1. Wishing my stocktwits friends Merry XMAS and Happy Holidays. My 2015 list $NFLX $PCLN $AGIO $SBUX $IBM $AAPL $BABA $BIDU $TWTR $FB $BIB $UA

  2. @francismartinez @Snowoutside Guys it held, let s not read too much into these levels. $BIB, next stop 140!

  3. @Unbiasedtrading if u do not know which one t choose then buy $BIB . came down from $140. uptrend in tact

  4. $GILD Cramer will tell people now to buy buy buy since $IBB $BIB held supports & uptrend in tact

  5. $XLV N $BIB Bouncing: playing via $BIB. BUY 120-125. Stop zone 112-115. profit target 139ish. HAPPY HOLIDAYS.

  6. @traderstewie TS, Playing $IBB via 3x leveraged etf $BIB, IN AT 122.73

  7. Dec 23 1:11pm @NaviAvatar: $BIB small buy at 116.50

  8. $bib mini bounce this morning

  9. $BIB Be prepared for a bloodbath. This is going to sink today

  10. $BIB Betting on this might actually be the play of the week

  11. $BIB At support. If it loses $112 then it goes to the $90s.

  12. $GILD $CELG $IBB $BIB ...F biotech! ruin my Christmas

  13. $ABBV will get shorted by angry shareholders who got sabotaged by their short sighted move. Wait for the punishment $GILD $BIB $ACHN $AGIO

  14. @LinYingjun: $ATHN nice base.. http://stocktwits.com/message/30091294 +30.44% gain , even #BIO sector was sold off today. $BIIB $BIB

  15. $BIB As much as I love biotech & its funds,I would be careful adding $BIB,$IBB or $XBI quick as they could see 200dma given very fickle mkt

  16. @Seeking_Apples Exactly, The January Effect. Classic example, took down entire $BIB

  17. $BIB Guys, don t listen to Cramer! $IBB $294 (50 MA) will hold. Way over blown here to prop up tv ratings.

  18. $BIB I see a double bottom

  19. $OVAS Thank you Cramer... The one sensible thing you told about backing off from the bio-teach and pharma stocks... $VTAE $GILD $BIB $BIS

  20. $BIB Added here for a swing trade.

  21. Wow! So many promoting $ACHN last few weeks. Wasn t it up >50% pre-market yesterday & today down 23%. $GILD $ABBV $MRK $ENTA $IBB $BIB

  22. $BIB of BIB or $GILD since GILD started the turn around in biotech. really the bug $ABBV

  23. $CELG $BIB $AMGN , etc if they form hammers then Cramer. will pound the table saying BUY BUY BUY, how about each of us buy 100 shares

  24. I think it could be a shake out in the biotech s before they go parabolic. $BIB

  25. @BubbaHT You stepping in to buy the weakness $bib?