1. $BGMD Why news today? Why green? Just curious. Is the FDA approve out yet?

  2. $BGMD Abbott 2nd chance to get this thing to lift off. Qrt 2 didn t do it, one more chance now.

  3. $INO $MNKD $BGMD $RNN $BORN $SOL $RGSE $ISR $GALE hard to watch these in my portfolio at the moment...

  4. $BGMD how come the rate has gone from $17 to $31 and revenue is not growing. thoughts?

  5. $BGMD bios must be aware earnings that not the play - drugs are - technology earnings are the play http://y.ahoo.it/jubWHqjR

  6. $BGMD - up pre continuation $.96 sold so lucky - # s were bad http://y.ahoo.it/asrQWL36 http://y.ahoo.it/4h3TT9GR

  7. $BGMD when is the FDA decision? this is just sucking so bad now. :(

  8. $BGMD ***cough**** OTC

  9. Losers 8/14 $VPCO -25%, $BGMD -23%, $RRGB -19%, $DGLY -18%, $EXXI -17%, $RITT -17%, $NDLS -17%, $KONE -14%, $ONP -13%, $DPW -13%, $LRN -13%

  10. $BGMD wow BGMD is just tanking

  11. $BGMD My guess is there will be some down grades coming soon

  12. $BGMD That wasn t as bad as I thought it was going to be. What was everyone making a fuss about?

  13. $BGMD current format access to test limit to larger specialty & referenced labs. In turn impacts turnaround time & availability of results

  14. $BGMD Automated version will be in Abbotts hands to sell and market the test to be analyzed on their over 1000 machines in the US alone.

  15. $BGMD Looks like nobody wants to get caught with too much inventory or any inventory because everyone is waiting on automated version.

  16. Interesting admissions put forth in $BGMD call (transcript) http://y.ahoo.it/rSjd9BYp

  17. $BGMD Could be like CHTP and MNKD on their big dip days, 2 days later up over 60% Abbott announcement could be soon.

  18. $BGMD This drop was coming. Glad I sold last quarter above $1

  19. $BGMD all the marbles are still in galectin. Nothing dramatic here. They are betting the house on that product,if it flys so will the stock

  20. $BGMD See, if they would have responded back to me with answers to the questions I had; could have sold before this happened.

  21. $BGMD Is there a hope?

  22. $BGMD I don t see how they can survive. Low on money no catalysts product barely selling... IMO if FDA says no than that s it

  23. $BGMD what made this drop? Anyone shed some light here?

  24. $BGMD dagger through the heart lol this things is toast

  25. $BGMD what is going on with this one??