1. $ARWR March here. Let s head to 9+.

  2. $arwr $cytx $cycc lets get it going tomorrow.

  3. $ARWR $IDRA @StockTwits I highly recommend to ask people some basic questions about the company before people post on message board for it.

  4. $ARWR A campaign of insensible expectations coupled with timely managed misinformation is Wall Street and AF stooges bread and butter.

  5. $ARWR $IDRA Charts tell me when to add now. Both are ready for exponential growth in future. Great Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8SvBAjXGyQ

  6. @crrose6 you should hold $ARWR; several catalysts ahead. My target for ARWR is 25 in this year. GL!

  7. @solidstockmove $FUEL and $PPP are good buys, $ARWR and $IDRA should be sold and put towards first two.. & you ve been long $ANFI with me..

  8. $ARWR considering starting a position again but really hate the management. Decent swing play I suppose.

  9. $ARWR Have tested 7.50 several times. 7.75 first target and then volume drives it to 8+. March is here, FDA news gonna make it back to 9+.

  10. $BCLI more volume than $ARWR today?! At least one of my dogs are moving. Still holding both..

  11. $ARWR Buy any dips below 7.5, going up from here!

  12. $ARWR if its monday. it would be right before the shareholders meeting, which would be perfect timing for management.

  13. $ARWR wouldn t be shocked to wake up to a PR about phase 2b Monday or the following Monday

  14. EOW update: long $ARWR, $IDRA. Out $OCN. Hold $ANFI. Bought $PPP, $FUEL. Shorted $GENE, $BIOC. Watch $INO, $VJET, $EXEL. GL!

  15. $ARWR https://twitter.com/BioBoyScout/status/571331394670088192

  16. @S_Stylianides: $ARWR in at 7.40. stop below 6.90 out at 7.50 . +.10 win. raised my stop to 7.50 to protect profit and it got hit today..

  17. $ARWR with news coming early March, I wouldn t wanna be short! Possible squeeze in the making!

  18. $ARWR now its time to blow

  19. $ARWR $IDRA $OCN $FUEL I hope someone following me here loaded in $ANFI and enjoys the rise today. GL!

  20. $ARWR Retest the low. Need volume. $IDRA GL. $OCN BOUNCE BACK TO 10$ COME ON

  21. $ARWR Anyone has any experience trading AVEO? Seem to be popping.

  22. $ARWR added at the dips. Successfully tested the average line and what we need is the volume on Monday!

  23. $ARWR BTFD

  24. $ARWR @Ronaldo Care to rephrase?

  25. $TKMR Quaant, I think $ARWR has been hit WORSE that $TKMR, but none of us spends time writing about that.