1. $BAA What happens with yahoo? http://y.ahoo.it/tNpXm4tR

  2. $BAA wtf

  3. $BAA Anomalous

  4. $BAA Wait for double bottom 0.16 - 0.18 - BAA is BK with gold in low 1200 s, Debt interest is too high, buyout imminent maybe at 0.30 or so

  5. $BAA its a funny day

  6. $BAA $PAL it s a bad day

  7. $BAA This miners is unprofitable and now in severe debt...another victim of over priced and under resourced properties from the gold bubble

  8. $BAA Finally back down....like I said a couple of weeks ago...

  9. $BAA Filled $.2170

  10. $BAA Adding on the Gap Fill

  11. $BAA back to .2 ?

  12. $BAA Hi briander81. Do you have any logic for this drop down? Doesn t make sense :)

  13. $BAA that exit door is opening up but only the smart one will leave the building early before everyone else does..

  14. $BAA the exit door is opening up....people are going to get stuck in there....

  15. $BAA Happy OPEX week folks. Meaningless decline in BAA price. Don t sweat it. Only temporary decline - stock is still fundamentally good!

  16. $BAA Holding 160,000 shares @ 0.27xx

  17. $BAA Getting close to entry time again, support should be 0.21 http://y.ahoo.it/pNNxzlxV

  18. $BAA 10yr% climbing too fast=bad for housing.Dollar climbing too fast= bad for imports/exports and debt pmts. as a result=dovish fed next wk

  19. $BAA Opened at .26 on sep2. Since then gold price has pulled back significantly. Today baa sits at .25. Sure seems like strong support

  20. $BAA Will add again if/when we get a nice clearing candle above .30

  21. $ANV just shot up over 3% on the day and climbing, any news? Was down 2-3% $GDX $GDXJ $JNUG $NUGT $IAG $BAA

  22. $BAA more like 8 pennies

  23. $BAA At 18 pennies this is a safe bet .

  24. $BAA Will continue to get destroyed for the next few months, 100% of you are bullish, including my favorite trader briander81

  25. $BAA, 13G filed by Franklin Resources Inc http://y.ahoo.it/VR0GT3Mk