1. $BBRY $BB.CA Carl Wiese, President Global Sales at BlackBerry., this guy is on a $Million bonus

  2. $BBRY BlackBerry and Blackphone2 both offer hardened Linux with Google services. Is there a connection? $BB.CA

  3. $BBRY $BB.CA

  4. $BB.CA $BBRY The success in having AIRBUS adopt BlackBerrySystems as a #UTILITY for aircraft communication systems is an extraordinary model

  5. $BBRY $BB.CA Some biggies fear BlackBerry growth and are doing their damndest to hide any sign of success.Their throwaway of $$$ is huge.

  6. $BBRY $BB.CA Shorting now obviously comes from Hedge Funds in so deep in killing BlackBerry SP that they are throwing their money away.

  7. $BBRY $BB.CA Selling AIRBUS on setting BlackBerry Sytems as their standard is a huge accomplishment for Carl Wiese.#AIRCRAFTINDUSTRYLEADER

  8. @n00bInvestor: $BBRY it s not bribing/blocking. it does focus efforts on where sales people think they can make the most: iPhone $BB.CA.

  9. $BBRY $BB.CA What is not so common is bribery NOT to print or broadcast advertising of competitors. That is illegal in restraint of trade.

  10. $BBRY $BB.CA Bribery in the form of ads that take space with only photos & product name is common in consumer media and all expensive items

  11. $BBRY $BB.CA #It s #OUT APPLE s bribary as a corrupt incentive to block competitors is now being publicized. WOW!

  12. $BBRY $BB.CA Corp. do not want bundled EMM bundles they want ironclad security http://press.blackberry.com/press/2015/airbus-group-adopts-bes12-to-securely-manage-its-global-multi-os.html

  13. @Aristotle5: $BBRY IMO, AAPL has and will continue to intimidate and/or bribe the major carriers to not push BBRY handsets. $BB.CA.

  14. $BBRY $BB.CA BlackBerry s private messaging system worldwide is deeply resented by Canadian communication media giants. #SANDBAGGING

  15. @Ajax2013: $BBRY http://press.blackberry.com/press/2015/airbus-group-adopts-bes12-to-securely-manage-its-global-multi-os.html AIRBUS GROUP ADOPTS BES12 That says the whole article! ! ! ! ! $BB.CA.

  16. $BBRY $BB.CA The explosion of facts on the GSMARENA presentation for SPIV raised my spirits enormously. It filled in missing information.

  17. $BBRY $BB.CA

  18. @JakeQ $BBRY $BB.CA What kind of phone does Bill Clinton use? Anyone know?/I imagine no phone, he just whispers in your ear all sexy like:o)

  19. $BBRY $BB.CA Best post of the week.- - - http://www.gsmarena.com/blackberry_priv-7587.php

  20. $BBRY $BB.CA I wonder if Putin s phone plays Angry Birds? Just askin.....

  21. We know Hillary uses a BB and her own private server too lol @JakeQ: $BBRY $BB.CA What kind of phone does Bill Clinton use? Anyone know?

  22. $BBRY $BB.CA What kind of phone does Bill Clinton use? Anyone know?

  23. $BBRY $BB.CA What kind of phone does Dr. Carson use? Anyone know?

  24. $BBRY $BB.CA What kind of phone does Donald Trump use? Anyone know?

  25. $BBRY $BB.CA Canadian stocks selling on NYSE are considered poaching onthe American dream.Even one of the supposed BB bulls on ST thinks so.