1. $BGMD @brandon123 Viewpoint of $STXS

  2. $BGMD @brendon_chan they are not hoping to find billion$ drug cure, they already have FDA approval submitted by Abbot. Lol, do your dd.

  3. $bgmd para d into previous highs, potential fade http://stocktwits.com/message/32063970

  4. $BGMD is it monday yet? said no one ever except $BGMD longs :)

  5. $BGMD based on the fda approval and partnership with Abbot. any of those things they specifically mentioned would propel stock massively

  6. $BGMD http://seekingalpha.com/article/2676735-bg-medicine-bgmd-q3-2014-results-earnings-call-webcast 10 mins in they sum up how they are looking to increase shareholder value.

  7. $BGMD looking at possible mergers, join ventures or sale of the company. right there in the recording from NOV 13. http://seekingalpha.com/article/2676735-bg-medicine-bgmd-q3-2014-results-earnings-call-webcast

  8. $BGMD anyhow i will update if BGMD answers back. (IR) if they do quickly that is a good sign.

  9. $BGMD mind you. after tax loss, and this being back over a buck it could be sitting where it should be. so i see more upside .

  10. $BGMD a single news release would send this stock incredibly high, incredibly fast. much relies on this. the ball is in BGMD s court

  11. $BGMD an average of 50 to 60% investors shorted this stock last week. everyday with 60% lately.

  12. $BGMD having said that. i contacted BGMD.today via email with many questions. i will let my followers know what comes of it next week.

  13. $BGMD http://www.stoxline.com/quote.php?symbol=bgmd as of closing yesterday stoxline still rates this a buy based on many technical factors. R


  15. $BGMD November 13, 2014 report, the company did state they are looking to increase shareholder value by merger or buyout.

  16. $BGMD timing would be perfect this week for Abbott to release a PR. its set up like a stage, lots of attention here last week.

  17. $DIS I dumped when the news about the Measles out break was posted. This will go back into the 80s next week.Wait a month or so try $BGMD

  18. @sunshine_unicorn they both look good to me! I ll be watching these stocks...$BGMD Shows good opportunity! Thanks for sharing!

  19. @Texidor @SoPrAnO84 - Hey heres a couple stocks im lookin 4 mon, thought id share these n also see if u had opinions on them $BGMD & $IMRS

  20. $0.90 - $1.20... What does all that matter if they get paid 5-8x current Market Cap ? @MarcLand $BGMD $ABT

  21. $BGMD will we test the 1.20s again? Or will it dip below 1? What comes first?

  22. $BGMD I think it may go south of $1 before it runs up again,,.if it does I ll reload then

  23. @Szalkowc Look at $BGMD. No news, just realization of what is is and what s to come. Could be same thing with PCYC

  24. $BGMD holding for the weekend. even though i got mad at 9:30 that my order lagged i ended up buying on the dip. sorry team going to short

  25. http://vni.s3.amazonaws.com/120103072440179.png $BGMD $ABT