1. @herewegoagain Clouds are killers for speed. QED. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  2. @Afortyyearold What s the reason for your complaint.? What can fix it?.... Speak up please! $BB.CA $BBRY.

  3. @bwp214 Answer :Nobody. The US HF s are so committed to Apple they can t admit ownership in BlackBerry or lose all clients.$BB.CA $BBRY.

  4. @danielgo3388 Gosh Shaky. I think that is the most useful thing you have written all month.$BB.CA $BBRY.

  5. Difference Capital s Tom Liston says Canada has a few tech companies that could be the next BlackBerry: http://www.cantechletter.com/2015/01/difference-capitals-tom-liston-looks-west-techs-market-fundamentals/ $BBRY $BB.ca

  6. @danielgo3388 Very good message for everyone. IMO 25 $ end of Feb means a trading range is established. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  7. @Fiberton Canadian Govt leans backward to encourage negotiations without bias, until the CRUNCH. Good govt policy IMO.$BB.CA $BBRY.

  8. @Fiberton Right! $BB.CA $BBRY.

  9. @i7up2001 @Aristotle5 The deal signed in December is not recognized in many intended pertinent discussions here. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  10. @Aristotle5 Your discussions do not do justice to your Doctor title. Sad. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  11. @rgb66rgb Comparisons can be odious. Forbes is just SICK. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  12. $BBRY $BB.CA QNX strikes fear in IBM style Cloud fanciers. QNX has to be the basis for any high speed IoT control loop and Clouds delay!!!

  13. @NVTino It must be because there are many other stocks crying It s Friday EOM $BBRY $BB.CA.

  14. @thinkenterprise Basic logic, even for IT systems engineers usually has to be presented at least 3 times in big letters. $BB.CA $BBRY.

  15. @thinkenterprise That s the whole story for January. Why doesn t everyone on this board get it? $BB.CA $BBRY.

  16. $BBRY $BB.CA @RisingPhoenix BES12 is likely to be recognized soon as the cleanup monster for mobile communication.

  17. $BBRY $BB.CA Traders are the vast majority on this stream They all play the game of Broken Telephone hoping that any change can help them.

  18. $BB.CA $BBRY Definition of Churning : Hindsights arguing with previous hindsights.

  19. $BBRY $BB.CA get some jollies reading the suckers who argue with the Trolls. The Trolls get rich.Some for fun some for $.The suckers never!

  20. $BBRY $BB.CA Did someone post old news about a rumor again. Watch out for the pump and dump.

  21. $BBRY CRTC Supports Net Neutrality in Landmark Decision Against Bell Mobility http://www.techvibes.com/blog/crtc-supports-net-neutrality-in-landmark-decision-against-bell-mobility-2015-01-29 $bb.ca

  22. $BBRY Giddy-up! $bb.ca

  23. $BBRY squeeze coming $BB.CA already in green now

  24. $BBRY $BB.CA trying to buy unlocked black Z10 from blackberry store online. I get a server error. Anybody know how to contact Blackberry??

  25. @rgb66rgb Titles from the Street should be in quotation marks. Useless propaganda.again. $BBRY $BB.CA.