1. $ARWR Waiting for getting in at under $5 but seems this will not go <5 rather going higher

  2. @Kyleao242 says $ABUS are the ones who invented Sovaldi, with many ex-GILD employees in the ranks. + has 8 candidates, $ARWR only one

  3. @Kyleao242 says $ARWR treatment won t go for a functional cure. Need the 3 pillars that $ABUS discusses. Thoughts anybody?

  4. how much did $GILD knock down sAG in their chimp study? How much did $ARWR? Hint: I like $ARWR

  5. $ARWR the doubt is precisely what makes it a great opportunity -- but there is doubt & then there is stubbornness - AD explained 10/8/15

  6. $ARWR this did not go anywhere all year and it will not go anywhere soon. management is not trusted and big boys not buying

  7. $ARWR cmn! break the HOD!

  8. $ARWR sentiment is continue to be up!!!! This stock is no good for shorts!!! Bullish signal!!!

  9. $ARWR $4s next , mark it. Ultimate swing trading stock ( both ways) I have been right all year on this stock

  10. $ARWR I ve learned my lesson about buying stocks on BO speculation. Doesn t work! But, since I m already in here, a BO would be fine by me!

  11. $ARWR Traders don t want to into the weekend thinking would if?

  12. $ARWR this one wont be kept this low for long!!! Sentiment is high!!! Very Bullish signal!!!!

  13. $ARWR she s trying!

  14. $ARWR would be great to see this go into the weekend 6+

  15. $ARWR Green early on in the day?! Wooo Happy Friday everyone!

  16. $ARWR When is the next conference?

  17. Why would $ABUS be more attractive for big pharma s like $GILD than $ARWR (long) ?

  18. $INO thanks @upcurve! Can you plz go bash $ARWR also? It needs to go up to.

  19. Share an idea on $ARWR Surprised there are no comments here. I made more money on ANAVEX this past week than I did all year with all else

  20. $ARWR Great time to accumutate!!! Very BULLISH sign!!! Cheers.

  21. $ARWR sentiment is up 2.69% to 92.11%!!!! BULLISH signal!!!! Cheers.

  22. $ARWR So.. I m long here and even don t check the ticker during the day. Why? See comments, don t want to spam in main board

  23. $ARWR calling pop for eod

  24. $ARWR Interesting. Arrowhead is up on almost triple the average volume of the last few days. Something s up. Would HAAAATE to be short.πŸ’ΈπŸ˜œ

  25. Nice reversal in $IBB. $LABU dip buyers well rewarded. Look at $ARWR, it s going to be a huge winner.