1. $CLDN for a case study in how a stock with a relatively small float can be taken down and kept down by coordinated efforts look at $ARWR

  2. $ARWR next week will be huge as ARWR heads back over $8 on its way to $10...positive news will kick us off..

  3. $STUDY Just updated: Buy/sell points and charts (opened/closed positions) $VA $VALE $FCX $CLDX $ARWR $TVPT More. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  4. $ARWR Technicals are showing great signs of upside potential. The buy rating is set to 6.5, target: 9.86 http://www.9trading.com/index.php?symbol=arwr

  5. $ARWR In his blog post, Dirk alludes to an analysis to be presented Saturday (tomorrow). Looking forward to it. http://rnaitherapeutics.blogspot.tw/2015/04/absolute-hbsag-levels-not-percent.html

  6. $ARWR - I do think stock is undervalued ($9-$12 is my range). but I don t see anything from the Liver Conference to cause this run up.

  7. $ARWR get over $7.40

  8. $ARWR This paper is a biotech investor s wet dream come true. hparch on dirk s paper

  9. $ARWR $ASTI $TTNP let s continue the run started yesterday...I also own $ACHN $HERO $NADL

  10. $ARWR Hope this time we can firmly sit above 8, then slowly climbs to 9 with notable short covering and see around 13 with good data.

  11. $ARWR So what will be the ice breaker for arwr, seems we are still on the margins, need to cement this thing

  12. $CYTX $AEZS $ARWR all with serious 3x potential this year. Might not have to wait that long.

  13. $ARWR A 10% move tomorrow puts us at $7.95

  14. End Of Day Scan: Stochastic Buy $RGP $INFY $JAH $ETP $EWP $WM $MOS $NWSA $ARWR $MTW

  15. $STUDY Just updated: Buy/sell points and charts (opened/closed positions) $ARWR $TVPT $CLDX $BSX $CYBR $AAPL More. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  16. $ARWR $EPZM $GLYC all moving in the right direction!!

  17. $ARWR great news out of Vienna today, sold more May puts this morning to capture premium and lower cost basis

  18. $ARWR and $ASTI both doing great today for my portfolio and Both Look like going higher in the next few days also

  19. $ARWR When it moves it moves lightning fast. Seen it 2 times go from 6+ to 9+ in 2-3 days.

  20. $ARWR Yahoo news Analysts wants proof.... By the time they get the proof it will be reaching 50 and they will increase TP to 100. Morons.

  21. $ARWR Shorties: cover now or cover at $8 tomorrow or next week

  22. $ARWR - TKMR is proving the efficacy of ARWR s methods by proxy. Load up as you may never see a 7 handle again. #bullish

  23. $ARWR continue to believe that regardless of the continual up & down that arwr will continue to trend higher towards the may 5 earnings date

  24. $ARWR, TKMR proving ARWR s efficacy by proxy. Load up now before the phase 2b, I don

  25. $arwr wtf why take off so fast. Missed the swing trade this time. Still have core.