1. $BBRY $BB.CA The BlackBerry-Samsung Liaison http://n4bb.com/blackberry-samsung-liaison/

  2. $BBRY $BB.CA BlackBerry Ltd Oslo leaked images show curved body of rumoured smartphone http://business.financialpost.com/fp-tech-desk/images-of-rumoured-blackberry-oslo-smartphone-leak

  3. $BBRY i haven t owned blackberry since this.. but who remembers trading in that Symmetrical Triangle about two years ago! $BB.CA

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  8. @marc_hav: $BBRY Last day today to switch from $BB.CA to $BBRY ... Why switch!? don t get it...

  9. $BBRY ANY1 = Will the Oslo device be Foxconn produced? Any idea the original production run size at launch? TIA... $bb.ca

  10. $BBRY Last day today to switch from $BB.CA to $BBRY ...

  11. $BBRY Per Obama, 95% of global market is OUTSIDE the US borders + most growth will be Asia! Bring on the Oslo = China s Passport! $bb.ca

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  13. $BB.CA ?what is explanation-on NASDAQ it is up by 4 US pennies

  14. $BBRY $BB.CA Sometimes the Big Boys need a guide on where the Elliott Wave should take the stock on its road to success. @Seaeagle197.

  15. @JakeQ: $BBRY $BB.CA @JanineK The BlackBerry haters in the WS/NY and TO/ON media very silent on BB now. LAME SOUR GRAPES experts

  16. $BBRY $BB.CA The string of green pearls is starting to look convincing. That s Chen s magic.

  17. BlackBerry Aims To Lure Young Executives with Leap $BBRY $BB.CA http://investcorrectly.com/20150416/blackberry-bbry-aims-lure-young-executives-leap/

  18. $BBRY IDK, call me a BULL but I like seeing Green much more than RED! $bb.ca Giddy-up!

  19. BlackBerry Passport, once called an “ugly duckling”, wins posh design award: http://www.cantechletter.com/2015/04/blackberry-passport-once-called-an-ugly-duckling-wins-prestigious-design-award/ $BBRY $BB.ca

  20. $BBRY $BB.CA In spring 2013 Canadians bought many shares at 15$(USD) and up. They are still waiting - - and angry at WS/NY crooked trading.

  21. $BBRY $BB.CA Now, does everybody understand why the BlackBerry haters all want to see a BB B/O and Breakup, and sell the parts?

  22. $BBRY The next major development of QNX is undoubtedly through Lazaridis company s work in Quantum Electronics. $BB.CA owns QNX !!!!

  23. $BBRY is moving like it had POSITIVE PPS these last two (2) quarterly reports? OH WAIT, they were positive! Click, click Giddy-up $bb.ca

  24. $BBRY $BB.CA BlackBerry Announces Global Rollout of BlackBerry Leap http://press.blackberry.com/press/2015/blackberry-announces-global-rollout-of-blackberry-leap.html

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