1. $BAXS Im in this @.96!!!!!!!!

  2. $BAXS Closes on $10M Private Placement of Convertible Debentures (Funding for ADVANCE Pedical Screw System). http://y.ahoo.it/PRijXQHE Onward!

  3. $BAXS http://y.ahoo.it/UOPrMYiJ

  4. $BAXS fin.news http://y.ahoo.it/fLUnGdK1

  5. $$BAXS $3 after ER???

  6. $BAXS Just got some at .97. Hope ER is positive. May is just around the corner.

  7. $BAXS Thinking about entering...but isn t there RS in MAY?

  8. $BAXS looks like it s setting up for a move. Last of the bears got stomped out for the last few days.

  9. @nyett Good luck whit that - lol $BAXS ready to hit $1.50 read recent news, why would investors agree to a 10 million $ deal at $1.06?

  10. @kellerzabel Thanks, I ll look at $BAXS again when it is below .70 around .50 not now. I am working on trading $WRES this morning.


  12. Share an idea on $BAXS green in the after-hours http://y.ahoo.it/3GT6eu9w

  13. $BAXS Nice pop, looking for a daily close above 20 ma.

  14. $BAXS stay green! http://y.ahoo.it/tTASLM9i

  15. $baxs yesterday was shakeout before breakout

  16. $BAXS Waiting until it goes to .50 if not lower, then and only then it should make for a good swing.

  17. $BAXS makes for a good swing...waiting...

  18. $BAXS even my redheaded stepchild BAXS is positive today.

  19. A rising tide lifts all boats. $BAXS

  20. $BAXS Still scratching my head on how they are going to get these bonds sold at this price. Everyone is underwater (even the warrants).

  21. $BAXS Going long at current prices. Q1 results within the next 2 weeks. Expecting good results for the first 3 months 2014.

  22. $BAXS appears those buying in at .97-.99 for a flip were shaken out.

  23. $BAXS just going to have to have patience and rem. the target ... 11/11/2013 Piper Jaffray Boost Price Target $3.00 -> $4.00

  24. If market behaves itself next wk, my picks include $ATHX $NAVB $SSH $IDRA $KNDI $BAXS $OXGN $MNKD tight stops folks, we r in correction mode

  25. $BAXS at American College of Spine Surgery Annual Meeting this week. http://y.ahoo.it/JTa0HzT8