1. $ARWR Getting anxious to see what FDA has to say about phase two testing of arrow s hep b drug

  2. $ARWR This chart looks a lot like TKMR s before their merger was announced

  3. $ARWR - Accumulating!

  4. $ARWR 676K -active volume-MW

  5. $ARWR Volume really sux today

  6. $ARWR Dr. A bought it at 6.32. Excelt. entry point!!!!

  7. $ARWR Hoping 6.50 is the new bottom. Going back up with the market. If not, I ve got 1 more keg of dry powder...

  8. $ARWR 599K + active volume-MW

  9. Arrowhead Research is Right On Target with RNAi, Investors Cheer with Optimism https://www.retailinvestor360.com/biotech/763-arrowhead-research-is-right-on-target-with-rnai-investors-cheer-with-optimism.html $ARWR

  10. $ARWR In for another 2500 shares @ 6.4

  11. $ARWR not holding up well

  12. $NQ $VVUS $KBIO $XOMA $ARWR $CVEO -- Buy PPHM instead, should zoom soon...

  13. $ARWR Love that Beta volatility!

  14. $ARWR aapl

  15. $ARWR buying the dip

  16. $ARWR Heck of a pullback!. Be careful of volatility if you are swing/day trading (Factor in volume stats, liquidity etc)

  17. $ARWR $IDRA Last last add.

  18. $ARWR Otherwise Go Arrow!

  19. $ARWR someone with allot of shares is shorting

  20. $ARWR Old, but surprised it wasn t posted. Bridger has a good track record. http://www.insidermonkey.com/blog/arrowhead-research-corp-arwr-bridger-management-builds-5-5-passive-stake-338427/

  21. $ARWR Day-trade-cashing out pullback!

  22. $ARWR Added 5K more shares today at 6.4ish. Also added $REXX. Waiting for good news... GL!

  23. $ARWR 349K active volume-MW (Better Liquidity)

  24. $ARWR Day -trade shorting-normaative

  25. $ARWR There is also Asia & Europe-based ARC-520 scenarios to consider.