1. $BAA good news. $80m deal announced. BAA got $121m (in my dream.. hahaha).

  2. $BAA Any comments on why this has been at .13 for a week strait? Ppl buying all week at .13 and just stays there?

  3. $BAA some one is accumulating big time here. I see a pop in 1-2 weeks.

  4. $BAA i sold this and bought SD yesterday. cut the further loses in BAA and buy SD as much as you can. double in 6 months when oil recovers.

  5. $BAA http://www.investopedia.com/terms/q/quadruplewitching.asp

  6. $BAA Getting warmer....but not low enough....show me 0.11 and I buy 500K shares

  7. $BAA @123xyz I did lot of research on it and to me, mgmt not clear on namoya devlp. fin report has some non-audited figures. (read past ERs)

  8. @bababooey Bad management since 2012, you should have done more DD, this is a BK play or buy out on the cheap $BAA

  9. $BAA good luck to you all. i m moving on.. turned out to be junk stock. I bot at 0.16 and sold today with loss. :-(

  10. $BAA Got junk?

  11. $BAA posted profit and...stock going down signing the $121m deal and .. Stock going down. Gold up or down .. Baa always down ???????????? -:))

  12. $BAA Only red on my board is this perennial POS. Time to send the Liberty boys back in show em how to shut down a company.

  13. $BAA Should only be day flipping this, hold for one week max....been waiting for 0.11 or 0.12 for a few weeks now to buy back in...tic toc

  14. $BAA You can feel the contempt and growing unsettled sentiment growing among shareholders for this board and company.

  15. $BAA Junk stock

  16. $BAA Just reminding you guys who are waiting for the so called 80m deal announcement. .. No deal so far -:)

  17. $BAA Done loading this. Thank you for the fantastic opprtunity BAA. Will sell it at 0.16 sometime in next week or 2.


  19. $BAA .13 cents a share? Are u f***ing kidding me? This is ridiculous!

  20. $BAA Started loading since yesterday for a swing trade. Target qty 200k. Sell price at 0.16 by next week.

  21. $BAA Deal closing tomorrow?

  22. Gold prices rebounded slightly in Asia: http://www.streetregister.com/gold-prices-rebounded-slightly-in-asia-rubicon-minerals-rby-banro-baa-new-gold-ngd-aurico-gold-auq/256111/ $RBY $BAA $NGD $AUQ

  23. $BAA Gold holding @ 1200/oz. I m adding when funds are available. India, China & Russia are hording.

  24. $BAA ...and this WHOLE TIME I thought it was pronounced BAN-RO but its actually pronounced BON-RO...nice!

  25. $BAA fyi, might have something to do with the selling.