1. $CMRX $TKMR $LAKE $BCRX EU to Invest €200M in Development of #Ebola Vaccines -Reuters

  2. $TKMR $CMRX $NLNK $BCRX $SRPT $HEB EU to Invest €200M in Development of #Ebola Vaccines

  3. Screening Outbound Flights For Ebola Is More Effective, Research Suggests http://www.bidnessetc.com/27742-screening-outbound-flights-for-ebola-is-more-effective-research-suggests/ $TKMR $BCRX $SRPT $NLNK $IBIO

  4. $BCRX Still short from 14. (don t hate me because I m beautiful)

  5. $BCRX OH Biocryst biocryst.. bring on the good newsssssssssssssss

  6. $IBIO $NLNK $TKMR $CMRX $INO $BCRX which of these are the best and worst? I really want to know which I should have and which ones to avoid.

  7. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Oct/21 $DOOR(-3.6 %) $CUBE(2.6 %) $ENH(-2.0 %) $BCRX(5.7 %) $MDVN(-3.5 %) $CTLT(-0.7 %) $AET(-5.8 %)

  8. $BCRX what is this junk doing?

  9. WSJ: #Ebola Study Projects Spread of Virus http://online.wsj.com/articles/ebola-study-projects-spread-of-virus-1413846023 $TKMR $VSR $APT $CMRX $GSK $NLNK $EBS $IBIO $LAKE $BCRX $SRPT

  10. Insider Transaction: $BCRX Purchase at $4.40 per share of 1136364 shares by Beneficial Owner (10% or more) Baker Felix on 2013-08-01.

  11. @smurfvainvestorshub People who think $VSR and some other Ebola plays like $BCRX $INO $LAKE etc are going to remain depressed are missing it

  12. $LAKE $APT $IBIO $TKMR $BCRX $SRPT $HEB musical chair has stopped ... You were warned and where are those poking fun. Margin calls soon..

  13. $HEB is the stock to move today$IBIO $APT $LAKE $VSR $CMRX $NLNK $TKMR $BCRX $INO $PPHM http://boardvote.com/symbol/HEB/communique/793034

  14. $BCRX Favipiravir is the japanese antivaral drug which may had helped the ebola pacient in spain. similar product has BCRX!

  15. $BCRX Like this company but this stock can go anywhere in the near term. I wouldn t bet the farm on the Ebola story either.

  16. Must see if interested in Ebola countermeasures https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=inIL5Zf97gY#t=848 $TKMR $NLNK $BCRX $SRPT $IBIO $CMRX $LAKE $EBS $VSR $GSK $INO $APT

  17. $BCRX News on CNN military rapid response units to treat Ebola in US . Positive for BCRX, TKMR who have relationships with Mil

  18. Ebola treatments & vaccines http://www.jhsph.edu/events/2014/ebola-forum/ebola-forum-video-archive/deans-symposium-on-ebola-crisis-context-and-response-part-4 $GSK $NLNK $CMRX $SRPT $BCRX $TKMR

  19. $INO $APT $LAKE $TKMR $VSR $BCRX Here comes another http://www.wfaa.com/story/news/health/2014/10/18/ebola-dart-station-dallas-monitoring/17503345/

  20. These healthcare stocks are in focus amid Ebola scares. $BCRX $AGN $GSK $INO $TKMR $SRPT $NLNK http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/150698/healthcare-stocks-in-focus-on-ebola-fears?editor=patrick_anderson

  21. $BCRX Stomach-Churning Ride for Ebola Stocks http://www.foxbusiness.com/investing/2014/10/17/stomach-churning-ride-for-ebola-stocks/

  22. $VSR $IBIO $CMRX $SRPT $INO $BCRX Great Ebola Plays, But I like the First Detection Side with $OSUR and the Cleanup Side with $SMED

  23. $BCRX - i believe BCRX will surprise with pos news within days.

  24. @Stocktrakr2011 Doubtful not focused on RNA base virus. Better drugs $SRPT $BCRX $TKMR.

  25. $GSK Expects Delayed Production Of Ebola Vaccine http://www.bidnessetc.com/27471-gsk-expects-delayed-production-of-ebola-vaccine/ $TKMR $SRPT $NLNK $BCRX