1. $BAA and ONCS looking fat too now, new base.

  2. $BAA, raise the roof! Screw ebola! just get out the guns!!!

  3. $BAA Nice close... bullish candlestick.

  4. $BAA It looks like we will try again to break that resistance tomorrow. GL

  5. $BAA in for 5k shares

  6. $BAA Power hour!!??

  7. $BAA We re over the 20 SMA, if we can get through this Fib Line...maybe we head to $.32, the 50 SMA. http://y.ahoo.it/q07QShqj

  8. $BAA ITS OUR TURN!!! http://y.ahoo.it/mmQRFgAo

  9. $BAA We are sitting at, trying to break through the 38.2% Fib line. Let s see if we can get past this.

  10. @briander81 haha I love it! $BAA

  11. $BAA Hey looks like we have some life here.

  12. $BAA We need to get over that $.32 next it looks like.

  13. $BAA Bot 21000 at .259...lets go BAA!

  14. $BAA Some comic relief. Baa market cap $63M. Jessica Alba diaper delivery IPO $1B valuation. Tells me we are VERY close to launch :-)

  15. $BAA I am a buyer with a close .30 or higher. I like confirmation. I will buy all the way up to .48 then I will be all in. LT multi bagger

  16. $BAA So new support is $.25?On phone can t look.

  17. $BAA Buy confirmed, load on back test if any ... BAA

  18. $BAA Target and Fib Extension suggests $0.34 - $0.36

  19. $BAA a push of $0.26 is the buy signal .. BAA

  20. $BAA Acting like it wants to break out... needs more volume, though...

  21. $BAA (1) hour MACD rolling north .. BAA

  22. $BAA Anybody ever hear of this CFO Kevin Jennings before? Or some company named Barrick that he used to work at? http://y.ahoo.it/CVfaDIDl

  23. $BAA finaly it starts moving after my given up things. still happy w that..GLTA

  24. $BAA gave up here..gl

  25. $BAA ebola is strong in that part of the Rep. of Congo