1. @Betchips I took a loss on it, sold it at 2 and moved some into $ACHN and $ARWR.

  2. $ARWR CEO bought 32k shares at 6.32 on the 15th. Gotta go with it

  3. $ARWR 100 Oct Puts 6 @ .40 from Monday expired, +$4K.

  4. @Pulse_CIG: $ADHD $ARWR $NLNK $RPRX followers usually get their clocks cleaned out & their bank accounts; gl.

  5. $APT $ARWR $NLNK $RPRX $URBN followers usually get their clocks cleaned out & their bank accounts; gl.

  6. $ARWR It s difficult to ever make money on bios anymore with constant short attacks until data hits. Damn shorts!

  7. $ARWR Added at $6.30.

  8. $ARWR shorts moved from momo to biotech attacking bios AGAIN

  9. $ARWR adding

  10. $ARWR new short restriction on this. i guess this was ehavily shorted

  11. $ARWR Add for close above $7

  12. $ARWR I would add heavily to my position at $6 but I don t think we ll ever see $6 again. Maybe near the end of today s session.

  13. @bigmaddog @SortaLegendary $ARWR Thanks Mike. So many astute minds herded into the perfect storm of dumb. Created an intellectual vacuum.

  14. $ARWR following 30 stocks & this is only one in the red today. And bigtime red at that down 9%!! Crazy

  15. $ARWR after a very strong open now down almost 9%!!! R u freagin kidding me. Unbelievable. Shoulda sold at $7.32.

  16. $ARWR, can t believe the law firms investigating that a stock went down.

  17. @EspElement: $ARWR Not worried. :-). depends when you bot

  18. $ARWR will rally again and when it does you will think of this as the time you should have bought. Analysts target is $15. You do the Math!

  19. $ARWR what a bad turn around. Great at open. Sinking lower past 1.5 hours

  20. $Arwr. Dosing confusion, hard to say who was referring to what dosage? Could be a binary event in Nov??

  21. $ARWR man hit $7.32 & just shot right back down bigtime. Come on already crack $7.50

  22. $ARWR How to Prevent your Shares Holdings from being Shorted. $ATRS $MCP http://www.contracts-for-difference.com/Borrowing-lending-shares.html

  23. $ARWR Not worried. :-).

  24. BAKER BROS BUST $RPRX hit top at $6.99 should test $5 range soon and $ARWR and before $OPXA

  25. $ARWR It has to pull back a bit to rise again...LONG