1. $AVGO is setting up for higher prices but inside of a chop zone right now needs more time, but odds favor higher

  2. $AAPL $SWKS $INVN $AVGO $UBNT The big change in exchange rates hurt YoY in 4Q 15 and will in 1Q 16, then impact is reduced.

  3. FRB: H.10 Release--Foreign Exchange Rates--Nominal/Real IndexesFebruary 1, 2016 $AAPL $SWKS $INVN $AVGO $UBNT http://www.federalreserve.gov/releases/h10/summary/indexn_m.htm

  4. Earnings announcement: $AVGO is scheduled to report quarterly earnings on Thu, Mar 3 2016

  5. Next week we Shd bottom and bounce from there $sune $fslr $scty $lnkd $panw $amba $ibb $cybr $crm $ulta $adbe $nflx $avgo $nxpi $swks $aapl

  6. $AVGO: New SEC Filing for AVGO: Form POSASR, No. 0001193125-16-452443 http://stocknewsflow.com/1441634_000119312516452443_0001193125-16-452443

  7. $AVGO AVGO is is the next MOMO stock ready to crash loading the tuck up on puts before it breaks down like FANG s and PANW

  8. &unzip pure pump and dump yesterday $5+ today -$5 going to swing these next week $wrvo $swks $avgo $aapl

  9. Buying these before close for next week dead cat swing $nflx $lnkd $adbe $avgo $ibb $crm $ulta

  10. $AMGN $AVGO wklys - wide & loose, ready to crack, canslim types know what we mean ;)

  11. $AVGO under 130 is a great buy

  12. Avago Technologies, $AVGO, is down 5.2% - http://www.investing.com/equities/avago-technologies

  13. lol @EveryTimeICash $AVGO is now called broadcom limited $BRCM

  14. Scan results - 180 Bullish Setup today: $SO $ACC $AVGO $BCR $GGAL $MIK ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/43/equities?selected_date=2016-02-04

  15. $AVGO solid today

  16. Very nice rebound by $AVGO today. Up 3.5% and back above its 50-day line.

  17. $AVGO so strong

  18. New Qualcomm Trial Could Provide Upside For These Semiconductor Stocks $ADI $AVGO $BRCM $QCOM $MSCC http://www.benzinga.com/analyst-ratings/analyst-color/16/02/6215392/new-qualcomm-trial-could-provide-upside-for-these-semico

  19. $AVGO awesome to buy at 131

  20. Broadcom, Analog Devices seen as beneficiaries of cellular/Wi-Fi convergence - $AVGO,$ADI,$MSCC,$QCOM,$DTEGY http://thefly.com/landingPageNews.php?id=2323382&headline=AVGO;ADI;MSCC;QCOM;DTEGY-Broadcom-Analog-Devices-seen-as-beneficiaries-of-cellularWiFi-convergence

  21. $AVGO $REGN $MCK Very clean.

  22. $SEDG $AVGO $CSGS $CRAY $MTSI $LITE some randoms

  23. $AVGO $BWLD Nice recurls.

  24. $TWTR Getting some green today $AVGO Inside 15

  25. $AVGO Top rev. No trade.