1. $BAA I just keep think how absurd it is that BAA may have upwards of 100mil in cash by mid October and the current market cap is still 60mil

  2. $BAA Gold and baa. It will be so obvious in hindsight. Everyone will say they knew it was coming. The honest ones say shoulda bought more

  3. $BAA Not a good day for BAA!

  4. $BAA I see all the trolls have stopped by!

  5. $BAA this is a very ill liquid stock to trade, unfortunately when the exit door opens, only a few will get out if they re lucky

  6. $BAA value of gold is dropping, no need for miners especially itty bitty ones in the congo in the middle of Ebola central....

  7. $BAA 53,251 shares remaining http://y.ahoo.it/9u3lq9X2

  8. $BAA just stopping by to see if the Ebola zombies hit your mines yet?

  9. $BAA uh oh.....lol

  10. $BAA Holding, but protecting gains at $.21. Still pretty good % if it hits. Might sell the next bounce. Wouldn t advise chasing from here.

  11. $BAA going down due to commodity gold droping

  12. $BAA How about those precious metals today!...

  13. $BAA Buy stop order if we clear $.30 this week. Either way I am a buyer. Cost per share bought is the only question

  14. $BAA Buy limit order at $.229. Will be adding throughout Sept. Shanghai gold exchange sep26, 3q prod update Oct, finance deal closing Oct

  15. @Willtradeforfood $BAA is $875.00, imagine that?

  16. $ONCS and $BAA are my Sept Safe Harbor picks from the inevitable holding corps Rusell sell off...

  17. Can someone name mesome public gold mining stocks in the development stage, like Roxgold? $ABX $NEM $GG $BAA $GLD $GDX $NUGT $GDXJ $AUY

  18. $BAA A gold mine, this stock will be back at .50 by end of sept....

  19. @Alpha2014 $BAA my love, easy money...

  20. $BAA they have 4 mines in operation? Holy 49ers !!!

  21. $BAA This will be the junior miner of choice for the Sept-Nov., run ups....

  22. @mensa_1963: $ONCS and $BAA, two penny stock guaranteed to double. It s like no crystal ball needed.

  23. $ONCS and $BAA, two penny stock guaranteed to double. It s like no crystal ball needed.

  24. $BAA I don t pick losers, I waited for the pump-n-dump penny flips to leave then bought in...always make more this way.

  25. $BAA Looks like some stop runs occurred in the last hour....