1. $BAA big upside moves considered sure things often disappoint

  2. Best performing miners YTD: $BAA +42.86% $NEM +14.87% $GSS +14.29% $AEM +12.25% $AU +7.36%

  3. $BAA 6:30pm hold till the explosion !!!

  4. $BAA Anything on the ER? Thanks

  5. $BAA if volatility isn t your thing, metals and miners shouldn t be either. Keep your eye the LT prize vs intraday pps games being played

  6. $BAA ER out????... cant find anything.

  7. $BAA has the look of another tape painting day. Trying to close slightly above or below yeaterday. Right on the daily 20ma

  8. $BAA remember the story about the old bull and the young bull? It certainly applies here. Well positioned and patient

  9. $BAA doggonnit whats goin on?...brian buy 100,000 shares real qwik and see what happens!...lol

  10. $BAA 3 minutes

  11. Thousands sitting there watching for $BAA =>

  12. $BAA 98% BULLISH 2% BEARISH, just HOLD ON. It takes time.

  13. $BAA Now I know why they call it BAA. About to get fleeced... Bah...

  14. $BAA Fidelity has the ER as today (confirmed) but not much chatter out there.

  15. $BAA Is this whole ER a sham?

  16. $BAA is it crashing??

  17. $BAA earning will be out in 10 minutes

  18. $BAA Baa gonna f*** everyone over again with two hours left in the trading day and have it consolidate again tomorrow. F*** you baa

  19. $BAA ANY news from ER out?

  20. $BAA when does 80 mil close?

  21. @10points: $BAA man today is going to be fun What is your educated guess for EOD close?

  22. $BAA man today is going to be fun

  23. $BAA I don t thing these earnings are coming out today.

  24. $BAA Should I buy this?

  25. $BAA Any idea what time today they are supposed to release earnings?