1. Bearish ADX Crossovers 1/3 $ARAY $ARO $ARTX $ASX $BGCP $BSBR $TIBX $CFFN $CLDT $CLF $CNO $CSCO $CTRX $DHT $DNN $DRH http://y.ahoo.it/aY8c8uAb

  2. $GMAN starting to watch some of these apparel names that seem to have bottomed.Seasonal plays.$ARO

  3. $ARO Loaded up at 3.69. Hope to see some momentum next week.

  4. $ARO : that 100 share pre market sucks

  5. Aeropostale Gets Average Rating of Hold from Analysts $ARO http://y.ahoo.it/4ySOVskR

  6. $ARO Why down in PM?

  7. $ARO Looks good here for a move back to $4+ steady base at 3.70.

  8. $ARO : Expecting it to bounce back at $4.00 level by next week

  9. My 7 stocks: $ARO. $CGA. $RGSE. $RSH. $OIBR. $TVIPF. $TVI.CA! Buy Up they are going up!

  10. $ARO http://y.ahoo.it/OBJAJvBD TREFIS has $7.75 price for $ARO.

  11. $ARO, $WFM Hope this is the start of a nice run for $WFM and $ARO. In WFM at 38+ for a while.

  12. Retailers EOD Squeeze! $DLIA $WTSL $AEO $ARO Shorts are your friends!

  13. $ARO Not usually a pumper! But god I love this stock! This one is going to be great, just give it time!

  14. $ARO Short selling Hedge Funds trying hard to slow this down. Buy it up boys and SQUEEZE THEM! Bigger boys should be mad now. $5-7 soon

  15. Here s Why We Believe Aeropostale s Revenue Per Square Feet Can Recover http://y.ahoo.it/lnAVFQi8 by Trefis Team $ARO $GPS $ANF

  16. $ARO Analysts got to wake up. ARO deserves an UPGRADE. Way undervalued and oversold.

  17. $ARO don t get burned shorting this stock

  18. $ARO it is clear teen retail is making a comeback...given how undervalued ARO is, any macro pick up will cause this stock to shoot up

  19. $ARO there have been a series of upgrades in the teen retail space, stephens on AEO yesterday and pipper jaffray on ANF today...

  20. $ARO lol, shorts thinking they are making a come back with this low volume; big players waiting coming in after option friday, gonna fly MON

  21. Reminder: My 6 picks for the next 2 weeks: $OIBR $ARO. $RGSE. $CGA. $RSH. $TVIPF... Buy up!

  22. @revtruelove: My 6 picks for the next 2 weeks: $OIBR $ARO. $END $RGSE. $CGA. $RSH. $TVIPF... Buy up! Thanks.

  23. My 6 picks for the next 2 weeks: $OIBR $ARO. $RGSE. $CGA. $RSH. $TVIPF... Buy up!

  24. $KERX $gale $aro $dvax the smarter part me saying hold 6 months

  25. $ARO Max Pain = 3.50. Maturity = 09/20/2014. Previous close = 3.74. http://y.ahoo.it/s4tQg9xT