3. @Jamtrades trading $bidu into the close is going to be a fun and wild ride vs $AAPL $GOOGL $nflx and $AMZN .. $bidu has a pulse. #shesalive

  4. @Jamtrades $bidu deal with Audi is a bigger deal than you think. .. think artificial intelligence.

  5. $BIDU dip to $202.47 just profit taking. Oversold will correct with tight range next wk. Bias still up/credit put spread @ profit, gd. R/R

  6. $bidu has been Crushed in May still down -23/shr from April Highs. @StockReversals could be time for reversal in June

  7. $YOKU $Bidu could offer 11B and yoku has 6B in cash...steal

  8. $YOKU $BIDU interested again???

  9. $bidu well off year highs while China peers soaring like $ctrp $yoku $yy

  10. $BIDU sold.... Bought $SPLK

  11. Stone Fox Capital holds an allocation of 9.9% in $BIDU in his Opportunistic Arbitrage Long Only Investment Portfolio

  12. $BIDU gd. momentum/volume. Completed wk#5 202.50/200 cps fills (249 contracts). Conviction for $202.50+ price next Fri.

  13. $BIDU MACD crossover yesterday

  14. Today most active Option $AAPL $BABA $FB $HPQ $GILD $BAC $AAL $TWTR $NFLX $YHOO $T $AMZN $BIDU http://quotatium.com/products/top-options-strategies

  15. $NTES just announce will enter travel business. $BIDU owns majority of $QUNR. OK, either BIDU will buy all QUNR or NTES will..

  16. $BIDU would you sell here if you were long? or wait till next week?

  17. $BIDU it will be nice to push this resistance around 204. just sold half calls to reduce exposure

  18. $BIDU hitting 50 EMA, adding to short

  19. $BIDU Looks like good volume again.

  20. $BIDU 195 calls killed it this week

  21. $BIDU OI for maturity 05/22/2015. 190.00 Highest put. 195.00 Highest call. http://maximum-pain.com/options/open-interest?s=BIDU&urk=BIDU

  22. $SPY, $BIDU,$QIHU,$BABA - Chinese Bubble.. Ride it till it lasts

  23. $BABA $BIDU dragons are awake.

  24. $BIDU 190 was sweet entry..swing to 215$ :)

  25. $BIDU filled wk#5 $1 credit 202.50/200cps. Conviction for uptrend to continue. FYI