1. $BAA Gold Price up again today (Ref. http://y.ahoo.it/cZ1xOMaJ ) and Banro ( $BAA ) down ... I don t get it ... Do you?

  2. $BAA Next leg down coming, buying here is for suckers.

  3. $BAA Not gonna lie, at this price point, you can make a lot of stinking money. This thing will go back to 40s. Wish I had coin to drop here

  4. $BAA Good to see you @ 0.24 - ADDED

  5. $WPCS=BOOOOM! $RNN and $DARA and $FB, $APPL, $MSTX, $BAA, $DRYS, $NBG!

  6. $BAA.CA I was surprised that Banro ($BAA) was down on Friday when the Gold Price ($GLD) is going UP, any ideas as to why?

  7. $BAA I am in agreement this company has only produced more than previous qtrs and will continue to do so. Not warranted at all! 2-3$ 2017ez

  8. $BAA Another tempting buying opp . Sell off unwarranted , to this degree at least

  9. $BAA Has Banro #Stock ($BAA) $Bottom ed out such that it is a #GoodBuy now? Last=$0.27, 52High=$1.19, 52High/Last =4.41 #Stocks #StockPicks

  10. BANRO CORPORATION just filed its Report of foreign issuer [Rules 13a-16 and 15d-16] http://y.ahoo.it/2O190zxV $BAA

  11. $BAA $ANV clear laggards in the sector...

  12. $BAA I have not seen any news that was at all devastating to the production output of this company. It is a solid gold producer early stges

  13. $BAA All the possible bad news is out already. So, I expect this to fly after ER.

  14. $BAA down 40% in one month

  15. $BAA wait for 15...their all in costs are too high to money with gold under 1300

  16. $BAA wait for 15...their all in costs are too hgih


  18. $BAA Assessment was based on 1200/oz POG. Theres room for Gold to drop~ Goldmans newly raised PT of 1200. No worries http://y.ahoo.it/6MuKXR3t

  19. Uptrend Stocks: $GILD, $NEON, $FSC, $BAA http://y.ahoo.it/if2uFai5

  20. $BAA KCA to assess Namoya options while Thys T works the numbers. A solution under $20M and quicker ramp up would jump pps quite a bit

  21. $BAA Volatility yes but for someone who can wait this is a great invstmnt now 2 mines next 4 mines much opportunity in a shrinking market.

  22. $BAA You see where many of these miners came from not long ago, 5 to 10 dollar range. This potential with a new cycle starting at .25, nice!

  23. $BAA I have yet to see any info that says to me that this company will not be making money, and more than last year. namoya slow start, so?

  24. $BAA 20 cents tomorrow? if gld tanks

  25. $BAA Ok ppl how is this perceived for market action tomorrow? I saw nothing new, just no mention of 20 mil dollars.