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  8. US Navy Considers Awarding F/A-18 Contract To Boeing Co http://www.bidnessetc.com/35816-us-navy-considers-awarding-fa18-contract-to-boeing-co/ $BA

  9. A few big winners in the most bullish stocks on Twitter. $AA $BA $BIIB $CELG $DIS $FEYE $GDX $SBUX $SWKS $TWTR https://www.tradefollowers.com/blog/most-bullish-stocks-on-twitter-grinding-higher/

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  11. Long $BA

  12. So is $BA going to continue to sell off ? Just cause $GS bastards downgraded it ?

  13. Feb_27 Retailmenot (SALE): Nasdaq Consensus Analysts raised 12 Months PT to $28 (+65%); http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/sale/analyst-research ; $BA,$BABA,$EBAY,$YHOO,$DIS

  14. U.S. Airlines Face Tough Fight on Subsidies While Boeing Sits It Out $BA http://www.thestreet.com/story/13060379/1/us-airlines-face-tough-fight-on-subsidies-while-boeing-sits-it-out.html?puc=stocktwits&cm_ven=STOCKTWITS&utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=organic&utm_campaign=stocktwits

  15. @m00nster @zeromaster Careful w/ JC. He loved $YELP & $GPRO in the $80s. Look at them now. He sold $BA mid 120s for loss, now loves it.

  16. $BA The assembly line at Boeing Charleston, SC plant. https://www.youtube.com/embed/SE71NJl-naY?autoplay=1

  17. $BA target $145-- http://stocktwits.com/message/33275340

  18. @rpatel83 It will break out. Too cheap. I experienced this with $BA. Patience! Write covered calls.

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  20. @Godwit Thanks. I ve been looking for something sneaky about $BA before Friday. And here it is

  21. $NFLX 75% $GE 350% $AAPL 100% $TSLA 100% great moves $AMZN $V $LNKD still love $PCLN 550% yterday and $BA 2400% last week <3 after earnings

  22. $BA 200,000 shares bought after hours.

  23. Automatic shelf registration statement of securities of well-known seasoned issuers http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=1492446 $BA

  24. Analytic Investment holds an allocation of 1.8% in $BA in his Dividend Investment Portfolio

  25. $BA is this a buy at todays price?