1. $BIOC averagiing down are we Muser? Excellent strategy

  2. $BIOC boom made up $400 dollars already today lol my order didnt fill completly but added 11800 shares.. average 1.33. Alot better than 2.33

  3. $BIOC Look up Claire Reiss and Robert Reiss (deceased), were married, Robert passed away from cancer, definitely believe in this company.

  4. $BIOC $ONCS share the same building, do they work together on anything?

  5. $BIOC All I have to say is this: http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/bioc/insider-trades

  6. $BIOC Im sure these dolts running this co. into the ground dont make any kind of PR this week to help drive attention to the product/stock

  7. $BIOC https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-39dsknfVxk

  8. $BIOC good entry price. I m in 2k shares.

  9. $BIOC I bought some more too! Collecting all I can get and afford ;)

  10. $BIOC order for 12k more share filling... Im up to 19k and counting

  11. $BIOC stock is solid like a rock. Everything red except BIOC on this firesale Monday

  12. $BIOC Reality is if it holds .60 todays thats not bad

  13. Holding $PTX $BIOC $APRI JRJR. Watching MSTX HTBX, might play $UVXY today a bit, but JRJR is my $ maker ths wk. Super bullish long term too

  14. $JRJR with tye earning news in the morning it will break that 1.40 and it can 1.80 also bullish on $htbx $ptx $bioc $atos $nspr $rxii $ast

  15. $BIOC fill that gap

  16. $BIOC it will that gap in coming days, can go up to 1.30

  17. $BIOC Guess they either got cut from pumper payroll or got assigned to pump other junk stocks for 10% gains. Another week of fun!!

  18. $BIOC I see the recently hired pumpers (Yamawafa, thirty thirty dude) have completely vanished here after using you fools for their gains...

  19. $BIOC maybe we should all join Muser and be negative to help pps. Co. Has no future, leads in nothing,no revenue growth or reason to own😉😆

  20. $BIOC my guess is worthless pr tomorrow morning

  21. $BIOC expecting breach of .60 tomorrow. Guess im better off nuying visa and disney dips.. bioc screwed my nugt trade last week.. no DT

  22. $BIOC Anyone going to the annual shareholders meeting?

  23. #ULT Going to be a volatile week; start watch for next week is: $AAU $VGZ $THM $MBLX $FCSC $BIOC and yes; I have multiple gold tickers up &

  24. $BIOC a whole month and no news, This is BS!

  25. $BIOC Bullish MACD divergence one more time.