1. $BGMD HFSA meeting now in Vegas. 2posters with Gal3 http://y.ahoo.it/sVgbeBDa

  2. $BGMD i love how stocktwits sentiment says 0% bearish since august 16th or so. definitely need to get that fixed.

  3. $BGMD Abbott to market test in Europe lab convention this October in 3wks.

  4. $BGMD As long as Abbott and BioMerieux are still on board, the so am I. I will hold until FDA clearance and pray hard in the mean time.GLTA

  5. $BGMD new to the board, I can t imagine someone selling 450000 shares in one day - wow

  6. $BGMD hope all weak hands have been shaken out. We are due for a rebound. Some news would be nice though

  7. $BGMD Sumtin will happen in next 6 mos. either RS approval or delisting or wildcard event ie BK or buyout. Story isn t over yet

  8. $bgmd don t let the moronic panic selling scare you. There was no bad news. Just impatient people which had a chain reaction. No worries

  9. $BGMD What happened to this stock.

  10. $BGMD I have moved on offloading my 450k shares. good luck everyone. god bless.

  11. $BGMD This was an intense close, but it wasn t as bad as I thought. If it was -25% I d be upset, but -18%? Big deal. lol

  12. $BGMD LOL

  13. $BGMD 40 s is coming people.

  14. $BGMD yikes?

  15. $BGMD offloaded 300k

  16. $BGMD holly molly

  17. $BGMD - http://y.ahoo.it/57J5eKBc - Ouch .. that is going to Leave a mark - Down 12% for the day.

  18. $BGMD sux when it comes to investor relations

  19. $BGMD I m sitting on 50K shares and don t intend to sell - the potential is enormous - I hope I m right but agree with the board, leadership

  20. $BGMD the pain that it brings is not worth the dollars

  21. $BGMD Think of it this way, PLUG was $0.13 last winter.

  22. $BGMD what is the story of GE loan?

  23. $BGMD this is promise to myself now. i will short this company to death.

  24. $BGMD ok now lets work on the 40 s. time to slim down!

  25. $BGMD Stock market is a game of patience, human psychology, and statistical information. Be patient. It s a good company.