1. $BBRY $BB.CA Athletic GAMES require scoring and participant scheduling and personal safety in a monstrous challenge.$CSCO & $BBRY excel all!

  2. $BBRY It s not if a short squeeze, but it is when @JohnChen decides for a $BB.CA to happen. 1 Billion $ short squeeze, gonna be awesome JMHO

  3. It was a friendly offer and not meant to be taken seriously. $SSNLF is benefitting greatly from $BBRY $BB.CA J/V s #PLURAL! Agree!

  4. $BBRY You would think Fairfax insider buying $BB.CA would move the needle up. It will, when the shorts pay, it s gonna be huge

  5. $BBRY Something Brewing! $BB.CA @JohnChen

  6. Does $BBRY need $SSNLF Samsung Plunges $10 Billion In Market Value Thanks To SG6 Failure Or does Samsung need $BB.CA

  7. $BBRY Did Analyst tim raschuk say $BB.CA was poised to double in a year?

  8. $BBRY $BB.CA @Outofbounds1 Where has this mere stripling @Mcgill1999 been when we needed him for 2 yrs. Welcome Noobie.

  9. $BBRY $BB.CA If anyone finds difficulty getting comments through, remember there s always tomorrow and Sunday.

  10. $BBRY $BB.CA After all the tech IPO s i ve seen, I think BlacKBerry stock doubled its value when John Chen showed up on the scene Waterlloo.

  11. $BBRY $BB.CA What can a person with imagination do on the options market to improve price on stock shorted down a factor of 4X on the NYSE?

  12. $BBRY JMHO Buy at the close. You want to get in B4 August! $BB.CA

  13. $BBRY $BB.CA One of the trademarks of algorithm short trading is the Roman or cathedral price arch. Cathedral often has mid Red after Green

  14. $BBRY $BB.CA WS/NY hates BlackBerry because WS/NY has been cut out of the pie completely.Stability of BB is assured by no WS/NY role in BB..

  15. $BBRY $BB.CA Every time a company gets backing only from WS/NY merchant banks they are bait and switch victims like all others on WS/NY.

  16. Pakistan verified their world renowned hackers could not hack $BBRY greatest endorsement & free advertisement for $BB.CA Other Govies covet

  17. $BBRY $BB.CA When Chen came all shareholders knew that he brought a quantum leap doubling prospects for the future. #UNIQUE_THINKING now!

  18. $BBRY $BB.CA BlackBerry now has a tripod of three great thinkers and acters inthe technical world, Lazaridis, Watsa, and Chen are the three.

  19. $BBRY $BB.CA Prem knew a master tech CEO was needed to run BB and realize the potential all haters and admirers of RIM knew. Chen agreed!

  20. $BB.CA $BBRY Fairfax insider buying in open market speaks volumes.

  21. $BBRY $BB.CA Prem s appearance aroused anger in the market place because the haters of BB wanted to sell the parts. Prem saved BB from them.

  22. $BBRY $BB.CA When Prem Watsa bought into RIM, fair value all assets valued separately was about $20 SH. Prem bargained $17/SH.

  23. $BBRY $BB.CA 25% is a moderate growth rate for a tech company with acceptable products and services, higher rates if they are unique!

  24. $BBRY $BB.CA As a moneymaker, John Chen has enhanced the value of BlackBerry at a rate better than 25%/YR with his presence.

  25. $BBRY I hope none of the $BB.CA peeps are bullish on the BIG one that has plateaued, most likely has seen their best Q B4 slippery slopeJMHO