1. $BIDU This will def test 229 next day or two and above

  2. $BIDU 222.going.vertical-up


  4. bakbo Sep. 2 at 8:37 AM $BIDU 215.going-vertical-up + 222.target Bullish

  5. Dumped all of my $GOGO on today s sell-off. Long only $FB and $JASO -- exited my $BIDU trade for a small loss

  6. Added $MLNX Sept $45 calls @ .50 - same reason i added $BIDU today and last week - chart setup for big move IMHO ~

  7. @DLJ_Trade: $TSLA next Monster stocks $ISNS $DGLY $SPLK $BIDU $BBRY

  8. $TSLA next Monster stocks $ISNS $DGLY $SPLK $BIDU $BBRY

  9. Triggered setup send to AoT members yesterday. $BIDU Breaking out today http://y.ahoo.it/jwLvIvnA

  10. @BeckyHiu missed $BIDU here. Yikes.

  11. @DownsideHedge: Chart gallery w/ social media ind $AMZN $BIDU $DDD $GDX $GLUU $GM $GPRO $JCP $LNKD $LVS $MNKD $NFLX http://y.ahoo.it/Mg6GTXkB

  12. Chart gallery w/ social media ind $AMZN $BIDU $DDD $GDX $GLUU $GM $GPRO $JCP $LNKD $LVS $MNKD $NFLX $SODA $TSLA $TWTR http://y.ahoo.it/8v3GaKIa

  13. $BIDU Acting strong breaking through its pivot on volume. Other Chinese such as $VIPS $QIHU acting weaker today http://y.ahoo.it/jcnQpbzz

  14. $SPY Down, but some momo names flying. $FB $BIDU $YHOO

  15. $BIDU Looks like a breakout at 226.34 with a short term target of 264.37. http://y.ahoo.it/Fq4NILnv

  16. $GDXJ $JNUG $NUGT $JO $BIDU New post up. Crushed and it was deserved. http://y.ahoo.it/P3fARAgn gl2uall learn from my huge mistake

  17. $DANG Wake Up People. Sell the Trash and buy a stock that will make you Cash! $TSLA $GPRO $BIDU $NFLX $AAPL etc etc. DANG is Done!

  18. Bullishness in $BIDU dropped 54.0% compared to past 48hr bullish average of 1.96 on a scale of 0-4

  19. @financialtrader: $BIDU watching this tight pattern here form.. this will be ready to explode soon imo http://y.ahoo.it/VkdF1qX5

  20. rolled into a 1/2 position in the $BIDU 227.50 calls at 1.16

  21. $BIDU All the waiting and frustration and cursing finally paying off!

  22. $BIDU is at high of the day. I love Beedu.. :-)

  23. $BIDU flat all day Friday and suddenly up 9...

  24. out another 1/3 of the $BIDU 220s for 4.55 from 1.15 [almost 4X]

  25. $BIDU $TSLA $GPRO $TASR All My Little Darlings Are Ripping Higher Once Again!