1. $BGMD we need to move like GENE from 1$ to $11 in a few days. GENE has a breast cancer blood test as BGMD has a HF blood test

  2. $BGMD no indication mgmt executing, rather - exiting (or shifting assets - shell-like)

  3. $BGMD real reasons for concern... despite pumpers promises of news coming, buyouts, PR releases, etc

  4. $BGMD for those waiting for news - according to Yahoo Finance - the ONLY major news they ve released in a yr, other than Q results, is...

  5. $BGMD s mktg sucks! Need to get themselves exposure by presenting at major confs like 27th Annual ROTH Conference; peers are...

  6. $BGMD don t get this confused with $GALT; others already operating in arena that are having success

  7. $BGMD Strong like bull.

  8. @amateurpicker good question, I d hold $ONCY longer but I needed $ for spring break.. Other than that I d get into $BGMD $SGNL $IBIO

  9. $BGMD PR overdue but based on abbotts prior releases after fda approval it should be any time

  10. $CYTX one again, start looking at $BGMD, this will go up more than 100% in te next few weeks!!!!

  11. $ACST $ONCY $BGMD $ these stocks getting ready for some great reports. $CONX $BIOC

  12. $BGMD low/anemic vol -> going nowhere fast

  13. $BGMD How many peeps rode up to $1.20+ and have held 100% of shrs thru today? no stop loss, no locking in gains... how do u feel today???

  14. $BGMD Any clue when a PR will occur? Seems overdue.

  15. $BGMD what do you see? http://stocktwits.com/message/33384943

  16. $BGMD based on pre FDA automated standing, agreed.however a new door is open, leading to a world market that will change the game fast

  17. $BGMD @mikepowl fact: co rev STEADILY HAS DECLINED from 1,149M in Q4, 2013 to... 695m as of end of Q3, 2014; trend continuing...

  18. $BGMD heart disease worldwide, a large portion of that on diagnosis, these are facts that will make charting mute on this stock

  19. $BGMD weekly or daily -> both RSI indicators showing neg trend / downhill slope; don t get caught as snowball path accel downhill...

  20. $BGMD FDA full approval is a done deal ,multi year studies show gal-3 as a very reliable cardiac test , in 2013 192 Billion spent on

  21. $BGMD to clarify, prior comments were based on daily chart

  22. $BGMD next orderly support drop will be down to +/- .63-.65

  23. $BGMD appears it is being taken down orderly by MMs, rather than the dumping of lg shr qtys all at once & causing a signif/dramatic drop

  24. $BGMD technically - hovering around 200MDA (.68-.73) within overall downward channel; similarly to early FEB when it did this around .80-.83

  25. $BGMD nothing is a done deal until the ink drys; until then... hope & speculation; abv-avg time in this case signif cause for concern