1. $BBRY Yikes! There ll never be enough gold plated Priv s. Arab princes will need 1 for each wife.$BB.CA..

  2. $BBRY $BB.CA Carrier s know more about cell phones than analysts. If carrier s say BB best phone on the market & BB on a comeback what more

  3. BlackBerry says #Reddit users love the new PRIV: http://www.cantechletter.com/2015/11/blackberry-says-reddit-users-love-the-new-priv/ $BBRY $BB.ca

  4. $BBRY $BB.CA The number of requotes of sick commentary astonishes me. Sick untruthful commentary comes from #SICK #SCARED

  5. $BBRY $BB.CA who thinks this thing might drop back down at least 20 cents before climbing back up

  6. $BBRY $BB.CA Prominent Canadian stocks get hammered with shorts today. US stocks go up in comparison. #Funny #market #NYSE.

  7. $BBRY $BB.CA Funny business on #NYSE $BAC goes up BMO goes down. #HILARIOUS

  8. $BBRY $BB.CA can t watch TD and CIBC garbage games anymore today

  9. $BBRY $BB.CA Monthly billing software and customer support is rarely useful and Carriers in Canada can be a pain.

  10. $BBRY $BB.CA Banking online software should be rated for clarity. I put BMO at the top. Others ? ? ? ?

  11. $BBRY Many people hate to wear a wrist watch.APPLE could be providing a permanent reason.Damage could be permanent. $BB.CA.

  12. $BBRY $BB.CA $GOOG $AAPL that what I am talking about

  13. $BBRY $BB.CA $GOOG $AAPL, Blackphone 1 hacked 48Hr, iP6 hacked in 24hrs & iOS9 hacked B4 launch. Blackphone2 will Bhacked

  14. $BBRY PRIV comes in at number 1 on @marc_saltzman s list of 2015 s 5 hottest devices! http://www.connectedrogers.ca/gear/5-hot-devices-in-2015/?linkId=19088329#slide-2 https://twitter.com/BlackBerry/status/669941292286287872/photo/1 $BB.CA

  15. $BBRY DISNEY - BlackBerry Passport is our new work tool! https://twitter.com/DisneylandBerry/status/669579915625385986/photo/1 $BB.CA

  16. $BB.CA Moved back to BB with the new Priv. The best phone on the market today. Congratulations! https://twitter.com/EdwardSRogers/status/669870594020605952/photo/1 HUGE ENDORSEMENT

  17. $BB.CA sell while you re ahead. Lol

  18. $BBRY #PaPaSakEE $bb.ca test...

  19. $BB.CA $BBRY Could BBRY be working on securing Samsung phone? Part of the new partnership? http://www.ameripublications.com/blackberry-phone-with-samsung-exynos-7420-soc-spotted-in-benchmark/20340

  20. $BBRY Is tomorrow only a half day in US markets? $BB.CA..

  21. $BBRY $BB.CA has anyone got a copy of the G&M article from this am. something about whats the point I cant access it.

  22. $BBRY hoping to see Eugenie Bouchard or Maria Sharapova dialing home on a Priv. Cuties always need special phones. $BB.CA.

  23. Happy Thanksgiving http://toniasinsidertradingstash.blogspot.com/ #stocktwits $PJC.A.CA $BB.CA $FB $GOOG $TWTR $UWTI $DUST

  24. $BBRY $BB.CA very predictable close- wall at 10.65 and then dump after 3pm- but at least we gained some ground...

  25. $BBRY Apple will never possess the engineering talent equal to duplicating the Priv keyboard. Ridiculous to try. $BB.CA.