1. Newmont Mining (NEM) Prepays $100M Of $575M Term Loan $LSG $BAA $MVG http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/stocks--equities/newmont-mining-nem-prepays-100m-of-575m-term-loan?post=53580

  2. $BAA I believe this shares are worthless. I will sell everything today and never come back, this company has no abilities at all *crying*

  3. $ALTI $ATRM $BAA $BIOC $BRZU $CANF $DCTH $EPRS $GALE $GPRC $LEI $MEIL - Shares - Top Losers (closed) - http://sellshares.blogspot.pt/2014/11/shares-top-losers-closed_24.html

  4. $BAA Target 0.14 - https://www.tradingview.com/x/v547vUWz/ - could be a good buy then for a quick flip

  5. $BAA Bid / ask size is crazy yet again 18000x200 There is also a 142000x5000 http://stocktwits.com/message/29583176

  6. $BAA chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/pHSkglh6/ via https://www.tradingview.com/ I am not a chartist but I believe a breakout from the downtrend is imminent.

  7. $BAA Gold heading up!

  8. $BAA They say : sell gold : http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/talking-numbers/why-now-is-a-great-time-to-sell-gold-223319350.html

  9. $BAA will add @ .153

  10. $BAA Raise rates in 2015 or qe5?....hmmm

  11. $BAA Once the $41m check has been deposited, will the pundits and prognosticators then begin to worry whether or not the check will clear?!?

  12. $BAA I can t imagine BANRO is the one stalling with the 41 mil deal. What is Gold Holding waiting for?

  13. $BAA Someday this stock will move upwards....feels like before it crashed, lagging

  14. $BAA does anyone know if $41m is received or not. As per the cc of ER q3, BAA should get it shortly . How many days does that equal to? -:)

  15. $ANV $BAA Looking for these gold mine stocks to break out big time as gold rebounds

  16. $JNUG $gdxj $gdx $anv $baa i guess this chart is not definitely top chart ;-) lol,nice base ? http://stocktwits.com/message/29362915

  17. $BAA Sold some of my BAA positions for diversification. bought $GSS

  18. $BAA Thanks to the Zack s buy rating they are tagging us and giving us shout outs on all sorts of articles regarding other gold stocks

  19. $BAA anybody else see a triangle wedge pattern looking to breakout?

  20. Morning Watchlist: $ASX $EVC $PQ $SZMK $BAA $CETV $PLG $PQ $AGRO $MDR $RIC $SVU #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2014/11/stock-watchlist-17-november-2014.html

  21. Repost: Watchlist 17 November: $ASX $EVC $PQ $SZMK $BAA $CETV $PLG $PQ $AGRO $MDR $RIC $SVU #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2014/11/stock-watchlist-17-november-2014.html

  22. $BAA Will GDXJ enter a position once we get above $.30 buying back 25mil driving BAA to the 50s?

  23. $BAA When do we find out who bought all of GDXJ s shares at $0.15? I bet they want Banro to go to $1.50. Turning $3,900,000 into $39,000,000

  24. Stock Watchlist 17 November: $ASX $EVC $PQ $SZMK $BAA $CETV $PLG $PQ $AGRO $MDR $RIC $SVU #stocks #charts #trading http://www.tradeunderten.com/2014/11/stock-watchlist-17-november-2014.html

  25. $BAA $PLUG Added some today. Great weekend to all!!