1. $ARWR waiting for a good entry on this one

  2. $ARWR http://y.ahoo.it/68OAZs5j

  3. $ARWR claims from the Rossi-Kim invention were awarded that cover ~25-30bp dsRNAs with essentially no other structural limitations.

  4. $ARWR co-licensee Arrowhead Research (via mdRNA/Marina Biotech and then Roche) broad control over the Dicer-substrate RNAi trigger space

  5. $ARWR Dicerna shot back with the announcement of a newly allowed US patent that gives it and most likely its co-licensee Arrowhead Research

  6. $ARWR Friday, August 22, 2014 Dicerna and Arrowhead Gain Broad Dicer-Substrate Patent Rights

  7. $ARWR $CYTR hugely loaded. Waiting they will make me rich :-)

  8. Parabolic Sell Signals 1/2 $ABX $ARWR $AU $AUQ $AUY $CAKE $CDE $CLDX $CYBX $EGO $ENTR $EPZM $GG $GLOG $HERO $ISIS http://y.ahoo.it/UWqxQD9b

  9. $PCYC $GILD $MU $ALU $REGN $BAC $JNJ $RAD $AMD $BIIB(Been in these names for 6 mnth-3yrs) $KATE (to 34-35)and $ARWR on a bounce off lows.GL

  10. $ARWR OK, one last time. ALNY is screwed because they gave ARWR licenses and ARWR has patents too; from 2 mos ago: http://y.ahoo.it/vWN0rt9o

  11. @Newinvestor79 $ARWR Old news: The company signed a license agreement with Alnylam (ALNY) in January 2012 for HBV-related IP.

  12. $ARWR so worse case what does it mean for arwr if IP is enforceable http://y.ahoo.it/6zsWwyVk this has much more room to go down?

  13. $ARWR Seemed to have leveled out in the high 12 s. Added to position at 13.30 and 13.00. Overreaction IMO.

  14. $ARWR buying here for a trade

  15. Updated charts: $KERX $BAC $ARWR $BBRY $CNQ $CHK $SD $AXP $GPOR $CIEN $L $PDLI $OSTK : http://y.ahoo.it/onXzsXRX

  16. @GibbGA @FatCat_Banker just made $$$ on $ADHD $ARWR $DEPO and now $RPRX in the past two weeks....on a roll with @strattonite!

  17. $ARWR Why not crush the spirit of skittish retail investors? A prodigious, underpinning, multi billion value exists now. My long thesis. :)

  18. $ARWR Been buying all the way down. Each day is a better gift than the day before. 2015 will tell the tale and I m laying heavy on a win

  19. $ARWR These large amounts being bought regularly

  20. $ARWR Even with pullback 3k,4k,5k,10k,24k being bought

  21. $ARWR 12.90 AH. I should have bought. Wish I could have.

  22. $ARWR lets all hope that was the big pullback

  23. $ARWR Above the 20&50dma on the 2min chart. possible floor forming?

  24. $ARWR holding all long

  25. $ARWR http://y.ahoo.it/rcDEardv