1. $BAXS So anyone know when the bk hearing will begin?

  2. $BAXS how is the sentiment down 23% when almost nobody has chimed chimed in on this board today? BS!

  3. $BAXS sell and to buy today dinner it is yet possible )))))

  4. $BAXS this stock is on a one way path to zero…..

  5. $BAXS Damn these penny stoks..jst looked@news on InvestorsGuru on several&all it is SHAREHOLDER ALERTS--For those who hav losses n excess...

  6. $BAXS this is dead people and not coming back only under BAXSQ maybe!!!


  8. $BAXS I still would like to see the short interest. I can t find it.

  9. $BAXS undervalue

  10. $BAXS They were not joking when they said they going to streamline co. is there a product left to sell?

  11. $BAXS Need answer if the company will be canceling the old common stock? ( after bk/ restructuring)

  12. $BAXS OTC now it will hot 0.01 again http://stocktwits.com/message/29612201

  13. $BAXS My ameritrade show BAXSQ down 39%

  14. $BAXS Just posted $BAXS Will now be trading under RUDY. Go RUDY! http://m.imdb.com/title/tt0108002/

  15. $BAXS BAXSQ effective date 11/25/2014

  16. $BAXS how long does it take to update to trade? I m not finding BAXS or BAXSQ

  17. $BAXS now what?

  18. $BAXS http://www.optionsclearing.com/webapps/infomemos;OCCPROD0PUBSESSION=37F392A95C18273FF2673CCB4665F0E8.occ-ppube5l?number=35691&date=201411&lastModifiedDate=11%2F24%2F2014+08%3A07%3A27

  19. $BAXS is now baxsq. http://www.otcmarkets.com/stock/BAXSQ/quote

  20. @Dullmanrunning Quicksilver Resource ? Another penny stock? I m still thinking about $BAXS, any development? I m run out capital to start .

  21. $BAXS Anyone find some info for a venue change or any news?

  22. $BAXS From the nasdaq listing website. https://listingcenter.nasdaqomx.com/IssuersPendingSuspensionDelisting.aspx

  23. $BAXS Nasdaq status is now saying suspended. Could this open on otc Monday?

  24. $BAXS Something wonky just happened with the listing. Can somebody explain? I presume it s officially delisted.

  25. $BAXS Does anyone know for sure the delist date?