1. $BAXS Baxano Surgical announces receipt of two new patents http://y.ahoo.it/ITWoHuNe

  2. $BAXS Added


  4. $BAXS Does anyone have any current news (links Please) RE How #Baxano plans to handle their liquidity issues? #Stock #BAXS

  5. TradePorts: $NAVB $DRWI $MSTX $BAXS $DHRM $GEVO $IMMU $MVIS $NSPH $OXGN $XOMA $AEGR $MCD ,etc... http://y.ahoo.it/yEweYNLW

  6. Trades from today: $NAVB $GEVO $AMZN $MCD $SGYP $LNKD $BAXS $AVGO $MCD $MVIS http://y.ahoo.it/GI2cNAVZ

  7. $BAXS Whoa..... a green close..........

  8. $BAXS This thing is trading ultra flat today. Volume dry up and flat lining would be ok. Good news released would cause a massive surge

  9. So1d 3800 $BAXS @ 0.368, -23.4% loss of -$427. 3800 shr remains.. (freeing up cash for shorter-term trades.)

  10. $BAXS $isr $ctic have good and safe Holiday weekend to all longs here!!!

  11. $ISR $ctic $baxs looks like most stocks are dead until after the holiday.

  12. $BAXS If today s action is repeated consistently throughout next week, this is the bottom until further news. < Period.

  13. $BAXS That fulfills my position. Will hold through next few qtrs as revenue & EPS grow and sentiment solidifies. Good stuff.

  14. $BAXS Managed to pick up more at .355 at open.

  15. $BAXS Almost no volume this morning.

  16. $BAXS ~ from the chatter seems like a lot of stops at .35 ~ stock needs to bounce strong from this level (IMO)

  17. $BAXS showing signs of weakness. I thought for sure that $0.36 would hold. Closing in on my stop.

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  19. @Keynesonomics: A few longs: $AMRN $DVAX $BPTH $CMXI $OXGN $ELTP $BAXS $SRPT $GSK All represent excellent value for the patient investor.

  20. $BAXS Added more here. Now the largest position in my portfolio.

  21. $BAXS Flirting with .35 as expected. The terms of needed financing should be revealed soon

  22. $BAXS bot some for AVG. Wait for PO to buy more.

  23. Holding four undervalued (IMO) stocks for the long term $BAXS $CMXI $DVAX $CBLI ~ will look to add

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  25. $BAXS Being squeezed like a pimple. Which way will it pop? that s the Q!