2. $ATVI

  3. $ATVI Starcraft has sub par graphics compared to the first 2

  4. $ZNGA is competing against $EA, $ATVI, $TTWO , and $GLUU. It stand no chance. DOT is like a grasping at straw.

  5. Seems my very few $ATVI posts struck a nerve with some, not my intention at all. Its just not for me at all at this time.

  6. Earnings Calendar for the upcoming week :: $WYNN $ATVI $FEYE $GRPN $CYBR $P $RRGB $AIG $INFN $USAT $CPN $RUTH

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  8. $ATVI will bounce back... Barely missed earnings and 2016 looks very promising...way oversold at the moment which is why it bounced back

  9. Today s losers: $LPLA $SUNE $P $CHK $WLL $CRC $ATVI $EPE $MOS $EGN

  10. $ATVI no position, not even wasting time here

  11. $ATVI tell me ur not in this, if so then ask yourself how you got here, who did you listen to. so terrible. i was not pushing this at 40s!!!

  12. Morning Call For February 12, 2016 $COP $DVA $JPM $NUS $P $QLIK $ATVI $COLM $ROVI $SCSS $WYNN $CYBR $SQ http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/morning-call-for-february-12-2016?post=85675

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  14. Unusual option activity alert: $XBI 7x average daily volume, $LB 7x, $RRC 6x, $DVN 6x, $ATVI 5x, $XLY 5x, $XME 5x

  15. Scan results - Hammer Candlestick today: $SSNC $QLIK $ATVI $PRI $LOCK $WUBA $AB $TLMR $TRN $JLL ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/12/equities?selected_date=2016-02-12

  16. $ATVI I was right. It almost completely recovered. I loaded up on more shares. Now I have 800 shares at 29.00 per share

  17. $ATVI

  18. $ATVI I will watch it - I am not a gamer and don t have the time to follow every fickle kid in the space.

  19. $ATVI I did not buy on Cramer s pump btw- I was long already- but I should have SOLD on it as the CEO is a liar &Cramer should be in jail.

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  22. $ATVI Call of Duty on Occulus is gonna be awesome in 2020......ZZZzzzzzz.....

  23. Great week with $TWTR $ATVI $AIG $SPY $GILD Covered calls into next week $IBKR $GPRO

  24. $ZNGA $ATVI Jenga WWF solid advertising games, so is Crazy Kitchen 200,op d/L daily

  25. Trading Ideas: $BA $WYNN $ATVI $TSLA %SHPG $NFLX $VRX 16 Trades: 9 Win, 7 Lose - overall: $8,180