1. $BGMD Sleep well Mr Hall, meeting will be loads of fun

  2. $BGMD i bought this for 2nd ind, but launch could have been something. Why is a comp without PR ppl doing PR? Kind of s!hit

  3. $BGMD whos going the meeting tomo? can you guys ask ab the events they didn t attend? Hall didnt get back to me. Thanks!

  4. $BGMD If r/s successful...enhance our ability to transact w/ our securities and increase the appetite of third parties w/ whom we may be...

  5. $BGMD Darcy took the time to reply to the email. Undermining her credibility w/o doing your DD in a open forum, SMH.......

  6. $BGMD Darcy is the Global Comm Mgr for a huge company, she loses credibility if she sends wrong info. She is right, u ppl r wrong.

  7. $BGMD You people need to do DD. Darcy is right. They mentioned the approval in Q4 CC. I posted it back in Jan itself. SMH.

  8. $BGMD the CC was before the release so they couldn t discuss gal 3

  9. $BGMD I do remember talking about an emphasis on diagnostics in near future

  10. $BGMD I listened to Abbotts CC, they did not mention galectin 3, if I m wrong someone correct me

  11. $BGMD since bgmd is handling the pr lets see if they are smart enough to give revenue updates short term, that would keep SP moving

  12. $BGMD - Technical analysis trends (Pivot Points) http://lssinvest.blogspot.pt/2015/07/bgmd-technical-analysis-trends-pivot_6.html

  13. $BGMD this stock and this board both suck.

  14. $BGMD short term we have potential 2nd indication. Long term we have increasing revenues to new levels only Abbott can reach.

  15. $BGMD Let us not forget that soon BGMD will be a company with ZERO debt, fully approved FDA product, ABT handling sales and revs coming in.

  16. $BGMD woah what happened here. It s like seeing a unicorn. BGMD green

  17. $BGMD There is enough issues as it is, the HDL BK might cause early dilution.

  18. $BGMD Will this continue to climb or will we see a lot of profit taking tomorrow?

  19. $BGMD yah I meant any details other than the mention, still find it strange that bgmd did the pr,but yah it is what it is

  20. $BGMD Mike, what PR are you reading? They mentioned Abbott twice.

  21. $BGMD why wasn t abbott even mentioned in the bgmd PR? Its like they don t exist, well time will tell but there s more to this I m sure

  22. $BGMD looking like the 2nd indication is the last chance at a big catalyst before revenue reports, I still think there s another angle here

  23. $BGMD lets see if RS & 2nd indic announced same day..

  24. $BGMD is anyone attending?

  25. $BGMD We won t get any info on the agreement. Sohmer has said that s confidential