1. $cmc 1st on 1-6-15 cc/ern 9:00/pre-mkt $AKS $MT $STLD $NUE $X $BHP $RIO Will b interest n CC s Oh,4got cousin $AA 1-12-15<>No POS yet! $OIL

  2. 10 Undervalued Dividend Stocks Worthy of Your Time: http://www.thestreet.com/story/12987899/1/10-most-undervalued-dividend-stocks-to-invest-in-right-now.html $TUP $AFL $HP $XOM $MCD $T $CVX $BHP $CAT $COP

  3. Algorithmic trading: OPEN Dec/17 SELL: $WFT $OGE $X $TRQ $ANGI $AREX $SE $MHR $BHP $VNR $KBH $GLOG $EQT $HUN $UPL $STO $ALJ $BIG $HFC $TCK

  4. $WLT $ANR $ACI $BTU $BHP $CLF Coal imports rise 7% to three-month high in November http://m.economictimes.com/industry/indl-goods/svs/metals-mining/coal-imports-rise-7-to-three-month-high-in-november/articleshow/45547671.cms

  5. Even less coal regulations on the way. https://news.yahoo.com/ap-interview-mcconnell-cool-obamas-cuba-move-171038670--politics.html Looks like the beginning of a bull market for coal $WLT $ACI $ANR $BTU $BHP

  6. $SPY If you really want to play commodities, why wouldnt you just buy $RIO and $BHP, both with MUCH SAFER 5% div yields

  7. $GLD $SLV $NUGT $DUST $ABX $AUY $FCX $NEM $RIO $VALE $BHP $USO $UNG $DGAZ $UGAZ - Today is a key day for gold http://www.preciodelorohoy.org/2014/12/precio-del-oro-se-estabiliza-por-debajo.html

  8. Mining Stock Picks for December http://www.trefis.com/stock/bhp/articles/270031/mining-stock-picks-for-december/2014-12-17 $BHP $RIO

  9. Global coal demand to reach 9 billion tonnes per year by 2019. http://www.iea.org/newsroomandevents/pressreleases/2014/december/global-coal-demand-to-reach-9-billion-tonnes-per-year-by-2019.html $WLT $ANR $ACI $BTU $BHP $CLF http://stocktwits.com/message/30311443

  10. The world lost a lot of coal today.. http://www.wkyt.com/home/headlines/Train-derailment-shuts-down-East-Main-Street-in-Paris-285795031.html $WLT $ANR $ACI $BTU $BHP $RIO $CLF $CLD

  11. $TLM bought by Repsol for 8B equiv buy of $BTU would be $28; let cut that by 1/2 (cause Repsol jump the gun) then $15 Chump buy for a $BHP

  12. Why oil price decline is a mixed blessing: http://investing.covestor.com/2014/12/oil-price-decline-mixed-blessing?utm_source=stocktwits&utm_medium=post $OIL $DANG $ATHM $BITA $FCX $BHP $VALE $CVX

  13. LOL $BHP and $RIO move big into Copper, looking to decimate $FCX as they did $VALE, $CLF etc in iron ore. Will run Cu pricing into the dirt

  14. $FCX $BHP $RIO Is anyone considering these names? They look like decent values but are they traps????

  15. Alcoa Looks To Skies For Growth With Tital Purchase http://news.investors.com/business/121514-730562-alcoa-buying-germany-based-tital.htm #IBDNews via @IBDinvestors $BA $AA $BHP $FCX $F $VALE $RIO

  16. Two Countries You Might Be Surprised To Find Hallgarten s Chris Ecclestone Likes Now $AVL $HBM $IAG $BHP http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/two-countries-you-might-be-surprised-to-find-hallgartens-chris-ecclestone-likes-now?post=54754

  17. Is $RIO and $BHP becoming the OPEC of copper? Increasing copper market production is another in the list of disasters for $FCX !

  18. Shares - Downgrades $AREX $CACI $CBI $RFMD $TQNT $AGN $BHP http://buyandsellshares.blogspot.pt/2014/12/shares-downgrades_15.html

  19. $GLD $SLV $NUGT $DUST $ABX $AUY $BVN $FCX $RIO $VALE $BHP $USO $UUP $SPY $TVIX - it s time to buy gold and silver?

  20. $USO $OIL $DWTI $UWTI $XOM $CPE $BHP #BP $UNG - OPEC: The fall of oil is caused by large speculators http://www.preciodelorohoy.org/2014/12/opep-la-caida-del-petroleo-es-originada.html

  21. $spy now Even John Grisham is attacking $kol in his new book. Surely the bottom is near lol $wlt $anr $btu $BHP

  22. $BHP YaMasuta Robot SHORT at 69.45 Since Aug 25, 14 http://www.yamasuta.com/Account/MembersOnly

  23. $BHP is holding 52-week s low. https://www.marketmemory.com/indicators/moving-average/bhp

  24. Miners lose billions in commodity plunge http://www.ft.com/cms/s/0/286b295c-820b-11e4-a9bb-00144feabdc0.html Supply has overtaken demand in these markets. $BHP $FCX $GDX $JNUG

  25. Here s why you should care about the ASX 20: http://www.suredividend.com/australias-top-dividend-stocks-the-asx20/ $BHP $WBK $RIO $EWA