1. $ANV $BAA you know my opinion - they need a MIRACLE nothing less

  2. $BAA I am excited for the future of this gold miner and the opportunity to get in at this price. I say when 120 mil is injected, to .40 ez.

  3. $BAA I am sure when a deal for 41 mil in a few days and 80 mil in dec takes place u will see .13 but hey im pulling for ya!

  4. $BAA You had plenty of ops to take profit...but no one seems to here....waiting for 0.13 again to reload

  5. $BAA

  6. $BAA Chart is beautiful. People upset by today s action would be those w triggered stop losses. Classic shakeout IMO Tomorrow may be the day

  7. $BAA Will we see a signing of financing agreement friday for 41 mil?...or monday?

  8. $BAA Isnt that a bunch of sh*t

  9. $BAA Hard to believe this was down 10% at one point today.Bullish hammer at the daily 20ma.Will buy more tomorrow if today s high is cleared

  10. $BAA Let s see if the bullish hammer at the daily 20ma holds at close. Good times ahead

  11. $BAA Let s play connect the dots. New CFO former employer? Barrick Africa http://www.mining.com/african-barrick-cuts-costs-to-acquire-more-gold-assets-in-2015-48654/

  12. $BAA Added at .1527, deal coming and plenty of upside with 120 mil in cash!...

  13. $BAA Adding shares. Long term holders will always crush traders. Good luck to all!

  14. Happy Dīpāwali 2014 with bright of $BAA & $PAL !

  15. $BAA miners getting killed today.. if this can hold even/close it, no complaints from me.

  16. $BAA god bless Banro and the USA ;)

  17. $BAA bought another 28.000 today, average price now 0.155 USD

  18. $BAA He is right many catalysts coming in just a two months to bring this stock to proper value. Hang in there ppl!

  19. $BAA Coming attractions..DRCmining awards, Finance deals closing, 3q ER/4q guidance, nov30 Swiss gold backing vote, seasonal metal strength

  20. $BAA http://www.caseyresearch.com/gsd/edition/russias-central-bank-purchases-1.2-million-ounces-of-gold-in-september

  21. $BAA http://www.maxkeiser.com/2014/10/india-gold-demand-surges-450-and-bank-of-russia-demand-at-15-year-high/?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter

  22. $baa http://www.ipad-drc.com/Account/Login?ReturnUrl=%2fawards

  23. $BAA Tomorrow could be a nice day to own some baa as the DRC mining awards are announced.Banro is one of the finalists in several categories

  24. $BAA $gld this could shake things up in fiat land come November http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2014-10-21/first-swiss-gold-poll-shows-pro-gold-side-lead-45

  25. $BAA good to see this guy finally heading the right way