1. $BAXS Buy back BAXS

  2. @Catalystinvestor: $MNKD how to prevent your shares from being shorted against you. http://y.ahoo.it/tYFOJj8l $BAXS $WAVX $LIQD $FHCO

  3. @BudFoxBluestar $baxs like the pot here espec. for a pot buyout down the road. We ll see if there is signs of a turn but maybe too soon yet

  4. $BAXS Adding 5k here.

  5. @BudFoxBluestar $baxs...added holding about 25k...long

  6. $BAXS added

  7. $BAXS What happened to all of the people that thought Baxano Surgical #Stock ( $BAXS ) was worth more than $0.60 ps this morning? #Stocks

  8. $DVAX $RNN $DNDN $BAXS $LIQD $BPTH $LJPC $SNTA Why Janet Yellen is wrong about biotech and social media stocks.. http://y.ahoo.it/YXYkNjm7

  9. $BAXS I added some @.55

  10. $BAXS Added more @.57

  11. $BAXS anyone adding more at these levels?

  12. $BAXS Q2 Earnings Conference Call and Webcast scheduled for Tuesday, Aug 5 at 4:30 pm. Webcast Link: http://y.ahoo.it/laYpGBQK

  13. When there s good news, CEO is the first to tell us. $BAXS http://y.ahoo.it/pi3CLkMO

  14. $BAXS moving and alive. Long.

  15. $BAXS Almost 1M shares traded thus far....

  16. $BAXS .60 by EOD

  17. $BAXS Damn this hit .63 today, something is up. I think we see $1 very soon and if we do, will blast past it to $1.20

  18. $BAXS ~ seems like my mantra (IMO)seriously undervalued~ my initial targets remain .62 ~ .67 ~.76 before return to 1$ level (risk vs.reward

  19. $BAXS We knew .50 was rediculous

  20. $BAXS Again, technically, this is what I m looking at --> http://y.ahoo.it/Hgt8qSuW Lots of room to run here, hence holding tight. Always, IMHO

  21. $BAXS There is a reason for the vol spike. Just remember where this stock was just a short time ago,& what management said on the last CC ;)

  22. $BAXS At what price do you all think that this will settle down at today?

  23. $BAXS 1/2 mil shares in 1 hr

  24. $BAXS Ehh, hope it cools down a little. Want to add more around .50 cents makes sense

  25. $BAXS SHE S ALIVE!!!!