1. The Nitrous Scan 8/29/2014 http://y.ahoo.it/iSVPa1Ob $PPH $IYG $NYC $VIG $RCI $JPM $FIVE $ARO $LRCX $CAM $KO

  2. $ARO As I ve posted over the last 2 months (while I bought), this was and still is way OVERSOLD. Going back up was and is INEVITABLE! MHO

  3. $ARO Should have never dropped to 3+. Short selling can over punish a company. ARO is coming back up to a fair price. $5-7 then 10+ MHO

  4. $ARO Holding 300 shares for a near term 5.50-6

  5. Anybody else think $ARO stealing market share from $ANF just like $M is starting to lose to $JCP? also Insider BUY equals stock gonna FLY

  6. @RamGrl @keiferbonenfant do you think that $ARO is still a buy at this price?

  7. $ARO do you think that $ARO is still a buy at this price?

  8. $ARO that s according to Investorplace

  9. $ARO becareful MSN posted ARO has Triple F Stocks to Sell

  10. $ARO : Will trade 5+ before next ER and I think after ER will probably be 6+. PT EOY $7.

  11. $ARO Seriously buy $IVAN resistance broke only shooting upwards

  12. J.C. Penney Brooklyn is Here! But... http://y.ahoo.it/8f44J9x3 $JCP $M $TGT $WMT $AMZN $NKE $UA $AEO $ARO $PSUN $SHLD $$

  13. $ARO ,,,it is under accumulation for price target 6-8 dollars in 1-3 months

  14. Abercrombie & Fitch Slips Again; Plans To Remove Logo Products Altogether http://y.ahoo.it/hOXG3045 by Trefis Team $ANF $AEO $ARO

  15. $bebe highlighted yesterday . moving nice today .$aro one to watch also . next week http://y.ahoo.it/MeySCEgG

  16. $ARO double digits

  17. day wouldn t be complete without posting even just a hello on stocktwits to all my bullish $ARO friends,going back to work to make$to invest

  18. $ARO This baby is super strong. Will go way up. This should be trading at $10 based on sales. I think it gets there medium to long term.

  19. $ARO Bought a few more at 4.10. Going to $5-7. I think.

  20. $ARO in my eyes looks like bears tried to short day trade and smart bulls just attacked with new support; also Insider BUY rhymes with FLY

  21. what does $ANF have to do with $ARO?NEW CEO just has to figure out how to maximize profit on a $1.9b rev per year,market ratio 486%; ANF 33%

  22. $ARO Don t listen to upside down Bears. Listen to the money making Bulls. This thing is going way up. You will see. MHO Bought more today!

  23. Insider Transaction: $ARO Purchase at $3.80 - $3.87 per share of 30000 shares by Director Gilman Kenneth B on 2014-08-26.

  24. Logo still 50%+ of $ARO sales, despite horrible performance in recent years. if $ANF doesn t think it is coming back, it s scarier for $ARO

  25. As $ARO $ANF $AEO $GES $ANN $GME $SHLD etc all close a ton of their stores, what will move in their place? Or will we have haunted malls?