1. Earnings announcement: $ATEC is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Wed, Apr 30 2014

  2. $ATEC fib support+ falling wedge formed(ing)post inverse head and shoulders breakout ER come to papa http://y.ahoo.it/V9HfVtBZ

  3. $ATEC Friday post market ER.. Monday will be ether tears of pain or joy

  4. $ATEC Alphatec Spine to Release First Quarter 2014 Financial Results.. http://y.ahoo.it/caUO0bUq

  5. $ATEC http://y.ahoo.it/HRUyPT8g

  6. $ATEC It seems we are in league with the those in the $17-$44 range! See next

  7. $ATEC Can someone please explain to me how there are 388 bids, and volume is only 68k?

  8. $atec stiiiiiill holding when the rest is taking an open handed slap.

  9. @kinggjake right now I like cold hard cash 90% prtflio. Long im in $bbry and $atec. Short ive been cashing in on $kndi for the last 3 weeks.

  10. $ATEC 1.35?? Setup is there cmon now!

  11. James Flynn, Deerfield Management Boost Stake in Streamline Health Solutions Inc. $STRM $ATEC $OVAS http://y.ahoo.it/LwMtgBSe

  12. @Slottmachine same story with $gluu if u check my posts. If only my long plays pan out! Im INVESTED in $bbry. $atec 2 looking 4 brkout

  13. $atec stiiiiiill holding. Much nicer triangle than last week. Got in a little too early must admit but confident.

  14. $ATEC down day on the market we get garbage volume and lose a penny while getting a higher LOD I ll take it

  15. Small Cap Report $ALIM $ALVR $AMRI $AMSG $ANEN $ARTC $ATEC $AVNW $BLT $BSTC $CAW $CDE $CMTL, $CSII $CVCO $CYTR $DEST http://y.ahoo.it/8KwPxgVL

  16. $ATEC @redrobin buy into weakness sell into strength! GL!

  17. $ATEC Sold today, downhill since my good gain first day, liking my $NIHD better. Good luck, may check in later.

  18. @LarryStarsky now long $ATEC PT 1.9 - 2+ on Brkout and stalking $KNDI for short play brkout long $LPTH with PT 1.8 - 1.9+ (clear channel)

  19. $ATEC 2 s never lose

  20. $ATEC need mgmt to execute from here. I m in for more.

  21. @DoggieDayz @daddymac im still looking for 2 on $atec underwater on it right now but am confident. ER apr 28th. Nothing holding back but vol

  22. James Flynn, Deerfield Management Step Up Interest In Alphatec Holdings Inc $ATEC $AUXL $QCOR http://y.ahoo.it/cfgHnsM3

  23. $RNN $LJPC $PAL $AMBS $TTNP $CTSO Current holds, Watching $WTSL $BAXS $BHRT $LPDX $ATEC $HTM So many stocks, so little money......

  24. Alphatec Holdings just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://y.ahoo.it/xBtOD7xJ $ATEC

  25. @WallStreetWatkins if only my long predictions could pan out. $bbry has me annoyed down here. $atec needs volume. Eesh.