1. $AXPW @ StockTwits Since this ticker is OTC based this thread needs to be shut ASAP, it is a diluting scam now

  2. $AXPW @StockTwits you should delete this stock, it is now otc listed.

  3. $AXPW what the hell happen here? i thought they were delisting and share price going down to the abyss

  4. Share an idea on $AXPW that 50% spread tells you all about this diluting scam, retail should t touch this stinking pile of OTC scam

  5. $AXPW Tens of millions of shares ready to get dumped, don t be suckered in by sweet talk about charts and.... it is a diluting scam on OTC

  6. $AXPW I remember when I first bought in at $0.29 BEFORE the reverse stock split.....ouch

  7. $AXPW Chart from Feb. 10 – bouncing today following 8 red candles in a row – forming a bulli http://mychartcoach.com/Forums/?noaccess=1

  8. $ELMD $CDII $FREE $ETE $NNVC $URRE $CVSL $IBIO $HH $AXPW $ZFGN - Top 11 % On Watch List Gainers After The Close -


  10. $ELMD $CDII $FREE $VPCO $ETE $AXPW $LABU $URRE $ADAP $MCUR $GNCA - Top 11 % Gainers On Watch List -

  11. $AXPW anyone shorting this?

  12. $AXPW It is going down down down in a burning ring of fire....

  13. $AXPW gg

  14. $AXPW: New SEC Filing for AXPW: Form S-1/A, No. 0001615774-16-004141 http://stocknewsflow.com/1028153_000161577416004141_0001615774-16-004141

  15. $AXPW Dilution of with another 11mm shares.

  16. $AXPW - 8-Feb-2016 Notice of Delisting or Failure to Satisfy a Continued Listing Rul https://biz.yahoo.com/e/160208/axpw8-k.html

  17. General form for registration of securities under the Securities Act of 1933 http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary2/?id=2412350 $AXPW

  18. $AXPW i guess at least we can write it off on our taxes

  19. $AXPW it could better off for them to take the chines deal stupid a$$ holes

  20. $AXPW 10k shares at 3.6 now it worth 0.2

  21. $AXPW Hi People, They will go to otcbb trading?

  22. $AXPW This was a fun ride back in June last year, but just sad now. At one point I was a believer but wised-up quickly. removing from watch.

  23. Axion Power International: New Castle, Pa., Jan. 29, 2016 /Prnewswire/ — AxionPower Internation http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2402204 $AXPW

  24. $AXPW Everybody is going to attack share price tomorrow morning, millions shorted to cover @ 0.001, total collapse of share price this week

  25. $AXPW I spent 200 dollars to own this stock to see the process. It s going to be interesting owning a business outside of the market.