1. @Mariorx Like $bidu the lower the better before 272

  2. $BIDU nice hammer candle into the close, could mean strong open 2morrow. In for a short trade 240 calls..

  3. Pending a last second stick save, $BIDU will have closed down every day this week ~~~ Someone needs to push the handle and clean it out

  4. $BIDU we will short this @ 241.95. target 230-231

  5. $BABA $JD $BIDU China stocks down except baba because of bond offering bad china pmi

  6. $BIDU can this pop on the 5 min get it back over 240?

  7. Investors Poised To Benefit From Alibaba Group Holding Ltd $BABA Bond Debut http://www.bidnessetc.com/29568-investors-poised-to-benefit-from-alibaba-group-holding-ltd-baba-bond-debut/ $TCEHY $BIDU $C $JPM

  8. $BIDU they just don t want this to move... trading in a dollar range..

  9. $BIDU VTEC kickIN

  10. In our China stock roundup we dig into Xiaomi $300M investment in Baidu. $BIDU $JASO $JKS $BITA $JD http://www.zacks.com/stock/news/154807/china-stock-roundup-ja-solar-bitauto-beat-xiaomi-invests-300m-in-baidu-video-arm?editor=patrick_anderson

  11. $BIDU bounce from here, look at $BABA, crazy...

  12. $BIDU if it closes below $240 could head to $220 on lower band, or bounce from here to $250 http://stocktwits.com/message/29462432

  13. $BIDU should follow $BABA 2morrow as usual...

  14. Yahoo! Finance has $BIDU valued at 1,672.02 in a year. As much as I would love to believe in a 900% increase... idk where that # came from

  15. Analytic Investment holds an allocation of 2.1% in $BIDU in his Focus Growth Investment Portfolio

  16. $BIDU 236.ish support level. will see whether it can hold...

  17. $BIDU under that $238.25 area was talking about yesterday ~

  18. Bull market baby! -> 11/20 setups http://www.swetrader.com/1120-setups-2/ $EQM $FLT $BKW $MELI $ZEN $BIDU $MDVN $GS $MA $$

  19. My prior $BIDU buys are in yellow but getting sloppy up here http://stocktwits.com/message/29453976

  20. $AFOP $AKAM $BIDU $GEOS $GOOGL are Among our top stock technology stocks to buy. See the complete list at http://amigobulls.com/stocks-to-buy

  21. $BABA along with $AAPL & $BIDU have their fingers on the pulse of a 1.6 Trillion Dollar Industry! http://stocktwits.com/message/29452072

  22. Closed $BIDU & $OTEX yesterday. Initiated short in $JEC and long in $TXT. Long $TXT $CELG $AVGO $NXPI $EA $FFIV. Short $COH $MGM $JEC.

  23. Bearish MACD Crossovers 1/3 $ABT $ACAS $ADBE $ADP $ALSN $AVP $BABA $BIDU $BSX $CDNS $CERN $CHRW $CLI $CPN $CSTM $DE http://jcpafonso.blogspot.pt/p/bearish-macd-crossovers_19.html

  24. Most Growth in act now, #China Nets #CyberSec➡️ MOMO hit wall $PCLN $AMZN $YHOO $BIDU $LNKD ➡️..until a pause.. via https://www.rebelmouse.com/Yourpersonaltr1/next-leg-market-leg-on-break-o-823987659.html?xrs=RebelMouse_tw

  25. @BasementTrader: Shanghai index is up despite lower than forecast HSBC PMI. Chinese stocks should be up tomorrow. $BABA $JD $YY $BIDU