1. $BIDU was a great call, but it can always surprise you and stay focused on? Join us get real-time chart notes. There is a bigger bearish RT

  2. $BIDU what is this going to pin at on Friday closing?

  3. $BIDU (Baidu Inc) 50d MA is above its 200d MA https://www.investalert.com/s/6556 #BIDU

  4. $BIDU looks to me they sold the news on the index rebalancing look at that volume they ran it up and sold it all pretty impressive actually

  5. PayPal: Vicious Competitor, Valuation, and Venmo: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3963059-paypal-vicious-headwind-valuation-venmo (tags $PYPL $AMZN $FB $TSLA $TWTR $BABA $BIDU $SKX $AXP $V $MA)

  6. $FXI $ASHR .. why don t the fire the president. He s bad for China $BIDU $BABA $NTES $CTRP $QUNR, ..

  7. Scan results - Stochastic Sell Signal today: $BIDU $PSX $APAM $ENTG $WIT $AAP $CINF $SYMC $SU $GIMO ... https://swingtradebot.com/events/25/equities?selected_date=2016-05-31

  8. Scan results - Fell Below 50 DMA today: $WCN $XRS $BIDU $BIN $QLIK $STZ $BRK.B $BNS $SBNY $HCN ...

  9. $BABA $BIDU This guys been on ST for 3 years & only a dozen folks seem to find his info useful. I think that says all you need to know

  10. $BABA I believe in the China story, I believe in $BIDU, Tencent (HK700); I just don t believe in $BABA - Scammer!

  11. $BIDU uhh? what? @EveryTimeICash

  12. Looks like institutions stepped in heavy during MOC for end of month. Up/down swings in likes of $BIDU $FB lightning fast. $AAPL looks ready

  13. First the $BIDU rumors and now $BABA news. Tune in tomorrow to see how these all shake out. I need a drink.

  14. $BIDU Volumes 8X daily volumes

  15. $BIDU higher daily volumes we rarely see

  16. $BIDU not a pretty candle on huge volumes.

  17. $BIDU ......huge bearish engulfing candle today on 8X normal volume

  18. $BIDU wow!! Always unpredictable!! Makes no sense at all for it to drop like this especially with the Shanghai up 3% plus

  19. Goldman Sachs Sees Huge Buying From Institutions Into China ADRs, Upon Full MSCI Index Inclusion $BABA $BIDU $JD $NTES $CTRP $VIPS $WUBA

  20. $BABA $CTRP $BIDU WS push down, Chinese buy up, you can see how many Chinese are in the states, LOL!

  21. $BIDU L&L

  22. China names weakening into close $BIDU $QIHU $CTRP

  23. $BIDU Tough time in the day for this kinda news. It is what it is.

  24. $BIDU short 180.30

  25. $BIDU lod, $180s