1. $BKS Barnes & Noble Announces Exclusive Offer: Customers in Canada Get Free NOOK Books® and Magazines .. http://y.ahoo.it/WhHGDP1V

  2. $BKS Barnes & Noble Announces Free August Storytime Lineup.. http://y.ahoo.it/1c2N4M6n


  4. $BKS They should preserve one store as a MUSEM to 20th century media. Seinfeld: its not a store, its a media museum.

  5. $BKS visit a store lately? the ones that haven t closed. Half floor clearance half toys, and a starbux.

  6. $BKS Barnes & Noble’s Get Pop-Cultured Celebration Continues at Stores Nationwide.. http://y.ahoo.it/ltTXcjuk

  7. July 21 2014 Recent Insider Buying http://y.ahoo.it/C7prr246 $AA $KEY $MS $TPH $PSX $FNFG $ED $TEX $FAST $BKS

  8. Barnes & Noble s Chief Information Officer just disposed of 1,512 shares http://y.ahoo.it/Tnw2PDJo $BKS

  9. Barnes & Noble s V.P. and Director of Stores just cashed-in 917 options http://y.ahoo.it/9vFsOQio $BKS

  10. $BKS Broke some good support today, may see further downside towards 20 tomorrow

  11. @1nvestor: stock piece on $BKS hit a Stop today so the S July 23 Calls are now uncovered (Earnings trade)

  12. @howardlindzon In the beginning folks would drag out $BKS to prove $AMZN Was wildly overvalued. Then $TSLA Vs $F and now $UBER To $TM? Silly

  13. $BKS covered 1/2 of my short at 21.9. and riding the rest down to 20s

  14. stock piece on $BKS hit a Stop today so the S July 23 Calls are now uncovered (Earnings trade)

  15. $BKS Barnes & Noble at The Grove To Host Chris Colfer The Land of Stories Booksigning and Costume Part.. http://y.ahoo.it/ulV9viHR

  16. $BKS Barnes & Noble Kicks-Off Get Pop-Cultured with Special Preview Weekend July 18-20 at Stores Natio.. http://y.ahoo.it/ciODBU80

  17. $BKS If you want to have some credibility at least give some realistic targets. going to test 20s soon.

  18. July 10, 2014 Daily Insider Buying Alert http://y.ahoo.it/RcODz4ZI $APP $MS $ARCP $MNKD $BKS $PSX $TEX $OPK $GCI $EQT $RSG

  19. @Poweruhvone: $BKS Due for a much larger drop. 21.80 short term First target hit, next up 20.60

  20. $BKS Buy gap here. Down to 21.92

  21. Share an idea on $BKS. Barnes & Noble buy call at and around current market rate 22.61 http://y.ahoo.it/XNP3hTnc

  22. $BKS love all this negative talk on BKS...time to load up! Going to $26+, just you watch, sweethearts :)

  23. Does the #Nook #spinoff make Barnes & Noble a buy? Probably not... || via @motleyfool || http://y.ahoo.it/txGkl0eN || $BKS

  24. @geepeez Only other short right now is $BKS from above 23. Looking for 20-21. LT-16

  25. $BKS Downward channel starting to form very nicely. 20.60 s by the end of the week if market stays shaky.