1. $arwr institute ownership is 70% vs $tkmr 9%. Why no faith in TKMR from big guys?

  2. $ARWR The short attack at the first data release always reminds me of SAC Capital, Martoma, Cohen, Gilman, Bapi drug. http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2014/10/13/empire-edge

  3. $ARWR These guys are very careful about sharing information. Busy at work.

  4. Covered Call Alert: ARROWHEAD RESEARCH $ARWR returning up to 60.26% through 18-Sep-2015 http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/03/27/covered-call-alert-arrowhead-research-arwr-returning-up-to-60-26-through-18-sep-2015/

  5. $ARWR Recovered pretty well, strong support at this level.

  6. $ARWR loaded and patient. Her time is coming.

  7. $ARWR im in and loaded for swing

  8. $ARWR why the bearish sentiment? News from FDA should send this up quick, any day now...

  9. $ARWR I d be a buyer of puts. And again after the next reverse stock split.

  10. $ARWR I m a buyer if this goes to $5

  11. $ARWR another stellar day for this high flyer. Will buy in around 2... it s coming. Smell the FEAR!

  12. $ARWR I m seeing at least 30% growth going forward. Just acquired important portfolio from novartis. Shorts gon get squeezed.

  13. $REXX The chart shows a run up ahead. Bought some today. GL! $INO $ARWR

  14. @Think4self read Flash Boys. You might want to check out Vanity Fair article by FB author: http://www.vanityfair.com/news/2015/03/michael-lewis-flash-boys-one-year-later $ARWR $IDRA $INO $AAVL

  15. Sold $PPP, bought more $FUEL. Also added $IDRA and $ARWR. GL!

  16. $ARWR Can t stand those daily self-declared stock guru s. Everything is red, take care stock is going down!! Uhhhh I am soooo scared....

  17. $ARWR Remember what i have been telling you when this was above 8 , If you listened my advise, You welcome

  18. $ARWR http://finance.yahoo.com/mbview/threadview/?&bn=24930a95-98ba-3e64-86ee-028808db73ae&tid=1427367835702-6e1fd406-2667-4199-9001-4cb71fd1fbae&tls=la%2Cd%2C1%2C3 Good post on yahoo board. It takes time for ARWR to get their truly desired protocol approved. Good

  19. @Think4self when I say a ticker is going down, you can usually take that to the bank $UNG $UGAZ $NVAX $ARWR $INO

  20. $ARWR Added today. LT hold, but expect some news lift this a bit ST as well..

  21. Bio is hurting but loving the opportunities!! $ARWR $EPZM $GLYC $OMED

  22. $ARWR next level of supports at 6.45 than 6.25. Finally can swing play!

  23. $ARWR the sentiment on this is either going to 12 or positive results just ahead . even in a bear market

  24. @Think4self hope $AAVL $EPZM $OMED $IDRA $ARWR $OTIC $RDUS holder made the move to oil yesterday when I suggested $CHK $HAL $USO $MPO $EXXI

  25. $ARWR added at 6.57 and 6.64