1. $BAXS a $3 stock trading at lower levels everyday. Makes me think this isn t actually worth close to $3 huh?

  2. $BAXS I d love to hear someone suggest how they can fund operations through other means.

  3. $BAXS The comments in this ticker are perplexing, this is not likely to do much until they announce pricing of shares for capital raise.

  4. $Baxs I think this will be the bottom.

  5. $BAXS Large selling volume, doesn t indicate anything good unless you re a short.

  6. $BAXS Never mind, now it shows a big red bearish candle printed for the day.

  7. $BAXS spinning top candle, I believe they have about a 60% accuracy rate for indicating a reversal. Would mean today would be the bottom.

  8. Still in $BAXS came within a penny of my stop, but held .36 nicely so far, I ll be holding for now.

  9. $baxs there will be always institution buying and selling. In BAXS case, institution buying way more than selling. Good sign pps $30 soon.

  10. $BAXS - Can t you see? They re shakin the tree! $0.36 is forming support. Bears trying to push through.

  11. @heterodontbull $baxs theres always rotation no matter the stock, we loose some, we gain some.if u chk hldgs lt hlders have extremly lowturn

  12. $BAXS Iwas always surprised byone ofthe smlr inst. hldgs in this which I know frm past is a tight fisted grth invs, thy upped their stakeRBC

  13. $BAXS I belive Reali holds141,128 at this point and othrs mch more,thing to note here is there hasbeen no insider selling.at all

  14. @steve7172 $baxs I belive Reali holds141,128 at this point and othrs also hold,thing to note here is there hasbeen no insider selling.at all

  15. $BAXS sometimes it pays to reread the facts, settles the nerves http://y.ahoo.it/vUByGMRe

  16. $baxs @heterodontbull shortened trying hard but it s not working. Eventually they ll give up and start cover, price will spike.

  17. $BAXS they try to short to the max. As soon it drop it went right back up.

  18. $BAXS No catalysts coming up. Need some major article or insider buying or unexpected great news to get this rolling. Not good.

  19. $BAXS Big block sold not too long ago. Ughh

  20. $BAXS this is just scary to watch

  21. $BAXS out .36, i dont need to go dow any more

  22. $BAXS very close to getting stopped out on my 37.5 entry, big vol sell at .37 short leash on this pos

  23. $BAXS I never thought liberty would pump 300mil into siri when was buyin for .04 and .08 52500 shares of it..look at it now. U gotta believe

  24. $BAXS it will close green today.

  25. $BAXS it s not like insiders haven t been buying over the last year