1. Top Watchlist Thursday Feb 4: $TGD , $ATEC , $CETC, $TPI , $CPHI , $CVOL , $GRH

  2. $ATEC @satenoch hie Sonia. I love how you use TA for ur analysis and I would like to know what stock u reccomend for a stock pitch contest?

  3. TOP 14 % Gainers On Watch List - $GOL $MPO $WATT $XGTI $SFXE $KEG $CENX $DNR $SNE $ATEC $BPMX $ANY $GASL $GEVO $

  4. $GOL $MPO $WATT $XGTI $SFXE $KEG $CENX $DNR $SNE $ATEC $BPMX - Top 11 % Gainers On Watch List AH s -

  5. $ATEC - Bouncing today while trading in an up trend -

  6. $WATT $GOL $SNE $CENX $MPO $ATEC $SGOC $CDTI $URRE $XGTI $DNR - Top 11 % Gainers On Watch List -

  7. $ATEC go o $AMDA

  8. $ATEC although some big bids hitting now

  9. $ATEC lol down to .30s

  10. $ATEC why is this not moving!

  11. $ATEC Volume Coming in soon as it goes above .48 threshold~~~!! $$$

  12. $ATEC $2.50 Target http://theenterpriseleader.com/stocks/alphatec-holdings-inc-nasdaqatec-has-been-picked-as-a-growth-company/62825/

  13. $ATEC Tues was awesome! A little surprised at the lack of vol. Stay GREEN! 🚁😎

  14. $ATEC Who s gonna take out that 100K @ .50 BREAKOUT Trigger Price! $$$ Wall could be fake!

  15. $ATEC http://stockcharts.com/h-sc/ui?s=ATEC&p=D&b=5&g=0&id=p22055213186

  16. $ATEC Funds in, Let s play.

  17. $ATEC Alphatec Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATEC) Has Been Picked As A Growth Company http://theenterpriseleader.com/stocks/alphatec-holdings-inc-nasdaqatec-has-been-picked-as-a-growth-company/62825/

  18. $ATEC Tomorrow will be exciting! Green Candle close looks like! Nice! $$$ Push Baybeee!

  19. $ATEC bought some after the 8k came out at $0.42 pretty happy with it so far

  20. $ATEC Come on baby break .46

  21. $ATEC .44 X .46 Chase now Sellers! LOL


  23. Entry into a Material Definitive http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary/?id=2363055 $ATEC

  24. $ATEC: New SEC Filing for ATEC: Form 8-K, No. 0001350653-16-000040 http://stocknewsflow.com/1350653_000135065316000040_0001350653-16-000040

  25. $ATEC Look at all the 100shares selling @ ASK! LOL It is being front Loaded in the low .40 s This will explode above .60 whetherulikeitornot