1. {video} Best Stock Picks $SWIR $CHl $NDLS $BITA, $PERI $DNDN $SUSP and $SYNC http://y.ahoo.it/vsWkb2XZ

  2. http://y.ahoo.it/CiygcPNt gaining momentum #stocks $EMITF $JRJC $BITA

  3. $THRM $VIPS $BITA $AAP added to the Radar for next earning season http://y.ahoo.it/EvOiHkUk

  4. Investing News Weekly Review (8/18 – 8/22) $EBAY $F $TM $TASR $AAPL $BITA $DG $FDO #EBAY #F #TASR #AAPL #BITA DG http://y.ahoo.it/Fm2CZ9lH

  5. @Heggy45: $BITA Anyone else see that 20,000 block from the Chicago Exchange??? http://y.ahoo.it/fA7KcqBc ..there was a 34k earlier nobrainer

  6. #NCIHPI small correction this week, but holding up strong. $LEJU $ATHM $WBAI $QUNR $BITA $JMEI $JD http://y.ahoo.it/aT01PK9Y

  7. $BITA Been a great ride, BITA!

  8. @growthisdead: $BITA Hoping of war breakout on the weekend between mad Russians and mad Ukrainians $SPY

  9. $BITA Hoping of war breakout on the weekend between mad Russians and mad Ukrainians

  10. $BITA Was there a spinning top today?

  11. $BITA Heggy and Stevie have taken over the stream; let it go to fair value = 60, they will show up less

  12. $BITA Why is co not doing a secondary? It is beyond ridiculous; they don t want to raise money at this PIGGIE time?

  13. @thespartacusegroup Just swung $bbry long this week. Missed put entry yesterday morn. Waiting for 10 retest. $Bita wanting to roll over..

  14. Friday Dow closes - 38, We close out - $ 2, 119 but carry + $ 7,395 $TRIP $BITA $CCIH $ADEP http://y.ahoo.it/reSPO1Ah

  15. $QIHU one good sign was seeing 20k order fill 102 today earlier, was expecting a little more runnup , $YY $BITA bettah by far

  16. Friday BIG BREAKOUT in BITAUTO HDGS LTD now up over 5 % $BITA http://y.ahoo.it/yqKfkGvQ

  17. $BITA this been a crazy one...held strong through the end of day- still think its extended up here... think it will nest in the low $70 s

  18. $BITA like VIPS, straight up is for reasons, don t short the strongest because of up too much, high make new higher, highest, in bull mkt.

  19. @stocktrader911 $BITA Guess so, didn t say it would stay or close above $82. You have remarkable trading insights. What is your secret?

  20. $BITA bears can t sustain momentum on asian stocks. heard bear feet is a delicacy in China.

  21. $BITA Mo Mo Mooo Money$$$$ LOL

  22. $BITA as i said earlier, bita should ruse above $82. Monday will go higher fast.

  23. Friday ONE HOUR TO GO, Dow - 25 We at + $7 K $ADEP $BITA $CCIH $TRIP http://y.ahoo.it/W9iT5EI6

  24. $BITA still hoping for a last 1/2 fade, but I dunno...

  25. $BITA The bulls win today.