1. @Vegastrader66 $IMGN is a winner long term. Like potential market for $CNAT for better risk/reward ratio. $ARO good buy out candidate also

  2. $ARO they haven t forgotten this is a Barron s top pick for buyout lol

  3. $ARO added @ 4.53 for gap to 6s coming here and on $JCP $AEO $SPY

  4. $ARO needs to hit $3.50 for $6-7 buyout. options and timing.

  5. @sister: $JCP long large on gap to 7.70s still in progress $ARO $AEO $SHLD probably in the next hour again huh?

  6. $JCP long large on gap to 7.70s still in progress $ARO $AEO $SHLD

  7. $ARO we are going higher

  8. $ARO Futures looking good... Could see a bounce back above 5 today :)

  9. Bounce candidates I like $CW $AOS $WRES $F $AEO $ARO $WLT $VVUS $QCOR

  10. $ARO i feel like a buy is coming before ER... no way it survives another ER...Hope we get some good news soon!

  11. $ARO going higher tomorrow..$5 by EOW

  12. $ARO nice bounce

  13. $ARO wow. market reversing, green hammer avg daily volume. high volume tomorrow will send this through the roof with shorts covering too

  14. $ARO sell upside calls on rips over 5%.... it will help reduce your loss

  15. $ARO of course i sold at 4.44 and re-entered at 4.60 waiting for a pullback and it just kept going. of course. of course

  16. I have 1700 of $ARO brought at 6 bucks. any suggestions its going low daily.

  17. $JCP powerful gap back to 7.70s today . . . but ya still don t believe $SPY $ARO $AEO $SHLD

  18. $ARO I am still on 5700 shares @ 4.41 in total.... nice profit today... thinking I will scalp some off tomorrow.

  19. $JCP banked huge before . . . . will again on gapfill back to 10.40s with dessimated $ARO $AEO

  20. $ARO doubled up @ 4.32 for initial gap back to 4.68 towards 6s

  21. $ARO Wow no support. No buyers. This going to be nasty when shorts get their faces ripped off

  22. $ARO double bottom and gap to 4.68 initially on this Barron s takeout target $JCP $AEO $ANF

  23. $ARO Thing is getting ugly down here in no man s land

  24. $ARO lets just the sell the company for 7 bucks

  25. $JCP this and dessimated teen retailers $ARO $AEO about to start runback