1. $ARO all the stores still posting sales duhhh aro not the only one

  2. $ARO holding 25k shares at 1.25 pps.

  3. $ARO trade away and get us above a $1!

  4. Looking for a positive ER for $ARO . Its under Investment / Short term traders radar.

  5. $ARO what s expected tomorrow? Up or Down?

  6. $ARO according to CEO all efforts have been made for back to school. Now its time to show us the progress!!!

  7. $ARO ER coming tomorrow with lots of volume. We should get some serious price movement one way or the other.

  8. $ARO excitement coming soon - don t zzzzzzzzzzzz

  9. $ARO zzzz. Zzzzz

  10. $ARO its .53 but i wanna buy in at .50

  11. $ARO .53

  12. $ARO ugliest chart on stocktwits. see you all at .25

  13. $ARO going to .01 level or $1 - management needs to make it happen

  14. $ARO no news, good news? Trying to be optimistic! :)))

  15. $ARO news travel slow very slow for ARO..,.

  16. $ARO indifferent today

  17. $ARO we got a real move coming my peeps-s-s-s-s-s-$-$-$!!!

  18. $ARO Is inevitable, someday we ll hear good news! :)


  20. $ARO which EQ is tomorrow?! And what months will it cover, please??

  21. $ARO it looks like there is no news coming out tomorrow...

  22. $ARO no volume, wtf

  23. $ARO im not worried at all

  24. $ARO I m riding this old dog off into the sunset. Let s hope the board puts on there big boy pants for the call

  25. $ARO cashtips144 - cash out - simple