1. $BBRY Guess who was speaking at Lake Nona Institute Impact Forum a few days ago? JC & PS-S http://www.lakenona.com/innovation-and-motivation-the-2015-lake-nona-impact-forum-has-begun/ $BB.CA

  2. @raider1854: $BBRY BlackBerry And Google - Integration Coming= One way or another, Yup, it s coming = KaBoom $bb.ca http://market-ticker.org/akcs-www?post=229882

  3. @JakeQ: @i7up2001 $BBRY $BB.CA Thoughtful new Icon. Very nice. Thanks

  4. @i7up2001 $BBRY $BB.CA Thoughtful new Icon. Very nice.

  5. @NBohrQM Thx for interesting news feed.$BBRY $BB.CA $GOOGL and $SSNLF will be friends for many more years. They like each other.Thanks Chen!

  6. $BBRY $BB.CA $BBD.A.CA Hi TECH essential to sell Cars, Refrigerators, Trains & Planes. Bombardier needs BlackBerry Hi Tech features to lead.

  7. $BBRY $BB.CA @RisingPhoenix That s the goal I have understood since 2012.Thx.

  8. @RisingPhoenix I want one.PassPort is some kind of engineering genius approved by an inventive expert CEO.Chen. $BBRY $BB.CA.

  9. @Favrel Let the criminals fight among themselves. Getting out of that gang costs blood. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  10. $BBRY Nice! Nice and GREEN! $bb.ca

  11. $BBRY $BB.CA $BBD.A.CA Bellemare newCEO totalk at 5:00 PM about the CS300 successful first flight -- huge market already.

  12. @magnaman1969 Let them stew with Putin in their home grown Hacker juice! Ruskies OK but Putin an old school albatross. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  13. $BBRY $BB.CA There is an imbalance to buy 272K BB.CA at the market on the close on TSX.

  14. @TeREK I would flip too. I hope blend helps me with WiFi $BBRY $BB.CA.

  15. $BBRY $BB.CA I can almost hear Chen s chuckling if someone asked if he had any surprises in store? His biggest problem may be in choosing.

  16. U down on yourself again, or going down? @operaghost88: $BB.CA is just like $BBRY Going down baby.

  17. $BB.CA is just like $BBRY Going down baby.

  18. @magnaman1969 Inventory accounting requires use of tablets especially designed for that job. $BBRY $BB.CA.More hardware - - special S/W.

  19. $BBRY $BB.CA BlackBerry Blend is almost beyond belief for a systems designer.It solves design work sources of grief for systems designers.

  20. @magnaman1969 You are entitled. And Chen would laugh at your doubts anyway. Cool.$BB.CA $BBRY.

  21. @magnaman1969 You sound inexplicably doubtful of Chen s abilities? $BBRY $BB.CA.

  22. @magnaman1969 $BBRY There was recently one or more patents filed re keyboard innovations by BlackBerry $BB.CA.

  23. $BBRY $BB.CA What’s more, John is optimizing the processor, making it perform better with calculations (enterprise consumer needs)

  24. $BB.CA $BBRY @magnaman1969 If Watsa & Wise Men decide to put BlackBerry on Over The Counter only, you will be safer with CAD purchase.JMHO.

  25. @JakeQ: @JakeQ: Bombardier s CS300 is its version of BlackBerry s Z10 $BB.CA $BBRY. $BBD.A.CA.