1. $BGMD $IDN Every day a loser!

  2. $IBB this bad boy is going up solid!.... heard $rnn $ino $oncs $bgmd $isr buy before is too late!

  3. $BGMD yea wait till they do a 2nd offering when money runs low again end of year this stock will be 55 cents soon

  4. $BGMD Great read from a yr ago you just keep holding and be a good patient bag holder of this gem.

  5. $BGMD Excellent article just up on Seeking Alpha. A MUST Read. BG Medicine - Just Be Patient http://y.ahoo.it/es4blGRa

  6. $RNN Now if only RNN would start moving UP like $BGMD yesterday large Gain. Sold $GALE for small loss. BGMD waking up a bit now. Now RNN?

  7. $BGMD Looking like wants to test HOD and yesterdays close of $1.34. Opening profit takening turning back to Buyers and Rising

  8. $BGMD bullish divergence on woodier cci for daily chart…

  9. $BGMD hope not facts drive the stocks, sometimes some news too..:)

  10. @Ophir_Gottlieb: Double Digit % Winners Today: $WAVX $XXII $FXEN $CNIT $CONN $NQ $BGMD $LIQT $ADGE $TWTR EOD Wrap: http://y.ahoo.it/QGTyqjg2

  11. $BGMD hope is gonna be al green music allday


  13. @alandelmz $BGMD late vol and 10% pop, about 500k cash went into it at 3:51 pm. Small $ but worthy of wl

  14. $BGMD Nice Upside Gap between Close$1.58 / High$1.65 03/02/14 to $1.92 03/03/14. A Recent Gap. Would anyNews/PR cause sucha Large Gain?

  15. @Ophir_Gottlieb Maybe because unlike many Bio s, $BGMD Actually hasa Product. Earnings early May will reflect price increases Jan 1st

  16. @Ophir_Gottlieb I m sure Many people have $BGMD on thier scans tonight after 13.49 % Gain today. Pretty good while most Bio s were RED

  17. Double Digit % Winners Today: $WAVX $XXII $FXEN $CNIT $CONN $NQ $BGMD $LIQT $ADGE $TWTR EOD Wrap: http://y.ahoo.it/4i8zlTvy

  18. $BGMD Nice ending of the day may look to continue tomaro

  19. bunch of end day surges: $NQ $BGMD $TWTR $KYTH $BIOF $MNTA $CSLT

  20. $BGMD I wonder if they could even fill the offering fully or were forced to keep the unsold ones...

  21. $BGMD Heights Capital Management, is trying to see the diluted shares @1.55 and could not sell it, hence the filing... Wrong hope guys!!!

  22. $BGMD shorts covering ???

  23. $BGMD Back to 1.55 very soon... Crazy EOD trading... Gotta love it!

  24. $BGMD Looks like one of the Best and Largest Bio Gainers Today...of all days!! I m Loving it! Think I will celebrate with a Big Mac..

  25. $BGMD nice nice this is just nice,