1. [VIDEO] Weekend Market Analysis 01/31/2015 $BAC $PBR $AAPL $MSFT $T $GE $PFE $QQQ $FB $VALE $INTC $CSCO $BABA $YHOO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0_zS7NKmf0I&feature=youtu.be

  2. $BAC What a great short set up

  3. $BAC Too many stcks at key levels & this is no exception. Really needs a green wk to avoid nxt down leg. http://stocktwits.com/message/32052507

  4. @atmcharts $BAC will at least make another attempt to 18+ in February.

  5. BAC - Technical analysis trends $BAC http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/01/bac-technical-analysis-trends_30.html

  6. @atmcharts: Bank of America chart view from 5000 feet. an easy avoid $BAC http://stks.co/b1alG

  7. @joe_d @JayStrauss One important thing I ve learned is to never say cannot happen when referring to n e thing market related. $BAC $STUDY

  8. $BAC this is dependent on the overall market. .are we trending down...yes..

  9. @atmcharts: Bank of America chart view from 5000 feet. an easy avoid $BAC http://stks.co/t1Nti

  10. Bank of America chart view from 5000 feet. an easy avoid $BAC http://stks.co/j1f6T

  11. $BAC You better not lose $14.90. or run the risk of a similar drop from $18 http://stocktwits.com/message/32047283

  12. $SHAK I was calling $35 opening for Shake..Now, $44+..HA ! bought $BAC with 50k..thx Shake

  13. $BAC I ll tell you what, I will scalp this bad boy all the time!

  14. $BAC It s all good. Discounts are good too. Fed hikes interest rate is good

  15. $BAC Let s recap. OIL falls and banks go down. Oil goes up...banks go down.more.

  16. $BAC Again, this is trending downward. I am out until further notice..lol

  17. $BAC What happen to the conviction buy from Goldman Sachs?

  18. $BAC If they are trying to get us longs out of this stock it s working, no longer looking for a double from here, avg is $17.56 and out wths

  19. $BAC Umm wtf happened now? This was green last time I checked earlier. Why did the DOW crash 250?

  20. $bac put a buy order in for 1000 shares at 15.15 place the order at 10 a.m. Executed the final seconds of trading.didn t get it in the am.

  21. So much for that oil-related driven news. Looks like the downtrend is intact $BAC $INTC $MSFT

  22. $BAC Slow and steady.

  23. $BAC Block feature is great, I use it as a filter.

  24. $BAC this may not be the month to place big comeback bets as many are expecting a stock market correction

  25. $BAC bac keeps fooling everyone