1. Big Loser Alert: Trading today s -7.7% move in BILL BARRETT $BBG http://ideas.quantcha.com/2015/11/27/big-loser-alert-trading-todays-7-7-move-in-bill-barrett-bbg/

  2. $BBG #((UFOZ))-UFO-Zone *ema: 5>13>62 *click pic-4-squeeze

  3. $BBG:AU Asian Markets Exhibit Mixed Trend #BILLABONG INTERNATIONAL LTD #ASX2000

  4. $BBG market making picking up thousands of shares to sell at day end

  5. $BBG what s up with all of the internal swapping???

  6. $ERF is still at a discount ! $HAL $SLB $WTI $WPX $CHK $SGY $PVA $OAS $SD $ERF $BBG

  7. $BBG - far too oversold

  8. SCREENCAST: Oil & Natural Gas Crisis - Equity Outliers $HK $WPX $CHK $SGY $PVA $SD $ERF $BBG $RICE $VNR $CRK http://capgainr.com/screencast-oil-natural-gas-crisis-equity-outliers/

  9. OIL & NATURAL GAS CRISIS: Predictive Data, Analytics, and BI $HK $WPX $CHK $SGY $PVA $SD $ERF $BBG $RICE $VNR $CRK http://capgainr.com/oil-natural-gas-crisis-predictive-data-analytics-and-bi-identifying-outliers/

  10. $CHK potential takeover target after selling off non-core assets. as oil remains lower this and $bbg are ripe for acquisition

  11. OIL & NATURAL GAS CRISIS: Predictive Data, Analytics, and BI https://capgainr.com/oil-natural-gas-crisis-predictive-data-analytics-and-bi-identifying-outliers/ $WPX $CHK $SGY $PVA $SD $ERF $BBG

  12. $BBG push for 25k as sellers get out for EOD

  13. $BBG will take a chance and pick nice chunk in here. short term hold.

  14. $BBG ok, now last minute buyers will move in to position themselves for tomorrow morning...

  15. $BBG well, let s see how much more will it climb...

  16. $BBG s fundamentals on http://stofun.com/#/ticker_BBG/incomeStatement?_k=gacyk2

  17. $BBG - dow 200 - possible retrace of today s high - don t quite know... let s see

  18. $BBG --- interesting... let s see

  19. $BBG Our algorithms still point to a end of day sell off, target to sell i s still 6.98.

  20. $BBG i m looking to close around $6.7

  21. $BBG if oil goes + i m in

  22. $BBG - short-term oversold here

  23. $BBG is overpriced and with tumultuous oil prices... risk/reward is not nearly profitable for longs. If it bounces potential short.

  24. I am bearish on $BBG with a target price of $5.98 in 1 mo. on Vetr! https://www.vetr.com/posts/0693716293

  25. $BBG too early