1. $BGMD good to see the principals with a big stake,

  2. $BGMD That amount does not include 1,891,649 shares total owned by other company insiders Hall, PAPADOPOULOS, SOHMER, ADOURIAN

  3. $BGMD that s a lot of shares still owned by management, certainly not a negative

  4. $BGMD 25.7m of current oustanding stock with difference from 28m exercisable withing 60 days. Current outstanding share count 34,531,238

  5. $BGMD Looks like Nubar, Kania and Flagship and affiliates own a little over 28 million shares now.

  6. BG Medicine just filed a General Statement of acquisition of beneficial ownership http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1342411 $BGMD

  7. $BGMD $ISR Watchlist 2015

  8. $BGMD what happens on Jan 5th if company doesnt take any action?

  9. $BGMD fighting resistance levels .. Its alive

  10. $BGMD 13% up today .. whats up peeps ?

  11. Abbott changed Gal-3 test status in Architects system, it is not in development , but implemented. Come on $BGMD, make a statement.

  12. $BGMD hmmm BGMD Chief Scientist involved in another Diabetes related study. Is it a coincidence? http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25415563

  13. $BGMD galectin-3 promising biomarker for diabetes http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25501605

  14. @eric2 I can not find the date $BGMD asked for clearance, or Abbott did?

  15. $BGMD garbage can easily be converted with fda news

  16. $BGMD Garbage plain and simple

  17. $BGMD I dont expect any big moves until Jan. it will probably stay around this price until year end. Just my guess.

  18. $BGMD the biggest POS of 2015??

  19. $BGMD Never rush with averaging down :) never, have sandwich instead :)

  20. $BGMD we all should go to MA and knock at companies doors.

  21. $BGMD Can it hit single digits by New Years?

  22. $BGMD Depression is kicking in seeing you everyday. Tremendous test of nerves. Show some sign of life in the next 4 days pls

  23. $BGMD the law of nature is that anything that comes down goes up. that law even doesnt apply to this POS and garbage.

  24. $BGMD how many more trading days left in the year. 1-2 cent decline everyday will bring it to zero seems like

  25. $BGMD all support is broken. i dont know what to do with this garbage