1. $BBRY inside trading all over Wall Street. Authorities picked up Watsa because they are standing with NSA and AAPL.

  2. $BBRY no event drift with day shorts circling

  3. $BBRY i sure can feel the love folks have for the stock and its new ceo! Love is blind and investing is different from faith! :)

  4. @rgb66rgb $BBRY I stated the same yesterday, Prem Watsa and possibly John Chen is not your friend

  5. $BBRY The bleeding on this needs to stop. Need a nice up day.

  6. $BBRY scandal and drama in berry land.

  7. $BBRY maybe that explains the brief thurs sell off

  8. $BBRY Chen is doing a great job! no matter what they say about Watsa (an investor) is getting probed.

  9. $BBRY CBC re Prem Watsa, Fairfax probed for insider trading re Quebec company. http://y.ahoo.it/ZGSVMih8

  10. @rgb66rgb @rgb66rgb Good to know! Can t rule out an effect on $BBRY stock price, if this investigation intensifies

  11. $BBRY Book price now at 1.34... This is a bargain!

  12. @rgb66rgb: Fairfax Financial and CEO Watsa probed for insider trading or tipping (not re $BBRY) was this reason for selloff yesterday

  13. Fairfax Financial and CEO Watsa probed for insider trading or tipping http://y.ahoo.it/cF4D2POl (not re $BBRY)

  14. @JMQ: $BBRY sucks, again? No, still fundamentally strong.

  15. $BBRY sucks, again?

  16. $BBRY walking it down must hold or we can get a flush.

  17. $BBRY Marathon not a Sprint, 3year % return will speak for itself. Keep a your emotions out of this! Long term Bull, short term who knows...

  18. $BBRY encouraged by the stabilization so far today.

  19. $BBRY Stay alert if you are a short term trader. Same thing like yesterday - can t afford a break of 9.20

  20. $BBRY it s good to know we have a little support at 9.23 (ish). I m still in and waiting for 10 s in the next couple of business days.

  21. $BBRY Many including apple and ibm can talk the talk, but so far only one has been able to walk the walk! Apple & IBM have no QNX RTOS =FAIL

  22. $BBRY From a technical stand point, I would consider L when it hits 8.75. But will be out soon for a quick rebound. Future is dim.

  23. $BBRY bulls are like beaten dogs. It s almost gotten sad to see them wallow around trying to convince themselves this stock can comeback

  24. $BBRY Oh! And the projected 35 Billion $ loss of USA companies! What company do you think is going to benefit from those losses over nxt3yrs

  25. $BBRY not letting this get me down. Added more here.