1. $BGMD It would be cool if NVS took a look at cardio score - their heart drug is getting a lot of pub.

  2. $PACB Sold +.11 gain. Was greedy looking for 6 break never happened left .08 on table. Daily hot like hansel tho $CGIX $BGMD could go.

  3. $BGMD Would be nice if FDA released info in a timely fashion.

  4. $BGMD we all should stage protests against the mgmt. they are sucking our money and not doing anything

  5. $BGMD @kaan123 Its sad because you listened to all the pumpers,bagholders and fools who are stuck with this POS as you had it right to short

  6. $BGMD why doesnt tha management release any news on cardioscore. we should all protest. Want to join me for a protest in Boston?

  7. $BGMD How long does FDA approval take? Is there a way to check this with FDA.

  8. $BGMD Decent volume, too bad it s down.

  9. $BGMD worst decision of my life. i was short this POS and then changed my position to long.Now I am stuck and sad.

  10. $BGMD Is abott FDA decision just sometime this year or is there an actual time frame?

  11. $BGMD fda approval coming later on this week

  12. $BGMD Markets are at all time high and this POS doesnt go up. how frustrating.

  13. $BGMD Guys it is our right to reach out to management and ask them questions. lets not sit idle on hopes. we want them to tell us progress.

  14. $BGMD http://y.ahoo.it/joQ7lGOH

  15. $BGMD If abott s automated version doesn t get approved this ll drop hard. If it does, pps will skyrocket. So is this more of a coin toss?

  16. $BGMD We need the SA author for $zbb to come help us out!! Lol

  17. $BGMD So no one is trading this POS today ? Volume is zilch.. action is nil..

  18. $BGMD Why news today? Why green? Just curious. Is the FDA approve out yet?

  19. $BGMD Abbott 2nd chance to get this thing to lift off. Qrt 2 didn t do it, one more chance now.

  20. $INO $MNKD $BGMD $RNN $BORN $SOL $RGSE $ISR $GALE hard to watch these in my portfolio at the moment...

  21. $BGMD how come the rate has gone from $17 to $31 and revenue is not growing. thoughts?

  22. $BGMD bios must be aware earnings that not the play - drugs are - technology earnings are the play http://y.ahoo.it/jubWHqjR

  23. $BGMD - up pre continuation $.96 sold so lucky - # s were bad http://y.ahoo.it/asrQWL36 http://y.ahoo.it/4h3TT9GR

  24. $BGMD when is the FDA decision? this is just sucking so bad now. :(

  25. $BGMD ***cough**** OTC