packed. What a transformation. $5-10 stock quickly. Sorry shorts!

  7. $ARO @dietcoke1 IMHO if an offer is today it would be $500 mil. But if its in a year it would be $800 mil to $1 bil based on their changes

  8. $ARO is in a game of chicken with Sycamore Partners. They ll eventually make an offer for the rest of the company but at what valuation?

  9. $ARO borrowed how much 150 million and their market cap is what? That s what I thought... Scumbags

  10. $ARO Management is stupid. They should buyback shares at these levels. Id take on some more debt with these interest rates

  11. @Cartelua No. London close algo. $ANF $ARO $AEO all same. ANF on large fund tape paint into close

  12. $ARO Short it if you dare! You will be squeezed soon, and it won t be pretty. My humble opinion.

  13. $ARO There is a serious disconnect between the efforts of $ARO and the stock price.

  14. $ARO Zero guidance from management. It s like they re purposefully hushed up. Very interesting.

  15. $ARO look at ARO, no one left to sell. Short it if you dare!

  16. Dentonia Park holds an allocation of 0.4% in $ARO in his Special Situations - Long Only Investment Portfolio

  17. $ARO I meant, don t be scared into selling. This company is not going away, and has no where to go but up from here!

  18. @veryniceguy2014 http://y.ahoo.it/wU3cR0GE $ARO launched & going soon!

  19. $ARO Don t be scared to sell bc they are going away, not happening, AERO is a huge brand and much easier to reorganize than dept stores.

  20. $ARO Why then, would anyone but shorts sell at these prices? If you know anything about business you know this stock is way undervalued!

  21. $ARO The July 28th Back-To-School Campaign Is A Catalyst For Gains In Aeropostale http://y.ahoo.it/K3btAvPX

  22. $ARO Shorts still beating this down, not for long though. Way oversold! Is what you think!! No where close to being oversold.

  23. $ARO Shorts still beating this down, not for long though. Way oversold!

  24. $ARO Wake up people vol low buy

  25. $ARO in 2000 shares at 3.15