1. $BIOF Creating fake headlines? Youre blocked.

  2. $BIOF anyone holding over the long weekend? or did everyone take profits somewhere else?

  3. BioFuel Energy Continues to Soar http://y.ahoo.it/xw67yTSF $BIOF $SNDK $ENT $THM $BITA $PDCE

  4. 41.0% decreased bullish conversations in $BIOF in the past 3 hours.

  5. Alert results: $BIOF +31% $MGI +5% $NEWL +14% $PTX +9% $UEPS +21% $YOD +9% $ZLCS +6%

  6. $BIOF ****BREAKING NEWS: David Einhorn has sell his stack

  7. $PLUG some profit taking on $BIOF recently, wonder where they will take their profits to-Saw the name $PLUG brought up a few times.....

  8. $BIOF took profit at 8.2...moving on! Boy was this an intense ride!

  9. $NEON Going again. $BIOF W/L top gainers.

  10. nice flush there on $BIOF Covered the short Went small but took 100 bucks

  11. $BIOF garbage

  12. $BIOF another stock that will explode from the street $FCEL

  13. @TappyTibbs thank you send more $BIOF folks over to $PLUG

  14. Taking my $BIOF profits over to $PLUG - looking forward to Monday

  15. Might not be a bad idea to short $BIOF because I m sure all that money is heading over to $PLUG and $BLDP as we speak.

  16. $PLUG $BLDP These will skyrocket as the newly rich from $BIOF pull their earnings and come over to play...

  17. @smallchange: $BIOF scalping short 7.99 cover over hod 7.85 covered

  18. Alert updates: $BIOF +31% $MGI +5% $NEWL +14% $PTX +9% $UEPS +16% $YOD +8% $ZLCS +6%

  19. @AskLou needs vol from all those $BIOF pumperd

  20. $BIOF Like the fact that hedge funder David Einhorn has a 35 percent stake!

  21. $BIOF placed 3 buys lower ... bring it she got legs upward!

  22. $BIOF Please give us and EOD run. Please

  23. $biof next buy 7.35

  24. $BIOF i will buy dip to floor .... started 1/5th position

  25. shorted some $BIOF for a late day fade while shares still available We ll see if we can get a fade to the 60 s