1. $ATEC Weak hands letting her go to the big boys. Plenty of LT growth here

  2. Current holdings for IRA acct. $atec $mnkd $tpcs $fnma $himx $raly

  3. $DEJ.CA $dej Approved Drilling Permits $plug $fsi $mvis $fcel $vrng $spex $atec $ivan http://y.ahoo.it/d7HhwpWG

  4. $DEJ.CA weekly $dej $plug $fsi $mvis $fcel $vrng $spex $atec $IVAN http://y.ahoo.it/ZU5XTAQc

  5. @GSP Very similar to my watch list... Add $Atec to your list, local company in San Diego, CA strong outlook and YOY profits based on ER

  6. $ATEC http://y.ahoo.it/rQoYNijv

  7. $ATEC thanks again atec. You ve been an ATM. Either up to 1.80 and a test of 1.52ish on retrace. Or, down to 1.40 from here.

  8. Breaking: Top #stocks IN-PLAY with low PRICE/BOOK (< 1.0) / trading UP / ranked by HIGHEST RELATIVE VOLUME $ATEC $LINC $NKA $ECT $TECU

  9. Top #stocks IN-PLAY with low PRICE/BOOK (< 1.0) / trading UP / ranked by HIGHEST RELATIVE VOLUME $ATEC $LINC $KBIO $NKA $SFY

  10. Breadth oscillator rocks. http://y.ahoo.it/Igfz0JR8 Small fry not as strong as $SPY $ATEC

  11. $ATEC vol build radar

  12. $ATEC Anybody know anything about this company? I like what they do but there numbers are (not the best) for lack of better word.

  13. Alphatec Holdings s CFO and Vice President was just granted 90,000 options http://y.ahoo.it/xEbM1ICO $ATEC

  14. Alphatec Holdings s General Counsel and SVP was just granted 90,000 options http://y.ahoo.it/pVuZknVx $ATEC

  15. $ATEC Opened a small position at 1.36 a share, this company is headquartered around my hometown.. Good business, looking for the 2 s

  16. $ATEC I dont like the increase in liabilities nor do I like the the 15% in liquid, but still they have a good strategy for better days.

  17. $ATEC Looks like a great entry point for a legitimate company..

  18. $ATEC Alphatec Holdings, Inc files Form 8-K (Events or Changes Between Quarterly Reports) SEC Filing.. http://y.ahoo.it/oEXNaD7P

  19. Alphatec: Entry Into A Material Definitive Agreement http://y.ahoo.it/Xp8t5Ik9 $ATEC

  20. $ATEC Alphatec Spine to Present at 34th Annual Canaccord Genuity Growth Conference.. http://y.ahoo.it/RTg5GtkN

  21. August 4 2014 Candlestick Patterns: Dark Cloud Cover http://y.ahoo.it/04WAl5sy $TKMR $MCK $OVTI $ATEC $SCHP

  22. Alphatec Holdings upgraded by Zacks to outperform. $1.70 PT. $ATEC

  23. $DCTH Ready for pop ! $pal $dej $bone $liqd $mvis $atec $gevo $plug http://y.ahoo.it/aKTHu5ml

  24. $DCTH Update on recent corporate progress is coming. http://y.ahoo.it/epexLeiV $liqd $mvis $dej.ca $atec $plug $fcel $fsi

  25. Reading explanations submitted on the subject of $ATEC call transcript http://y.ahoo.it/Md7cF4Tt