1. $BGMD my mistake Abbott answered FDA questions about 1 month ago IMHO, FDA response usually 30-60days after that.My prediction btw Oct 8-Nov

  2. $BGMD FDA won t answer our questions.They asked Abbott for additional info. about a month ago IMHO and normally they answer 30-60 days after

  3. $BGMD You should all start calling FDA. Typically it doesnt take this long. Something is just not right

  4. $BGMD at this price might as well sit and wait for gal. 3 to play out either way......likely it will stay in the 50s till then

  5. $BGMD who is the biggest bagholder here?

  6. $BGMD Historically October and November have been months of selling. Selling from this level will take it down to 20s. I am going short

  7. $BGMD Eric2 can you please inbox me your number? I want to talk to you.

  8. $BGMD http://y.ahoo.it/w5VJnmCg

  9. $BGMD Dont kid yourself or anyone else. Tests trials are indications of fed approval or not and there are always some who are on the inside.

  10. $BGMD no one knows FDA answer until panel meets and decides. Not even the markets. That s why stocks react after FDA answer.

  11. $BGMD Hey good luck but the markets knows well before you/we do.

  12. $BGMD and another one I missed where they used Abbott Architect Gal 3. This is getting good!IMHO http://y.ahoo.it/udJdDkOe

  13. $BGMD another awesome find from June 2014 that went unnoticed and proves Gal 3 will be huge. http://y.ahoo.it/9mLdGxpA

  14. $BGMD not this time joekidd. IMHO We will soon find out. EOY at the latest!

  15. $BGMD To low to short, too big of a POS to buy. Watching. Just when you thinks ok the rug gets pulled out of this one with more bad/no news

  16. $BGMD this barely the beginning of our move up IMHO Market hasn t caught on yet of how close we are

  17. $SINO $BGMD Going on a ride this morning. Take a look, great value buy.

  18. $BGMD TA seems to have put it in a nice base, the $0.87 target price in six months. http://y.ahoo.it/0LtGEjdr

  19. $BGMD troponin-L got cleared about 6-7 months before launch. This was test to measure heart damage following heart attack. We are due now!

  20. $BGMD I remember when I was playing this when it was trading in the dollars. Now .50 s... Wow - glad I got out long ago

  21. $BGMD up almost 5 %

  22. $BGMD from this past June in Europe http://y.ahoo.it/nrBxaesj

  23. $BGMD http://y.ahoo.it/MLDWIUfm

  24. $BGMD Its an ego issue now. I will short this POS to death. There is no difference between HLCS and this one. Check out yourself. Similar.

  25. $BGMD I shorted 100k today. will short 100k tomorrow.