1. $BGMD labcorp is offering abbott gal-3 in their test menu.

  2. $BGMD Nice. http://labroots.com/webinar/id/122?campaign=LRwave20150831

  3. $BGMD So when is the next day/week we hear about compliance? Hear it hear all the time, but nothing shows up anywhere

  4. $BGMD Based on the equity from last financial statement, and the financing raised. Was the $2.5M met?

  5. $BGMD I checked with a CFA in M& A. But said Nas has to verify diff scenarios and could take a bit of time. Unless major surprises unlikely

  6. $BGMD for the people that keep saying that the equity was met please show us the math used. I am not sure how people here can actually know

  7. $BGMD They had so much of time to prepare for compliance&they cannot get it right that Nas has to ask add docs

  8. $BGMD Nasdaq has to evaluate different scenarios with preffered shares hence the time delay, but seems like equity has been met

  9. $BGMD Ppl were posting Noubar/Stifel cannot get equity wrong. Well this delay indicates otherwise.

  10. $BGMD If they met equity and had enough proof, Nasdaq won t ask for additional documentation. Obviously these ppl did not get it right.

  11. $BGMD not surprised on compliance delay, nasdaq looking for financials I m sure to prove equity, no change on nas.website means not delisted

  12. $BGMD seems like lots of short covering today

  13. $BGMD Compliance taking too long. Not good

  14. $BGMD Shorts having a gala time with this. A gift that keeps on giving to the shorts. Yippy👏👏👏

  15. $BGMD Get ready to hit .68c. Another new low.

  16. $BGMD DRIO market cap 11.79M

  17. $BGMD DRIO has NO partner...but seems like market value DRIO higher:))))

  18. $BGMD just for fun..Bg current m cap 6.24M compare to DRIO-OTC small company that waiting FDA approval of diabetes test for 1.5 year,

  19. $BGMD Defying logic, day after day. Just rediculous. Still holding, but with a look on my face resembling constipation/lemon sucking.

  20. $BGMD till second indication

  21. $BGMD I m adding big if we see mid 60s, people are nuts selling here, wait for compliance verdict!! If it goes to the boards so what, sit on

  22. $BGMD The approval for the 2nd indication is due eoy. Plenty of time for the stock to find new lows.

  23. Ah, what would a day be like if $BGMD didn t make new all time lows...

  24. $BGMD not much point in selling at this level, downside is null compared to upside, 2nd indication will smoke this on low float

  25. $BGMD Not sure if I should sell all and move to smtg that actually moves up sometimes.