1. $BLRX We R sailing to 4.75 $ till end of May.

  2. $BLRX I m the guy who bought afterhours at $2.29. Just got killed with ATHX. Hope I have better luck here.

  3. $BLRX Might have to double my position. This has very healthy for days now.

  4. $BLRX HOT DOG! Our lil doggy pulled off a gain amidst carnage! Also broke through resistance today!

  5. $BLRX Holy beans! Our little doggy not doing bad in comparison to yesterday s close & the overall markets today! Hold that supp. at >$2.18

  6. $BLRX BL-8040 Acute myeloid leukemia and other hematological cancers will report phase II results real soon, wait for it or miss the ride

  7. $BLRX BL-1040 AMI for Acute Myocardial Infarction will have news next week and BL-5010 Benign skin lesions this month

  8. $BLRX what are we looking to finish the week off with? Maybe 2.25, but will drop the last 30 mins of trading. Over 2.25 close an I m happy.

  9. $BLRX hoping to get in. Anyone think it ll drop back down to 2.17ish

  10. $BLRX its coming to break..... just one PR somewhere will shoot it or some MM action... really good base...

  11. $BLRX Bullish engulfing with new higher support with next resistance which was broken temp. today too:

  12. $BLRX That s what I m talkin

  13. $BLRX Zacks bumped up BLRX momentum to an A :))

  14. $BLRX Wow, very nice. Solid move on high volume too :) Pushed through resistance as well.

  15. Share an idea on $BLRX risky short!!

  16. $BLRX is like....

  17. $BLRX Finally taking off!

  18. $blrx likey

  19. $BLRX Rise too much to quick. If you are looking to buy, wait a few hours... it will be back to 2.17. Long term: Solid investment.

  20. $BLRX nice early action...

  21. $BLRX nice. my patience is strong on this one

  22. $BLRX STOCK ALERT: BLRX Looks Ready to Move From Key Support Level @ $2.15. Looking for 10% Upside on BLRX as 1st Target

  23. $BLRX

  24. $BLRX Argh!...the shares I would snatch up at this price if I had the extra money!

  25. $BLRX Any minute Booom!