1. End Of Day Scan: Ichimoku Cloud Green $NOK $MOS $ARMH $DLTR $CHS $COUP $EGY $ARWR $RYL $SAFM www.DailyStockPlays.com

  2. Long: $SYN $CFRX $ICPT $ARWR $TGTX $QURE $TRIL $SGMO $ATNM (adding on crazy sell off today) and AVXL - Beast Mode!

  3. $ARWR I need to find some well funded bio-techs with plenty of cash and hitting 52-week low. That seems to be the best choice. EXEL was one.

  4. $ARWR With earnings around the corner and an RSI below 33 imo it limits downside before a potential bounce. Barring know unforeseen news.

  5. $ARWR odds that they set a date for AD tomorrow?

  6. $ARWR Whole lot of smokescreen and accumulation going on.

  7. $ARWR Added @ $6.00

  8. $ARWR Since it s so low, I can see it jumping to 8-9 after ER. Good short term trade. Play the range. Going to buy some tomorrow.

  9. $ARWR Guess who has been telling you where this stock was going the last 6 months? You welcome if you did listen

  10. $ARWR Below $6 by EOD

  11. $ARWR Lots of fast money in shareholder base (Millenium, Point72) means this gets hit HARD on any disappointment

  12. $ARWR doesnt look like it wants to be under 6 lol

  13. $ARWR the price tells me the management will punt the analyst day to 4q by telling chimp are yielding great results we need more time

  14. $ARWR is this all the firepower the hf guys have? could not even get stops going under 6. Lol

  15. $ARWR shorts may attack it after ER, in the long run we are fine..

  16. $ARWR ouch bear pole on the 10 min...

  17. $ARWR large green today. You are welcome

  18. $ARWR I hereby declare that stock price drops unrelated to company or competitive Hep-B or RNAi related newsflow as The Asscracker Effect

  19. $ARWR Looks like they just tried to take out a bunch of stops for people <6. Hopefully ppl were watching their accounts.

  20. $ARWR shorts likely to cover due to concern of what may be said. Downside gains much less than upside I believe.

  21. $ARWR lets see if it goes up into earnings here.

  22. Arrowhead Research Corp to release Q315 earnings on Tuesday. Analysts expect -0.38 EPS. $ARWR http://www.dakotafinancialnews.com/arrowhead-research-corp-arwr-set-to-announce-earnings-on-tuesday/306231/

  23. $ARWR Slowly being cooked up. Also watching $SBIO , volume is picking up.

  24. $ARWR love it how some experts join this site TWO days ago to save people..I may not be right, but ain t selling due to these asscrackers.

  25. $ARWR lots of bears showed up last few weeks... Oftentimes a good sign lol