1. $KWK Flash backs to $BAXS. Glad I sold the day of the big oil drop.

  2. $YOD Fundamentally this looks like a huge opportunity. With that said the last time I thought that was with $BAXS

  3. $HNSN on its way to hang out with his old buddy $BAXS

  4. $CYTX Just don t want it to repeat the fate of $BAXS

  5. All done. Cleared $208K today. 2014 big winners were: $CCXI, $SONS, $BAXS, $IFON, $SRNE, $HELI, $ISR & $VA http://stocktwits.com/message/30207099

  6. @Dollar_Bill @ChewbaccaCheiken Yeah you can make money here. People did with $FREE and $BAXS too. Most people did not make $ though.

  7. $BGMD $CYTR $BAXS Buy the dips!

  8. @daisy9 @Slater99 problem is you got perma bulls like I have seen on $CYTR $BAXS who turn every action into nothing to worry about.

  9. Might be time to get rid of the $BAXS stream. Trades as $BAXSQ now. Don t think it s coming back. @stocktwits

  10. $BAXS ... http://stocktwits.com/message/29857254

  11. $BAXS does this even trade anymore?

  12. $BAXS ... http://stocktwits.com/message/29788708

  13. $BAXS to sell put in $IMRS about to blow!

  14. $BAXS im still holding a few shares but not worried bout it have made plenty on earlier trades

  15. $BAXS So i can t seem to place an order this morning? Amine else?

  16. $BAXS So anyone know when the bk hearing will begin?

  17. $BAXS how is the sentiment down 23% when almost nobody has chimed chimed in on this board today? BS!

  18. $BAXS sell and to buy today dinner it is yet possible )))))

  19. $BAXS this stock is on a one way path to zero…..

  20. $BAXS Damn these penny stoks..jst looked@news on InvestorsGuru on several&all it is SHAREHOLDER ALERTS--For those who hav losses n excess...

  21. $BAXS this is dead people and not coming back only under BAXSQ maybe!!!


  23. $BAXS I still would like to see the short interest. I can t find it.

  24. $BAXS undervalue

  25. $BAXS They were not joking when they said they going to streamline co. is there a product left to sell?