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  5. $BBY First time it closes above 200ma during 2014. This is gettin intestesting. $40 by EOY

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  7. Will $BBY turn into the next circuit city?

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  10. $BBY Good run today. Sold all positions here. Will be back soon. Great set of stores. Heading in the right direction with Hubert Joly.

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  14. $BBY A break of $31.56 could move it up to 36.86 in short term. Technical strong buy. http://y.ahoo.it/JttJIHbX

  15. @Crackerjax yea i know them true, its probably a good buy. I had it on watch recently indeed. IMO $DAL $BBY and $VLO $YPF at 30

  16. $BBY Fair value above $70. Great valuation, funds, dividends and growth prospects. You cant ask for more

  17. My updated portfolio by size of position: $CYTK $RXII $JGW $DVAX (2-4 near same size), then $WWE $LJPC $RM $PPHM $BBY $SKUL for top 10.

  18. $BBY Joly doing great things here. Not out of the woods yet, but headed in the right direction.

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  21. Perfect double top there in $BBY - not that I m bearish in my trading. Just saying.

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