1. If market behaves itself next wk, my picks include $ATHX $NAVB $SSH $IDRA $KNDI $BAXS $OXGN $MNKD tight stops folks, we r in correction mode

  2. $BAXS at American College of Spine Surgery Annual Meeting this week. http://y.ahoo.it/JTa0HzT8

  3. some losses on my biotech,but only have a $2k cap on each biotech position right now. Current holdings $OPK $AKRX $AMPE. $BAXS on watch

  4. @cottonmouth liking $ISR, $BIOD< $BAXS< $MSTX< $MCZ

  5. @Innovative Expecting weaker earnings qtr for $BAXS but hoping for stronger forecast for 2nd half of yr. Happy to accumulate while cheap.

  6. $BAXS love this price for more shares. Will triple my investment by this time next year.

  7. $$BAXS Still hope to see $3 in a year who thinks the same?

  8. Next week $BAXS and $AMPE on buy radar.

  9. $BAXS been hanging around this range for far too long. Turning Neutral

  10. $BAXS 1.15 possibl

  11. back in $BAXS at 1.00 looking to sell at 1.11 1.12

  12. @MughalInvesting @ckruel We can hope that, but don t know that for sure. All we know is 2nd half of year will be strongest. $BAXS

  13. $BAXS stalking for more shares here.

  14. $BAXS Be careful with this one, peeps. Chart looks broken, and if we break that .94 level on any kind of vol spike, it could get ugly. IMHO.

  15. $BAXS Annual Shareholders Meeting: Thur Apr 17 @ 10am ET http://y.ahoo.it/nhj1OQzY

  16. @ckruel $BAXS should hit the median PT by end of year.

  17. $$baxs 2013..4,563,377 10.1 %.shares held by inst......2014 ..30.8 mill shares held 57 %

  18. $baxs now compare to april 2014.. looks like big increase in hlds http://y.ahoo.it/tyc1sids

  19. $baxs interesting..first.. baxs end of 2013 inst. hlds http://y.ahoo.it/oTMYMHhO

  20. $BAXS if this market weren t so bloody hellish this would be much higher. {sigh}

  21. @kellerzabel $BAXS guess won t see 52-week highs untill Q4 but it is time to go to the next level. I m long. Good luck

  22. $BAXS Its time soon


  24. $BAXS Weak hands gave me a phenomenal discount today.

  25. $BAXS started position in at .96 today