1. $AXN gonna wait alittle while longer lets see if we hit .6 again

  2. $AXN Averaged down today..crazy not to at this point. This company is growing fast, and has the financials to prove it.

  3. $AXN if this drifts much lower going to double my position. Crazy opportunity here to make a killing and these dont come along very often

  4. $GBSN $AMDA $AXN Going to be a horrendously bloody day. May be time to take my losses across the board and get out.

  5. I am bullish on $AXN with a target price of $1.27 in 6 mos. on Vetr! https://www.vetr.com/posts/2535604801

  6. $AXN that makes your TP $200+ a role, hope it is $400+ a role soon...GL longs

  7. $AXN Props to BadHat for his continued good info. $AXN Thanks again.

  8. $AXN As we sink back into that store no one walks into

  9. $AXN exactly will continue to hold my 30k shares 😬

  10. $AXN a piece of charmin ultra soft is worth more than their stock certificates.

  11. $AXN Eyes on the prize...

  12. $AXN I don t see any reason to average down right now. Will slowly fall until a week before next ER, or on Oxy news. I ll wait for .60s.

  13. $AXN Buying back in EOW

  14. $AXN averaging down

  15. $AXN What s worse is, I d sell and move on but their broken PR machine has me wondering when the next surprise might be.

  16. $AXN .77 lol This is ridiculous. They ve far exceeded their two last quarters with great guidance and this stock struggles with penny dips.

  17. $AXN i do hope they step up their pr game. Regardless AXN is doing great as a company so i cant wait till we get oxy approval

  18. $AXN not buying back in yet will prob drop to .7 then ill buy in again. Unless oxy news comes i dont see us going anywhere.

  19. $AXN marching with two left feet here

  20. $AXN Loading zone in the .70 s.

  21. $AXN this sucks

  22. $AXN Why?

  23. $AXN Good! Ending green I like that!

  24. $AXN holding strong at .83

  25. Following $AXN for arnd 8 months and it always screws up with PR.Ppl there dont seem to learn from their mistakes.Morons