1. $BIDU Long +189.40. Strong close.

  2. @StockBookie: Technical Analysis on $SPY $BIDU $BABA $SINA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBv4KRlKRBY

  3. $BIDU China is in a rough time right now but when this is over this is like China s Google

  4. $BIDU Another country spoon feeding the market.

  5. $BIDU Chinese shyt show I mean stock market down another 4%. Guess we collapse again tomorrow

  6. $BIDU well I bought more stock today, and dabbled in some calls to play their earnings. we ll see

  7. $VIPS only one name in my China list ended green today. $YY $BABA $BIDU $DANG $BZUN Got their asses kicked @vips1000

  8. $BIDU i Like this here

  9. Technical Analysis on $SPY $BIDU $BABA $SINA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kBv4KRlKRBY

  10. $YY $SINA $BIDU $CSIQ $GMCR OS bounce may be coming - top short term swing watch

  11. $BIDU China is in a rough time right now but when this is over this is like China s Google

  12. @alphahunt: $BIDU weekly - 10year support being broken. Large bearish RSI divergence

  13. $BIDU does recent selloff makes Baidu an interesting opportunity? Fundamental analysis of Baidu in a short videograph http://amigobulls.com/stocks/BIDU/analysis

  14. Analysts expect serious growth from $BIDU over the next 3 years:

  15. $BIDU our software detected resistance right at open + bearish options, took a dive immediatly 3-4$ @optionexpertprm

  16. $BIDU Daily. Clearly oversold but not too compelling of a long setup yet. Another gap down would be better for scalp

  17. @TBI: $BIDU Closed above the 188.5 level, double bottom play with RSI OS, lowest its been this year. Markets willing of course.

  18. China stocks continue to disappoint (avoid) Ex. $BIDU $SINA $YOKU $DANG $QIHU $SOHU $YY $WUBA Some setups I DO like. http://www.livetradepro.com/stocks-to-watch

  19. Vicious selloff in Chinese ADRs today - http://optionsforum.net/topic/246/vicious-selloff-in-chinese-adrs?s=st $BABA $VIPS $BIDU

  20. $AMZN,$BIDU,$NFLX,$TSLA musing just sent re. wk.#2 cps trades all these stocks.

  21. $BIDU some a da crew s jump n ship an wind s heavy on ya prow. ought a tack in this kind a weather. ya been warned.

  22. On bounce watch (short trem day trade only). $BIDU

  23. $BIDU in some weekly calls here

  24. $BIDU this is a good buy here!!

  25. Capitulation red / green watch rest week beaten down China s $bidu $sina $ntes etc