1. $BAXS Yikes! No bottom in yet ?

  2. $BAXS Gues I lost my life saving for this stock.

  3. $BAXS fml the bane of my existence

  4. $BAXS Holy mother of God. Haven t checked on this in a while, getting closer and closer to the inevitable delisting :(

  5. $BAXS Pivot point broken@0.30, we could see a retracement to 0.27 to a very dangerous area

  6. $BAXS seeking Pivot Point 2nd Level Support @0.27 http://y.ahoo.it/aKt2UEzI

  7. $BAXS waiting for now 3-10 Day MACD oscillator stalls@0.28 http://y.ahoo.it/FBRo4YYO

  8. $BAXS I opened marketwatch.com Page and look what I san 5 mins ago http://y.ahoo.it/BTzgdGfJ

  9. $BAXS <0.30.

  10. $baxs will be moving much higher in the future. Products will sell.$$$$$$$$$ be very patient

  11. $BAXS all loongs Houlihan Lokey is an financial advisor and also global investment bank. All longs should know what s that mean.

  12. $BAXS Watch the market maker this is going to .26 or under. Was spot on for $EXEL.

  13. $baxs with Houlihan Lokey on board nothing to be worry about. Shorts need to start cover or face the hole in their bank.

  14. $BAXS Has fallen and can t get BACK up

  15. $BAXS Doing a reverse slit won t change the fact that this company has demonstrated poor and ineffective managment.

  16. $BAXS They get decent gross profits per Q, but the R&D and SG&A are too high to keep them in the green.

  17. $BAXS If they sell the company for $20M, that would be 0.40c per share. Their biggest cash drain per Q is SG&A.

  18. $BAXS land of broken dreams

  19. $baxs try buy more got partially filled. Hope fill all today 19k shares

  20. @Snagglepuss: $BAXS

  21. $BAXS

  22. $BAXS Interesting products these lumbar implants

  23. @Dark_Star @ap100 @princetan777 Looks like I was partially right - buyout or partnership is what $BAXS is looking for

  24. $BAXS PR isn t encouraging to me.