1. $GILD $BIIB Not sure what s wrong with these two. Maybe they cured all patients and going out of business.

  2. $GILD $PCYC $JNJ $REGN $BIIB $MU $BAC $AAPL $GOOG Scaling back on Stocktwits,but Happy Thanksgiving!I will be around from time to time.GL

  3. $BIIB should be green by end of day?

  4. Robert Freedland sold $BIIB and now holds an allocation of 0.0% in their Healthcare Investment Portfolio

  5. $BIIB $BMY $RGLS $ICPT $RCPT Tell friends, family about VTAE over the turkey tom. New all time highs today. Float gone. Still time b4 $100

  6. $BIIB considering a major double-down at 302 -- whaddya think, now / or wait for 295

  7. $BIIB Can someone explain they beat previous 2 qtrs by more 30 cents consensus estimate but still trading close to its 6 months low

  8. $BIIB MS Drug Label Update To Include Fatal Brain Disease Risk http://www.bidnessetc.com/29879-biogens-biib-ms-drug-label-update-to-include-fatal-brain-disease-risk/

  9. $BIIB Previous ER they beat average consensus better than $CELG $REGN $GILD . surprised to see this is trading around 300 but others went up

  10. $BIIB Warren Buffet told me once any time this company under $305 buy it do not wait, once in a life time deal. $$BIIB$$

  11. $BIIB i rate this company 6 stars at $302.70, it is hot buy can not be any better, time to fly high.

  12. $BIIB best time to buy will be at $330 very soon.

  13. Scan results - Bearish Engulfing today: $HBAN $CBPX $OC $WRB $DRI $NVDQ $KITE $ORLY $BIIB $CHSP ... http://swingtradebot.com/events/14/equities?selected_date=2014-11-25

  14. $BIIB is Isis a catalyst for Biib in near future

  15. $BIIB’s Tecfidera Label Updated After Rare Brain Infection Case http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-11-25/biogen-s-tecfidera-label-updated-after-rare-brain-infection-case.html via @BloombergNews

  16. $BIIB Why this isn t up on no pml action besides label is anazing

  17. $BIIB Deusche Bank Presentation on Dec 2 ..

  18. $BIIB Best case outcome

  19. $BIIB Changes nothing on tecifidera

  20. FDA says PML info being added to Biogen s $BIIB Tecfidera drug label

  21. The medical community looks into new med discoveries, inhibitors, mHealth, biomarkers, MS trials, spinal cord trials $BIIB $BTX $ILMN $ALNY

  22. $BIIB under 30/40wma

  23. Hot Bargains In Big Biotech $AMGN $AGN $GILD $REGN $CELG $BIIB $AVNR $ABBV http://www.talkmarkets.com/content/us-markets/hot-bargains-in-big-biotech?post=53519

  24. I ve been wrong about $RCPT impressive gains ($57.00 to $130.00) in 2 months. $BIIB $CELG $GILD weak and laggards. http://stocktwits.com/message/29586373

  25. Biogen Idec Initiated with a Buy at Leerink Swann $BIIB http://www.analystratings.com/2014/11/24/biogen-idec-initiated-buy-leerink-swann/