1. Baidu $BIDU Apr weekly 172 calls & 150 puts active @ CBOE into Q1

  2. i am impressed w/$aapl. that s y i booked the secondary play (puts at the open) early. if $amzn and $bidu pop then #aapl may run more 2moro

  3. How to trade $BIDU http://y.ahoo.it/qi7OprlJ

  4. $BIDU on deck AH - could move china internet stocks like $VIPS $YY $SINA

  5. flipped a coin: long $bidu it is

  6. Reporting EPS today AMC: $MSFT, $P, $NEM, $BRCM, $LVS, $SBUX, $BIDU, $AMZN http://y.ahoo.it/6WpyOees http://y.ahoo.it/AKr5HqoK

  7. $BIDU im thinking it rocks on ER and hits $180 tomorrow....china social media is huge and BIDU is king

  8. Another very big ER night after the close today, some of the heavy hitters : $AMZN $BIDU $BRCM $DECK $MSFT $LVS $MLNX $VRSN $V $AWAY

  9. Another huge day @lumberjax: Notable Earnings After close to watch: $ALTR $AMZN $BIDU $BRCM $CLF $DECK $DV $AWAY $NEM $MSFT $P $SBUX $VRSN

  10. Earnings after the bell: $ALTR $AMZN $BIDU $BRCM $CRUS $EMN $EW $HBI $AWAY $KLAC $LVS $MAS $MSFT $P $SBUX $V

  11. $TVIX @Jloesser - Cover at $2 - $ES_F 2000 NEXT - Have to agree $1 NEXT on $TPIG $VIX wave V down coming $MSFT AMZN $BIDU Earnings

  12. @lumberjax: Notable Earnings After close to watch: $ALTR $AMZN $BIDU $BRCM $CLF $DECK $DV $AWAY $NEM $OTEX $P $SBUX $VRSN

  13. Notable Earnings After close to watch: $altr $amzn $bidu $brcm $CLF $deck $dv $away $nem $otex $P $sbux $vrsn

  14. @TraderRL23: $MSFT $AMZN $BIDU Interesting earnings due out after the bell

  15. $AMZN $BIDU Lots of choices Long or Short

  16. $SINA Don t forget, $BIDU earnings can redeem China techs

  17. $MSFT $AMZN $BIDU Interesting earnings due out after the bell

  18. $bidu - took profits on half of my position today. Expect earnings to be good but what does that matter today. Can t loose taking a profit.

  19. $BIDU profitability might reduce, but guidance indicates strong growth. Baidu is the most attractive among peers http://y.ahoo.it/gnDuodGk

  20. $BIDU there would be ±10$ , $AMZN ±25$ move. follow me on my twitter.

  21. $MACRO $SPY etc more fat gals on deck ah $MSFT $V $AMZN & china has been (maybe) $BIDU

  22. $BIDU options market currently pricing in about a $9 move. Here is the current open interest http://y.ahoo.it/UEZFP8BF

  23. $FB $AMZN $BIDU $CERN $NFLX $QCOM all this large stocks have earning reports this week http://y.ahoo.it/yfjW9vGV

  24. Here’s What to Expect from Baidu This Evening $BIDU $GOOG http://y.ahoo.it/gthocB3c ft. @TechStockRadar

  25. $GILD sell on news. this is very good example. We made 3$/share on this earning trade. $FB $AAPL $BIDU $AMZN( we shorted $AMZN last earning)