1. $BGMD Lights out crickets singing

  2. $BGMD Aint no sunshine when PR is gone :(

  3. $BGMD no volume and no movement. its too much test of patience

  4. @turtlestocks with Galectin-3 test already FDA approved for it s main use. $BGMD is a way better buy than $CYTR

  5. $BGMD it seems like we may have to wait another 2-3 wks before things start to happen earnings Aug 13-14 , Cardioscore soon and FDA anyday

  6. $BGMD if you tell me how many shares you have, i can start writing proposal

  7. $BGMD All shareholders should gather and stage a protest and ask company to sell itself

  8. $BGMD at $1 they can only raise $3-4 million through Aspire. at $2 they can raise $7 million and at $3 they can raise $9 million

  9. $BGMD whats wrong with this? no news, no movement. it needs to go up

  10. $BGMD Needs a good er really bad. Company has gone completely silent

  11. Picking up more $BGMD at $1

  12. $BGMD wonder if the $GILD ER will get this and other bios going

  13. $BGMD Anyone read the SEC filing from July 16th about the common stock prospectus? Wonder why they need to raise 12 million?

  14. $BGMD Why is management so laid back here. Come on BGMD

  15. $BGMD Market is all time high. Management at BGMD should utilize this opportunity and bring BGMD to $10

  16. $BGMD How long till the FDA news? Assuming submission took place FEB 15, it has already been >5 months.

  17. @kash2222: BG Medicine s PT raised by Ladenburg Thalmann to $2.40. http://y.ahoo.it/oThYvJdF $BGMD

  18. BG Medicine s PT raised by Ladenburg Thalmann to $2.40. http://y.ahoo.it/HiH2Ky3s $BGMD

  19. $BGMD Big things coming. Medical sector is on the major upswing. $1.25 in next month I predict.

  20. $BGMD $BAXS buy them now, both undervalued and will be up higher after ER.

  21. @ProTraderMike: $BGMD getting more 1.08 .09 .10 - fly time http://y.ahoo.it/W5hfwEw4 looks like not today but another day will fly

  22. $BGMD $SPEX $YGE Long

  23. $BGMD getting more 1.08 .09 .10 - fly time http://y.ahoo.it/ZQKPPBJR

  24. $BGMD long 1.08

  25. $BGMD i am hopeful that this ticker moves up substantially before the earnings report