1. $ARWR I don t like these insider sales and even if they are pre planned Idc. $MNKD ,$ATHX . Mangement seems to not have interest to buy back

  2. $ATHX .....that interesting comment is at 3.18 minutes into video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7TEiTnPXBM

  3. $ATHX .... and this video ......... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRRTRa7ZEyY

  4. $ATHX ....link to video ..... interesting comment after 3:30 minutes in to video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7TEiTnPXBM

  5. $ATHX If succesfull w/DBPCT all value is kept to ATHX.Not patnered w/any Big pharma on this trial.

  6. $ATHX Double blinded placebo controlled (stroke) trial results coming soon to your personal computer screen.

  7. $ATHX Go to youtube and enter Athersys Multistem stroke video

  8. $ATHX ....Pull any of your Bio s and go to s 5 year chart and u will most likely find that it just s sits there for the fall season

  9. $ATHX ...the fall season for bio s is a no gainer .....i do not expect anything to happen till at least the end of Oct. on any of my Bio s

  10. $ATHX Look at bright side here. At least you Longs don t have to worry about Short Manipulation. SGYP is getting Blown away because of them.

  11. $ATHX Going to be a massive run IMO no news is good news. A lot of pumped bios coming down today$_$

  12. $ATHX Interviewing management for Seeking Alpha. Please list your questions here.

  13. $ATHX Is the stem cell meeting good or bad for athersys

  14. $ATHX ...Gil s last interview in may ........ http://seekingalpha.com/article/2233643-athersys-down-but-not-out-an-interview-with-ceo-van-bokkelen

  15. $ATHX Will the real bulls please stand up ?

  16. @MonacoTrader @Natezanno Hilarious, a total of 7 posts all negative on $ATHX. Don t feed the animals.

  17. $ATHX Imagine whatever JNJ bought actually worked. Multi-Stem is unproven at best; at worst and more realistically it s an abject failure.

  18. $ATHX: JNJ just paid $1.75B for a clinical stage bio with one Phase 2. Would love to see shorts go BK shorting some of these small bios

  19. $ATHX 15% according to NASDAQ website. Also shows significant outflow of institutional $. People are selling because ATHX could go to $0.

  20. $ATHX 34% according to Etrade. Who d be selling down here in the swampy sewer cesspool of a hopefully bottom of the basement where we wait.

  21. $ATHX ....15.35 inst owned

  22. $ATHX ....34.1 inst owned

  23. $ATHX Athersys to Present at 2014 Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa.. http://y.ahoo.it/EEZW3IYc

  24. $ATHX Athersys to Present at 2014 Stem Cell Meeting on the Mesa.. http://y.ahoo.it/xqoFQND4

  25. $ATHX ......At 23rd minute he discusses the results of 10 patients (represented as dots) against stroke population (represented as line)