1. $HK $EXXI $CHK $CRK $WLL $AUY $DWTI $CMRX $ARIA $CLBS $LINE - Signing Off / Farewell ST - Good luck to you all.

  2. $AUY China has been closed all week. I think they will be buying gold lIke crazy! Gold overseas could be $1300 come Tuesday! Agree?

  3. $AUY if it breaks while im shorting over the wknd..

  4. $AUY very strong resistance @2.70..crazy..went up shortly..could not hold

  5. $AUY @patten1962 depends ..we will see..this article tells a different story . never know with those guys http://www.reuters.com/article/asia-gold-demand-idUSKCN0VL0OG

  6. $NUGT Chinese will jump into gold guys. It s no brainer. $GDX $AUY $ABX $GLD what do u think they talk about over a hotpot during CNY

  7. $AUY very happy with how this traded today. Think Tuesday will see next level of movement up!

  8. $AUY and it s so amazing, a perfect 200%, it s no coincidence, it s all made up by WS secret calendar

  9. $AUY so the big money guy who bought at 1.38 and pushed this up, must have sold at 2.75 saying.. I just doubled my money using people

  10. $AUY remember not to get too greedy, we already doubled the 1.38 bottom (2.76 resistance).

  11. $AUY FYI..we dont have food stamps in Canada..lol but just letting you know...we own this baby...hahahaha

  12. $AUY LOLyour back .my cabage friend..didnt you say earlier your waiting for your bonus to buy more stocks?your telling me to get food stmps?

  13. $AUY wonder what happened to the streets perilous reversal with it closing green just like most of their calls probably short this

  14. $AUY should test 4 handle if gold slowly gains/remains stable

  15. $GDX Monthly Chart Busting Through The Downtrend Line. $GLD $SLV $GDXJ $GLDX $USLV $UGLD $ABX $GG $AEM $AUY $NUGT

  16. $AUY aaaaand... it s gone. full position gone. This will go back to 2 before QE

  17. $AUY get your food stamp application ready. Your about to lose everything. Hahaha.

  18. $AUY mmm this hour is crucial, we need to break 2.75 today, otherwise we go to 2 before earnings

  19. $SLW $AUY $NUGT feels like smart money buying miners, while confused money props up the market

  20. $AUY holding well today.

  21. Here s Why Yamana Gold (AUY) Stock is Lower Today $AUY http://www.thestreet.com/story/13457992/1/here-s-why-yamana-gold-auy-stock-is-lower-today.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  22. $AUY perilous??? Seems ok to me

  23. $AUY $RIC these are not for sale ... for now anyway

  24. Still can t believe I sold $AUY $GG $GDX $NUGT when gold didn t bounce during Jan chaos. Of course they bounce for Feb chaos instead. FML

  25. $AUY rolling the dice. Gonna wait for earnings! Have April calls strike $2.50.