1. BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Reiterated With Neutral Rating By Nomura http://y.ahoo.it/cYtVTfgR $BBRY $BB.CA

  2. @dontsmoke Stay nimble my friend, shorting this 4headed MONSTER will quickly turn ugly... fast! $bbry $bb.ca tic toc tic toc. BOOM!

  3. @MontrealMike A fool and his money are soon parted if he s using stops. $BB.CA $BBRY

  4. @JohnLBair1 That s JMHO too. $BBRY $BB.CA Chen has won but he s keeping the consequences to himself. The quiet man with a stick!

  5. @leadbelly Sooner or later greed takes over and fear is pushed to one side. It takes guts to actually invest in the best. $BBRY $BB.CA

  6. @Aristotle5 Atta go Dr Lou. Few Americans know the thuggery on the stock market emanating from WS/NY. It s immense. $BBRY $BB.CA

  7. $BBRY $BB.CA @JohnLBair1 Just for basic info: The only wiring that can t be hacked (i.e. spied upon) is fiber optic cabling. HST s use it.

  8. @marc_hav Tell Credit Suisse to pay their analysts in option contracts. That should send them all to the toilet. $BBRY $BB.CA

  9. $BBRY $BB.CA You seem to be saying you didn t know the market was totally rigged in WS/NY Again ROTFLMAO Sorry, it s hard not to laugh.

  10. @dontsmoke ROTFLMAO Sorry couldn t help that. $BBRY $BB.CA.

  11. @dontsmoke Try to get the SEC to fix the HIGH SPEED CHEATING in WS/NY. Why don t you? LOL $BBRY $BB.CA

  12. $BBRY $BB.CA Little BlackBerry has a world class business leader in CEO John Chen.Business giants are pleased to deal with him & BlackBerry.

  13. @marc_hav December PUTS are in the pits LOL. Options are not an option for retailers terrorized by HST shorting in WS/NY. $BBRY $BB.CA

  14. $BB.CA $BBRY @wideopenthrottle Keep moving with BlackBerry seems to match Chen s successful preoccupation with acquiring major partners

  15. BBM Now Available for Windows Phone Users http://y.ahoo.it/Taf1aQlE $BBRY $BB.CA $MSFT

  16. @makescents The $BBRY $BB.CA $MSFT alignment for secure service makes lightning around the world! Security in communication for the masses.

  17. @Aristotle5 Microsoft the most trusted software source teams with BlacBerry the most trusted source of security service. $BBRY $BB.CA #NEWS

  18. @TranscendAsset $BBRY $BB.CA Under CEO Chen BlackBerry is better organized in all areas than it ever has been . Keep moving with BlackBerry.

  19. $BBRY $BB.CA On the 3 month chart SMA100 is horizontal, SMA20 is horizontal, and SMA50 rockets upward still for past month. Ho ho ho !

  20. @raider1854 $BBRY $BB.CA BlackBerry is better organized now under CEO John Chen than it ever was under the founders. Organized to Execute!

  21. BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY) Market Share Too Small To Report: Kantar http://y.ahoo.it/nARTWXiB $BBRY $BB.CA

  22. Secusmart boss expects Germany to approve sale to BlackBerry http://y.ahoo.it/MmR52rs7 $BBRY $BB.CA

  23. @makescents @rgb66rgb Gartner just likes conferences without purpose. Otherwise another Cramer. WS/NY hates $BBRY $BB.CA.

  24. @vksl001 False. Bye Bye from $BBRY $BB.CA

  25. @Showmethemoneyx6 @LittleRedDot @i7up2001 No statistics or methodology . Linda can tear a strip off this info fraud. $BBRY $BB.CA.