1. $ARWR

  2. $ARWR Institution ownership almost 80%.

  3. $ARWR wow nice nice investment house candle at the last minute of trading.someone biggggggggggggggg bought it.

  4. $ARWR Added 4k.

  5. $ARWR Enough cash to last 2 years. Eat sleep research and find cure for Hep B. should see 16+ in few months.

  6. $ARWR getting my attention again. Should have been blindfolded but got stopped out. http://stocktwits.com/message/30474360

  7. $ARWR 7+ on the way

  8. $ARWR 7 today

  9. $arwr took .01 loss. taking to long to come confirm range. gave it 2 candles. safe than sorry . can always buy back highs

  10. $HALO It s a beast this week.Sold $ARWR and $TKMR to buy $SGEN. Bakers own all these. Staying away from gold and oil stocks for now.

  11. $ARWR WANTS wants wants

  12. $arwr long 6.19/20 coming out nice range

  13. $ARWR ABCD pattern, this is so going up

  14. $ARWR you buy (more) here

  15. $ARWR 50 day moving is now 6.14

  16. $ARWR It will be above 7 by Friday,options

  17. $ARWR trying to break the AVG50 http://stocktwits.com/message/30393026


  19. $ARWR Target $25 in 2015.

  20. $ARWR when is the next read out approx?

  21. $ARWR 50 day moving average $6.16.

  22. $ARWR Been getting a little traction here lately.

  23. Daytrading watchlist for tomorrow morning: $MEG $ARWR $DDD $IMGN $CLF

  24. $ARWR 7-8 by this Friday is possible. Next week we go for 10.

  25. $ARWR still here. still waiting for $20 to sell 30% of my position. i can wait.