1. Soft Commodities Third Quarter review and the outlook for Q4 http://technomentals.com/2015/10/01/soft-commodities-third-quarter-review-and-the-outlook-for-q4/ $KC_F $SB_F $CC_F $CT_F $OJ_F $SGG $JO $NIB $BAL $SPY

  2. Farhnom Report September 13, 2015 https://farhnom.wordpress.com/2015/09/21/farhnom-report-september-20-2015/ #FOMC #CHINA $DXY $SPX $SLV $GLD $BAL $SLX $EWM $EWD $IYR $TAN $XBI

  3. $CT_F rolling over again at prior support / downtrend resistance. Momentum rolling over as well. $BAL

  4. NEW POST: This Bullish Base In Cotton Is Almost Complete http://allstarcharts.com/this-bullish-base-in-cotton-is-almost-complete/ $CT_F $BAL

  5. Short setup: Cotton http://stockcharts.com/public/1229503/chartbook/414366557; $CT_F $BAL

  6. Bearish action at a glance: http://www.masterchartstrading.com/blog/market-action-at-a-glance $EEM $USO $CRB $DBB $CT_F $BAL $EWZ

  7. Brief podcast on USDA Bumper Crops Again...https://commodix.com/usda-bumper-crops-again-forecasts-are-optimistic/ $ZC_F $ZS_F $ZW_F $BAL

  8. USDA- Bumper Crops Again- Forecasts Are Optimistic http://technomentals.com/2015/08/17/usda-bumper-crops-again-forecasts-are-optimistic/ $DBA $ZC_F $CORN $ZS_F $ZS_F $ZW_F $WEAT $CT_F $BAL $SPY

  9. Is the USDA right about cotton? Analysis here: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3443546-is-the-usda-right-about-cotton?notified=3334055 $BAL

  10. Farhnom Report August 16, 2015 $DXY $CYD $SPX $BAL $SLV $EWD $EWM $IYZ $XLE $XBI $EEM farhnom.wordpress.com/2015/08/17/far…

  11. My commodities watch list is pretty ugly. Some exceptions: $USO, $PALL, $RJI, $DBB, $RJA, $BAL, $JJN, $GRU, $SGG, $WEAT

  12. Most of my Commodity watch list green $DBC, $USO, $DJP, USCI, $PALL, $WITE, $BAL, $COW, $GCC, $SGOL, $UCI, $RJI

  13. Cotton- Technical Action Looks Bullish http://technomentals.com/2015/07/20/cotton-technical-action-looks-bullish/ $CT_F $BAL $SPY

  14. $BAL, $JJN, $JJC, $GRU, $JVA The only things on my commodities watch list that are up at the moment.

  15. Top 10 Commodity ETFs Of 2015 $USO $SLV $GLD $UGA $BAL http://www.etf.com/sections/features-and-news/top-10-commodity-etfs-2015

  16. $BAL Cotton was down, along with most commodities today. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3300565-texas-floods-provide-price-support-to-cotton

  17. Soft Commodities- Second Quarter review and the outlook for Q3 http://technomentals.com/2015/07/06/soft-commodities-second-quarter-review-and-the-outlook-for-q3/ $SB_F $KC_F $CC_F $CT_F $OJ_F $CANE $SGG $JJC $BAL

  18. Texas floods providing some short-term price support for cotton. http://seekingalpha.com/article/3300565-texas-floods-provide-price-support-to-cotton?notified=3105516 $BAL

  19. Full rotation report: http://www.atmcharts.com/2015/06/rotation-report-q2-macro-vs-micro.html $KRE $XLY $BAL $QQQ

  20. $CC_F $NIB almost there.... $CT_F $BAL developing;WATCHING

  21. Gold, bonds, and agriculture the only thing helping my portfolio today $GLD $TLT $DBA $BAL $WEAT

  22. Lots of Commodity ETF s up: $GCC, $RJI, $CORN, $OUNZ, $WEAT, $BAL, $GRU, $FUD, $COW, $CHOC, $SOYB, $JJS, $JJC, $RJA.

  23. Some commodities ETF s are up this morning: $CORN, $JJG, $WEAT, $SOYB, $BAL.

  24. $BAL strength in a down day

  25. Agricultural Carnage – Opportunities In The Fields http://technomentals.com/2015/06/01/agricultural-carnage-opportunities-in-the-fields/ $CORN $ZC_F $WEAT $ZW_F $ZS_F $SOYB $JO $SGG $CANE $NIB $BAL $SPY