1. August 19 2014 P&F Bullish Catapult http://y.ahoo.it/T8RIj941 $BIOF $HTZ $HST $TV $CCE $KYN $TSO $EWC $FXD

  2. $BIOF Sell, Hold, or Buy??? $TKMR $BCRX $SRPT

  3. $BIOF everyone will be stuck holding the bag when Einhorn unloads...short this empty shell at will

  4. $BIOF Talk about a ten bagger. I should take some off the table, but I m too greedy.

  5. $BIOF - http://y.ahoo.it/lp1q9koo - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  6. $BIOF Is it too late to get into $BIOF? any pullbacks? I don t see any.

  7. Stocks Touching 52 Week Highs/Lows on Two Consecutive Days $ACHN $RUS $ACHN $BITA $ECHO $BIOF - http://y.ahoo.it/pB2uxhti

  8. @Zenmaku I ve recently been looking at $BIOF also. Entry pt seems awfully high right now?

  9. August 15 2014 P&F Bullish Catapult http://y.ahoo.it/bA7SPlPN $BIOF $HST $IPG $TSO $FISV $APH $KYN

  10. Watch List for 8/18: $TASR $BIOF $TKMR $WYY $BITA

  11. 8/18/2014 Watch List - $TASR $BIOF $TKMR $MNKD $GTAT

  12. $BIOF Just now started following this stock. For a stock that hasn t done much of anything in years, aren t these gains a bit steep?

  13. lowering the Stop on the short in $BIOF to 11.40 (50/50 Basket)

  14. $BIOF energy prices falling,biof rising...:)

  15. $BIOF has been added to the 50/50 Basket with a Stop at hod

  16. $BIOF Too high to buy in right now??????

  17. $BIOF $PEIX trade similarly as do $P and $YELP. As pair trades, they work. Just don t ask me to explain it.

  18. $BIOF - http://y.ahoo.it/WCicYyE6 - New 52 Week High - Crossed daily highs resistance.

  19. Friday Aug 15th - MOJO Day Trading Daily Watch List Hot Gainers $AMCF $MNST $ACHN $MNDL $BIOF AMAT $TKMR $TASR $LOCO $BNCL $GTAT

  20. $BIOF Updated chart. Asc triangle breakout. tgts still $13-$14. PNF tgt $17. @djp3ar @strattonite http://y.ahoo.it/EPUeNzDF

  21. @lcc007: $BIOF asc. triangle with my PT at $14. Buy on any dip. @cheri1 @strattonite @cybercash28 http://y.ahoo.it/oc6tcezW @djp3ar BOOM.

  22. $ICLD $SB $SPEX $TRUE $CORN $BIOF New postup http://y.ahoo.it/bdpOOnlh a few more actionable ideas. Gl2U all

  23. $BIOF is one of funniest volume patterns I ve seen. talk about accumulation without any selling. strong action

  24. @stt2318: $BIOF nice follow through... updated chart http://y.ahoo.it/MD2v0VjI

  25. $BIOF nice follow through... updated chart http://y.ahoo.it/pUaRmBJ1