1. $BGMD ABT will launch, yet we still don t have the details of the commercialized agreement? A milestone payment of 25-35 mil=$4+ C mon

  2. @mikepowl $BGMD it gives me a young college kid a sense of brotherhood we will all prosper

  3. $BGMD This has simply been too stressful. Time to get out the raft and go fishing.

  4. $BGMD longs - what are your thoughts?

  5. $BGMD only 20 days left and who knows how much cash is left. It s unfortunate that it has come this far

  6. $BGMD $ABT makes mention 22nd BG , goes over buck, thurs/frI BG, ABT announce BO @ 11.75 . I have a dream DAMMIT

  7. $BGMD if its not an abbott mention it will be something else that is released that drives it over a buck, mgmt. is too quiet to be nervous

  8. $BGMD this would allow near term stability until revs from product are realized, imo

  9. $BGMD I think if BGMD gets a mention the pps would go above $1, thus allowing utilization of the Aspire financial agreement

  10. $BGMD im adding in the morning if theres a drop, it should pop late day on speculation of Abbott CC on weds premarket,

  11. $BGMD Could buy shamazon and shitshak, or take my chances here, right?

  12. $BGMD Getting to my add more shares range. Soon BGMD longs will be very happy imo.

  13. $BGMD +1 either your in or out.

  14. U all crack me up micro managing $BGMD U either have 2 B in or out... 4 just a few bucks, I can either tank it or shoot it to the moon...

  15. $BGMD http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/DeviceRegulationandGuidance/GuidanceDocuments/ucm080235.htm it s already FDA approved, they only submitted additions.

  16. $BGMD @ridab @garbageman dont think price will go down a lot. Most shareholders will hold now weve come this far, i guess

  17. $BGMD there still 3 weeks till its time to get nervous, something will happen in that span, it could be the abbott CC or it could be later

  18. $BGMD Let me rephrase that... more like 70 cents

  19. $BGMD Abbott better say something, or this is going to be 30 cents in a hurry.

  20. $BGMD this is an educated risk here, fda approval makes the odds pretty good that this will thrive

  21. $BGMD can t tell who s made a bigger mess of things in my risky biotech portfolio, these guys or ATHX.

  22. $BGMD yahoo people sell me your shares lol

  23. $BGMD they can always file for an extension. and if delisted, its all gravy does not affect BO, look at Moderna.

  24. $BGMD Investors must look at the nasdaq issue as a method of forcing some PR out of BG. The coil after their recent ER is a base.

  25. $BGMD They are clearly bridging the financial gap to SOMETHING. From now until the end of May is the precipice of Gal3 s 6-yr dev. process.