1. $BIZM This co is a scam it was being pumped on tge rush Limbaugh show back in August I shorted from $4 - .01

  2. $BIZM ...

  3. $BIZM - Looks like this guy was on the money... http://y.ahoo.it/nd4tSZ1u

  4. GovBrain Political Intelligence: $BIZM SEC Obtains Freeze on Proceeds from Unlawful Distribution of Biozoom Shares - http://y.ahoo.it/qOXnGWfb

  5. @ReallyMadAmerican $BIZM wow you posted something last Thursday and it did nothing. You re a bullshitter

  6. Share an idea on $FNMA....$BIZM...looks great for tomorrow

  7. $BIZM held, no news

  8. $BIZM no charting again today... did they fall off the grid?

  9. $BIZM WIERD! no activity listed today.... what does that mean?

  10. $BIZM Ampio s $AMPE ORP renders BioZoom worthless. Check out how AMPE blows BIZM out of the water.

  11. $BIZM Lazaridis forays into funding physics have generally been great http://y.ahoo.it/oqEdK1LO $BBRY

  12. $BIZM http://y.ahoo.it/46amG0xl

  13. $BIZM Strong close on Friday..ordered an evaluation unit. The docs are thinking this technology could replace the need for blood tests.

  14. $BIZM heads up! http://y.ahoo.it/VWZOnPFb

  15. My watchlist 4 Monday...$GEVO has potential. $CLWR waiting for alittle more possible spike with better markets. $BIZM could bounce again

  16. $BIZM was my winner of the day...well.... at least for the first 15 minutes of the opening bell #mypumpanddump

  17. $BIZM is the craziest stock in the world. Wow

  18. $BIZM I suspect this stock will pullback, looks appealing but it s a shady company in my opinion

  19. $BIZM let s hit 4 again!!!

  20. Biozoom, Inc. initiated EV/EBITDA analysis, positive price performance; 12-month target price at $8.50 (BIZM) $BIZM

  21. $BIZM : Analyst Notes (BIZM): Biozoom, Inc. Best Play on “Wearable Tech” $AAPL $NOK $DELL http://y.ahoo.it/pVvNcH4j

  22. $BIZM in action: acquisition target into wearable health and fitness market for $AAPL $NOK or $NIK http://y.ahoo.it/ZtiafUN7

  23. Video and news article of $BIZM in action - works with smartphoneshttp://y.ahoo.it/RPZ7Fh0V

  24. look for $BIZM to hit 4.50 tomorrow

  25. $BIZM wow people knew this was going to crash weeks go.... just when i thought my luck was bad