1. Algorithmic trading CLOSING Nov/26 $AG(7.7 %) $HCP(2.2 %) $PLCM(0.9 %) $BIDU(0.9 %) $CLNY(0.9 %) $MAR(0.3 %) $DDR(0.9 %) $ORCL(1.8 %)

  2. $GPRO $GPRO Up, Way Up, over $FB $CYBR $AAPL $BIDU. Meanwhile $BABA & MBLY drop into red.

  3. $WB On Singles Day, e-commerce partners sold 800,000 movie tickets and 220,000 cars through Weibo. $TWTR $BABA $FB $BIDU $GOOG $SINA

  4. $BIDU this is and has been a great stock to trade

  5. $BIDU very disappointing trading range today...same w/ GOOGL.

  6. i didnt cut my losses early on $act thankfully its making a come back i did cut my losses in $bidu before it went down further. $study ing

  7. sold $bidu calls for a loss. will wait for another entry.

  8. $BIDU Looks like a breakout at $251.99 with a short term target of $294.32. http://www.allchinastocks.com/quote.php?s=BIDU&r=cn

  9. $AAPL, $FB, $BIDU if you learned something by watching play x play Great! If I was noise in your stream my apologies. Want newbies to learn

  10. $BIDU exit stage left day trade play by play over up couple bucks

  11. @VIPS1000 sorry Fed, i usually do not follow newer ipos . spend time to do research for potential game changers like $FB $BABA $BIDU .

  12. $BIDU day trade off the open will be done with play by play with a loss of 247ish. $FB loss of 76.75ish $AAPL 118.60ish if not sooner

  13. $BIDU basing $FB basing very healthy action. Stops should be raised on day trades and some should have been trimmed. Trade your plan

  14. $BIDU parabolic squeeze

  15. @DannyTiseo the money to be made today is not in $AAPL as much as it is in $BIDU $FB other two giving play by play day trades.

  16. $AAPL another flag $BIDU $FB continue higher intraday 5 min chart

  17. $bidu i like where this is going, please continue.

  18. $AAPL and $BIDU starting the next move higher after flag/base on short term charts.

  19. $SNDK and the answer is...yes it does have the power. Ignore me if noise in your stream. Having a little fun today $FB $BIDU $AAPL

  20. $BIDU keeps basing/flagging it might build the energy to head to 247.80 area watch the support and let the top side take care of itself

  21. other than $aapl, lot of today s relative strength is in froth like $nflx $BIDU $TWTR. caution chasing. $TLT ripping too. $SPX

  22. $BIDU watch 246.13 area to hold then 245.35

  23. $FB $AAPL $BIDU using intraday short term charts 5 min 15 min for comments

  24. $BIDU $AAPL starting to flag $FB slowly marching higher

  25. $BIDU : Potential H&S target = 220 #bidu #elliottwave http://stocktwits.com/message/29645338