1. $BGMD I think if people actually read the 10k there would be even more fear. They need Abbott to deliver or its a bankruptcy wrap IMO.

  2. CLosing out a few positions- Do I add to $NSPR or $BGMD hmmmm... Both have crazy upside potential.. But i d like some movement soon..

  3. $BGMD hey all of you who are to scared please sell as I would love for price drop so I can finish my buying at a lower price :-)

  4. $BGMD amen

  5. $BGMD It is really very simple. If you believe in the company then you buy or hold. If you don t, then don t buy or sell. Easy

  6. $BGMD The reward of the science is much greater than the risk of the mgmt.

  7. $BGMD even a monkey couldnt screw up gal 3,its too big and it will sell itself in this case the monkeys need bananas and abbott has the tree

  8. $BGMD I heard the cc...i heard raise additional capital to continue operations and or other strategic options. How long does stifel take ?

  9. $BGMD The biggest risk is incompetent management

  10. $BGMD Also when they bought Galecto for $444M TD139 was in Phase 1

  11. $BGMD AND Bristol Myers just bought out galecto. G3 is getting hot!!

  12. $BGMD Very true Kim.

  13. $BGMD correct

  14. $BGMD also think of all the G3 inhibitor drugs hitting the market, galecto, galectin thera, What do they use to measure G3 b4 they inhibit?

  15. $BGMD If Gal 3 is successful then everything works out with BG whether it s LT or a short term with a BO/Merger/Acquisition.

  16. $BGMD Maybe I m missing something, but I just don t see the risk here as long as the product is good. The product is all that matters

  17. $BGMD I think most of the new guys here the past few days don t seem to know how far back this relationship between BG and Abbott go on Gal3

  18. $BGMD But in this case Abbott was the one who submitted for FDA approval which means they have an idea how much it s worth.

  19. $BGMD JV with a path to control via a ROFR

  20. $BGMD can always bridge a gap via earn outs / milestones but that s typically used when delta between buyer and seller isn t too wide. JMHO

  21. $BGMD mgmt will say it s worth billions, buyer says you ve sold 0 need cash and need us to sell. Here s 100 mil. Once revs start better view

  22. $BGMD will be a huge value Gap between buyer and seller right now. Until commercialized both sides don t have enough info to be realistic

  23. $BGMD board+ stiffel likely looking at that option, a private placement, or JV in my view. 2 early for a b/o from mgmt side if mkt that big

  24. $BGMD if you own it dont sell just avg down but if you are new dont buy yet or buy slowly as it trends down

  25. $bgmd ok thanks daisy, same logic applies though just sooner for the r/s