1. $ARO gimmee some $GTAT action

  2. @TheWizard ...More like $7 a share for $ARO by December 31st 2014!

  3. $ARO ....When we least expect it, this stock will jump to $7+ a share... I feel a possible merger/buyout!

  4. $ARO i forget... did we hear about this insider trade? http://secfilings.nasdaq.com/filingFrameset.asp?FileName=0001168213-14-000076%2Etxt&FilePath=%5C2014%5C09%5C30%5C&CoName=AEROPOSTALE+INC&FormType=4&RcvdDate=9%2F30%2F2014&pdf=

  5. Aeropostale upgraded by Zacks to outperform. $3.60 PT. http://www.analystratings.net/stocks/NYSE/ARO/?RegistrationCode=SocialMedia-direct $ARO

  6. $ARO Could be th last week ARO closes at 2.99 on Friday.

  7. @PennyHunter @pennyhunter portfolio right now 10000 $ARO ,800 $JCP, 700 $BBRY, 8000 $GTAT, 14 in the money $RIG 2016 options + cash

  8. @PennyHunter @pennyhunter $ARO same old just chillin at this low support,i doubled down friday, just playing aggressively and patient

  9. $GTAT probably will close .727 (a market cap of 100mil) @pennyhunter you still on $ARO

  10. $ARO This thing got stuck at 2.98! Lol

  11. $ARO Remember this post $4 dollars by or before Dec 31st.

  12. @PennyHunter @wavecrasher let s just make some money, $JCP , $ARO, $BBRY, $RIG

  13. $ARO We ve now ticked into the Red How low will she go?

  14. $ARO were about to go red will the MM s give us another short party like they did Friday?

  15. Dentonia Park holds an allocation of 0.4% in $ARO in his Special Situations - Long Only Investment Portfolio

  16. Big day for good core solid businesses $SHLD $ODP $ARO $BKS $SVU $SPLS $JCP $URBN

  17. can t enough of those low gas prices. - lol...$SHLD $BKS $ARO $TSCO $PBY $BBY $TUES $ODP $GME $SVU $KSS $ANF $DG $SPLS $JCP $URBN - $XRT

  18. Party in Garbage town $SHLD $BKS $ARO $TSCO $PBY $BBY $TUES $ODP $GME $SVU $KSS $ANF $DG $SPLS $JCP $URBN - again this is laughable 4XRT

  19. $ARO Good Morning Market Makers I would like to buy shares at 2.50 today - Thank You in advance.

  20. In my favorite order $ARO, $RIG, $GTAT http://dinerotrain.com/stocks/aro

  21. Coming out of option friday $ARO here it is: My thoughts of short term manipulation. Price should be AT LEAST $4.35 http://dinerotrain.com/stocks/aro

  22. I m going to work a litte, finish my school stuff, then hopefully publish my 2nd article for my $ARO friends tonight http://dinerotrain.com/stocks/aro

  23. $ARO This stock price is clearly, artificially depressed. Why? Why would 4 different insiders buy from $4.10 to $3.44?

  24. $ARO Why dropped from $4.30 to $2.75 on no news? Why such concerted shorting? Why so much manipulation? Buy out? This can t last. 50% short?

  25. $ARO Contd: This stock price is because of a conscious effort to depress the price. Don t think the buyout firms dont play the game.