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  2. Attractive call overwrites: $SWN calls more expensive than 100% of history, $AVP 100%, $GPRO 100%, $X 100%, $CHK 99%, $KMI 99%, $COG 95%

  3. $AVP Avon go go go, present us good Thanksgiving Day!! We love you!!

  4. $AVP Slowly grinding down, picking up suckers on its way.< $2.50-$2.75, A day before Citi pump, look at the vol and buy.Someone knew

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  6. $AVP Bullish on this one. 4 by Jan

  7. bammm here they go... $DDD $GRPN $AMD $WMT $AA $AVP

  8. $AVP target 5 from CITIGROUP !!!

  9. JAN Effect list: Started already $DDD $GRPN $AMD $WMT $AA $AVP :))

  10. $AVP

  11. $VLTC $BONT $SUNE $TBIO $STRP $NCTY $XCO $ICLD $VNCE $HART $AVP $REXX $TRUE $SIEN $BCEI What website is that, if it is one?

  12. 20 Biggest Market Gainers $VLTC $BONT $SUNE $TBIO $STRP $NCTY $XCO $ICLD $VNCE $HART $AVP $REXX $TRUE $SIEN $BCEI ..

  13. Gainers $VLTC 125%, $BONT 50%, $SUNE 38%, $TBIO 28%, $STRP 26%, $NCTY 25%, $ACI 23%, $AVP 21%, $REN 20%, $VNCE 19%, $ICLD 18%, $GRH 17%,

  14. Upgrades 11/24: $AVP, $SCHN, $KGC, $LOW, $WBS, $NMBL, $FMSA, $EMES

  15. $AVP bloomberg is reporting a turn around already??? what a joke: wasnt it just 2 wks ago that the price SUNK based on their qtrly report?

  16. Market Midday: $VLTC +96% $BONT +44% $TBIO +27% $AVP +22% $ICLD +23% $NCTY +20% $VNCE +19% $LENS +18% $AUPH +16% $OPXA +15% $UNXL -51%...

  17. $AVP $VNCE $BURL and so many oils, another day with laggards out powering new highs

  18. $AVP just bought my Jan 16 $3 puts.

  19. $AVP worked perfect

  20. $AVP stops being taken out here imo... i would secure profits here.

  21. $AVP what happens if the Citi s target price is reached within the same day of its upgrade? only one direction to go

  22. Trade plays $TASR $ADI $HRL $AVP ... Up +0.11R at least a BreakEven day ... Can t complain the month is great $AVP saved my A** @NDX100

  23. sold some $AVP 3.33 #stocks #intraday #daytrading

  24. $AVP vol is dying....and is really up for no good reason (citi group upgrade). could snap at some point today. be careful if you re long

  25. $AVP looks higher over 3.24