1. $ATHX ...about that 5.3 mil block at 3:55 yeaterday .... http://finance.yahoo.com/mbview/threadview/?&bn=578463f7-cb46-3628-9eb3-2ed28c233c83&tid=1466798870446-9d2602ff-e735-4041-bb0b-cfd45012ff64&tls=la%2Cd%2C0%2C3 .......

  2. $ATHX What does it mean when over 8 million shares sold in 1 day ? Just so frustrating when you feel so positive and everything goes bad.

  3. $ATHX $SGYP $TTNP russell rebalance 2016 worth the read..should see atleast 10% increase each over next month http://www.wallstreetdaily.com/2016/06/23/russell-indices-rebalancing/

  4. $ATHX, Did you all see that : at 3:55 pm there was a 5,305,531 share Buy. I am not lying.

  5. $ATHX - 140 character or less - tell me why it will explode?

  6. $ATHX - what happened? I sold at 2.44 awhile back and was sure I sold too cheap? I guess not - better lucky then good it seems.

  7. $ATHX ...surprisingly not that much available this am .......bought 1300 shares ........avg now 1.4758

  8. $athx ...surprisingly not that much available this am ....bought 1300 sh

  9. $ATHX had a chance 2 get out & I couldn t pull the trigger. Slow death these past few years. ALMOST wish it would just die & i can move on.

  10. $ATHX, A 24% Loss in the last 13 trading days is Big Time Bearish.

  11. $ATHX chart is bearish but I am very

  12. $ATHX, Agree about trading this stock. Nothing but delays forces you you to change strategy. Might as well make $ out of a sick stock.

  13. $ATHX I am officially changing my ATHX trading strategy. I could be netting thousands swing trading this. No more long lay & pray.

  14. $ATHX Take a look at STAF.

  15. $ATHX I can buy cheaper shares!? Is it Chanukah already??

  16. $ATHX low volume fly speck trades pm

  17. $ATHX hold on to those horses folk ...... time to average down ..........

  18. $ATHX Have a great Friday fellas. I ll be watching the mining sector primarily today. Big things afoot. Good luck! God SAVE the Queen🎉

  19. $ATHX [2016-MAY] Zero-type Correlation Histogram Kurt : -0.48 Skew : 0.14 Mode : 0.1

  20. $ATHX The open tommorow was why I was telling friends to buy miners. I was right. And I will be right on this one too. God bless the Brits.

  21. $ATHX Now we are in the doom and gloom cycle. Then when the share price goes up everyone will be in the crapping rainbows cycle.

  22. $ATHX I have been in this for years. This is standard ATHX. Share price does not move with the company. Don t like the company don t invest.

  23. $ATHX been kind of busy. Someone wrote catalyst pushed back 2 yrs is this true can anybody answer this. Next phase should b announced soon ?

  24. $ATHX this thing owes me some money.

  25. $ATHX Longer-term trends are one thing but a brief selloff and rebound with no underlying cause reeks of manipulation.