1. $BAXS accumulation increasing

  2. $BAXS pfffffffff

  3. $BAXS Ask thin till .15

  4. $BAXS you guys think we ll be in the green today??

  5. $BAXS holding up nicely today after 65% of volume by 1130. Strong day, a close above .135 would be

  6. $BAXS Check this board director biography. http://www.marketwatch.com/investing/stock/baxs/insiders?pid=115649010

  7. $BAXS Lot of short will cover

  8. $BAXS is Ssssuper..PPS will be double before ER imo

  9. $RSH Rolling, a few others $APRI $BAXS may be $XGTI $IVAN

  10. $BAXS Too quiet in here!!!

  11. $BAXS this one could be a runner today, long overdue :)

  12. $BAXS It s a beautiful morning. Let s see where she goes. Trending up from .10.

  13. $BAXS $isr $ctic this is the time to be fearful.

  14. $BAXS http://sleekmoney.com/short-interest-in-baxano-surgical-decreases-by-38-5-baxs/41508/ They not so stupid. Be ready for a lift off very soon. $ISR $CTIC $IBIO $HEB $DCTH

  15. $BAXS $isr $ctic Legendary investor Warren Buffett advises to be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.

  16. $baxs long term this will go higher must be very patient hopefully its money you do not need but it will go up. good product with demand

  17. $BAXS $isr $ctic Naked shorts and hedge funds better straight yourself up. SEC started going after 1 by 1.

  18. $BAXS $isr $ctic you guys heard one fund company got fine over million $$$ for manipulating? Looks like new rule start shaping up.

  19. $BAXS inverted hammer formed for the week. up from here.

  20. $BAXS any late surge coming here?

  21. $BAXS Didn t expect such a dump.. Still trending up from 10 cents.. Looking for it to hold at this level.

  22. $BAXS We will see after Q3 earning, and news from Houlihan Lokey progress. Risk/Reward.

  23. $BAXS Ask very thin till .1371

  24. $BAXS I ve been keeping an eye on this and this is all I have to say, stop buying this. It will NEVER pop.

  25. $BAXS Well let s see if she can make an after lunch run