1. $BAC @hubertus888 I m going to lower my expectation bar, so I don t get disappointed. By the EOD.

  2. $BAC Let s go $17+

  3. $AAPL $bac selling few to raise some cash for tomorrow friday/opex/EOM

  4. $BAC Expect a major run at EOD to $17.20.

  5. $BAC Expect there to be an overnight pop soon. Usually the type of move that leaves the most people out.

  6. $BAC Bought more BAC. At 50% of what I want to hold. Buying a little every time it dips near $16.89

  7. $BAC Initiated a pos. today.

  8. $BAC it s going to be one of those days..drift up - snap back

  9. More RS today .. Like $BAC.

  10. $BAC Holding 2.0% allocation. Targeting 10%.

  11. $BAC Bought more $16.89. Accumulating.

  12. $GILD $PCYC $JNJ $REGN $BIIB $MU $BAC $AAPL $GOOG Late start this morning.Good luck,Fellas!

  13. $BAC Mortgage rates climbing. $$$$$ s for BAC

  14. $BAC Bought some more here at $16.86. 1.5% allocation in BAC

  15. $VDSI wonder if $JPM $BAC have looked at some of Vascos 2 factor security solutions

  16. $BAC Need MM s to put more shares up for sale. Not enough supply

  17. $BAC The longer the MM s keep it below $18. The better for us little guys. Build your positions while taking away float.

  18. $BAC All financials going green as the should be. Financials to take over leadership in this environment. Big gains over next 12 mths

  19. $BAC Bought another 100k at $16.93. Bank it away

  20. Bank Of America’s Moynihan : Mortgage Headaches Behind Us Bloomberg Interview $BAC http://stockandfinancewatch.com/2014/10/bank-of-americas-moynihan-mortgage-headaches-behind-us-bloomberg-interview/

  21. $BAC Longer it stays here the better for us smaller investors who need time to accum. money to buy.

  22. $BAC They built a wall at 17

  23. $IWM is a laggard this am. $BAC green... $AMZN too. $FB being bought. So far so good. $DIA green and leading.

  24. If $BAC trades @10x earnings of $2.50 = $25 for 2015. $WFC is trading 13x earnings. This why 30,000 Calls were traded yesterday $25 2017

  25. Watch list for Thursday 10/30: $BAC, $JPM, $BABA, $TRIP, $LOCO