1. $auy

  2. $auy nice day! $GRPN free 5 day trial http://y.ahoo.it/r1wt7kNn

  3. $AUY on the fence whether to keep through earnings

  4. $AUY bull flag break out yesterday,should c 10.85 soon

  5. $auy Look for a beat tomorrow at $.05 EPS.

  6. Volumes back to normal today and $AUY is not moving downward with $GDX which is very rare. This could be positive sentiment for earnings

  7. $auy Looking good ahead of earnings. May near $9 this week. Expecting positive results.

  8. Bear Case Scenario for Yamana $AUY, $GLD http://y.ahoo.it/xi97KU4x

  9. Bull Case Scenario for Yamana $AUY, $GLD http://y.ahoo.it/4ncrdrf1

  10. $GLD $SLV $NUGT $DUST $ABX $AUY $BVN $FCX $NM - Gold Price Down by tensions in the Middle East and Ukraine http://y.ahoo.it/q4EpDsiT

  11. Is $AUY a SELL? HSBC thinks so:http://y.ahoo.it/bGnpgBNu

  12. $auy Expecting pleasant surprise with earnings this week. Company made changes, drove efficiencies.

  13. $AUY I am hoping to see $9.00 once earnings are released

  14. $AUY riding it up till right before earnings then drop it like it s hot. Been long since $7.49 time to take money and run

  15. We like $auy

  16. Some gold miners at session highs $AUY $NEM $GOLD

  17. $AUY almost non-existent volumes today...expect this to continue until earnings released on Thurs

  18. $AUY nugt

  19. July 25 2014 Candlestick Patterns: Bullish Engulfing http://y.ahoo.it/uEYSuOs8 $ABX $AUY $IAG $NEM $HERO $GG

  20. $AUY Life time monthly chart. At an interesting spot http://y.ahoo.it/Jra8QYGT

  21. $AUY http://y.ahoo.it/ZX2smetO

  22. $AUY First strong day in a while, long some oct 9s, think this has legs to get to 9 in the short term

  23. We re loading up $GLD $AUY and stockpiling while its cheap. Won t last forever. Best 3-6 month play. Get in cheap while you can.

  24. HSBC Downgrades Yamana Gold ($AUY) to Underweight http://y.ahoo.it/6Y8jvHM6