1. Insider Transaction: $BGMD Sale at $0.56 per share of 43930 shares by Director Afeyan Noubar on 2015-12-09.

  2. Insider Transaction: $BGMD Sale at $0.56 per share of 2508 shares by Director Afeyan Noubar on 2015-12-09.

  3. $BGMD has been delisted from NASDAQ and therefore this stream has been suspended. More info: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/bg-medicine-begin-trading-otcqb-172726147.html

  4. $BGMD meant to say daisy right behind her

  5. $BGMD Yahoo from the beginnin of this disaster and has been spot on and Jess right behind them.

  6. $BGMD Mikes a happy guy. Apparently he got filled at 35. But he was happy at 1.20, then 65. He ll be jumping for joy if this goes to10 cents

  7. $BGMD You cant be this proud to be this naive. And Mike since I started seeing you on here you have not been right once. Jess has been on

  8. $BGMD This board has become sad. Mike you still pumping and buying. I really cant believe you are serious in your post. Your paid to post.

  9. $BGMD Come on people, Mike needs a group hug. Grab your computers & let s all sing how he was once right. Okay, it was in the 3rd grade but

  10. $BGMD this will be .30 soon. Many got the head shake today. It s a day trade the most.

  11. $BGMD At least get the facts right before you pump. Example:OTC certification lists Empery % 3 times, when in fact the holding is only 9.5%

  12. $BGMD hey does a buy order make me a pumper?and by the way I was right on a bunch of stuff before compliance, look back at my posts

  13. $BGMD Nope, number of shares are not 15M and inst is not 75%. Look at actual filing to get real data. If you get 75% it s double counting.

  14. $BGMD laid out a plan for compliance, but NASDAQ looks at other components that isn t disclosed. Their intent was to meet compliance but

  15. $BGMD MikePowl continuing to make bad predictions & boasts. If only one could come true! When you wish upon a star makes no difference who..

  16. $BGMD I havnt bought on otc in years but I have a buy order in at. 35. Will if it fills. Volume is unreal for otc 600k+

  17. $BGMD So here s a fact: 75% institutional ownership of ~15m shares. Retail float 3.75m, FDA decision by December. Nice Squeeze setup :)

  18. $BGMD nice day compared to yesterday

  19. $BGMD why has stocktwit ban mikepowl from this board for obvious pumping?

  20. $BGMD no more ask below sp, no 100 share boys here.

  21. $BGMD .09 pre split for lbooza

  22. $BGMD This is trading under cash on hand. What a scam...

  23. $BGMD ,Its truly FKN amazing, Some on here still pumping, They wont give it up

  24. $BGMD margin selling between 1-2. Not good any way you look at it. See if it recovers some by day s end.

  25. $BGMD Lol @stoxdog XGTI $156k cash, $3.3m debt.