1. $BAA @hinchback Yea maybe.. If your an impatience daytrader, the rest of us stay long

  2. $BAA no news is bad news SELL ALERT!

  3. $BAA SFaber soooo wise. You bash those bashers SFaber! and name call to boot! u sooo wize. lol

  4. $BAA Ask the bashers to tell you a stock with better outlook than Banro. They don t know one. Just asked Frosty, now i know he is a nobody.

  5. $BAA mid april is gone, havent heard or seen if company received the cash...anybody?

  6. $BAA If you are impatient, then sell and leave. The real investors don t mind, if the pps goes down a bit. Smarter people will buy.

  7. Perspective. 2015 ytd roi. ABX 17%, GSS 0%, NEM 33%, GDX 6%, GDXJ 2%......and $BAA 53%

  8. $BAA any questions, direct them to Brianne

  9. $BAA Someone put up a wall at .2100, going to take some volume to break that down

  10. $BAA I feel sorry for shorts. This stock is good for long term. Keep adding more shares when its low.

  11. $BAA some of us expecting a great day for whatever reason, dnt u love your phony maipulated economy?..sorry for the disgust. Have a good day

  12. $BAA gold spot taking a huge beating.

  13. $BAA back to .19? If this ever closes over .24 could have a huge run.

  14. $BAA stuck in the .21 range again....so tired if being in this range

  15. $BAA to the moon after PR. Quality company with no problems anymore. Like Goldcorp trading for 2$. Buy cheap!

  16. $BAA Lets see if we clear the .27 s and finally get to a new digit.

  17. $BAA After Hours trading super lite. Not too exciting. I ll be happy when were over $1. We are only down 60% since June 19 of last year.

  18. $BAA can i getta w00t w00t?!

  19. $BAA look at that after hour boost!!!

  20. Pointed out the difference between $baa and $gss fundamentally and technically. Looks like baa pps is finally ready to take the lead

  21. $BAA Whoa, nice!

  22. $BAA nice AH interest ...

  23. $BAA Ask x Size $0.2390 x 20.

  24. $BAA action time guys...

  25. $BAA