1. $BLRX Does this one ever go up at all? I believe there is potential here considering its partnerships but must be the only one...

  2. $BSPM $NAVB $BLRX $INUV market is in serious correction mode. I don t even see this stopping. Trimming positions here

  3. $BLRX unloaded remaining 5K. Will look again in couple of months.

  4. Biolinerx Announces Investigator-Initiated Study For http://y.ahoo.it/OP4TFHxm $BLRX

  5. $BLRX unloaded 5K.

  6. $$$ 4/4 BIOTECH buy interest WL : $TKMR $ATHX $PGNX $BIOL $ETRM $ACRX $NBY $IDRA $FLML $SYN $ARWR $BLRX $ANTH $$$

  7. This week s holding: $AEZS $ATOS $ATRS $BLRX $CRIS $ETRM $GTXI $MJNA $NAVB. Looking to play again $ARIA $SGYP $DARA

  8. $BLRX I think we will see $1.90 before we go back up.

  9. $BLRX oversold. Huge opportunity here with not much downside risk. Will be in the 3s in no time


  11. $BMRN , $vrtx, $cldx, $mnov, $blrx , $heb , $kerx ;) another dAy - bring it on , let s go .....

  12. $BLRX long 100 shres since $3.18

  13. This weeks position: $AEZS $ARIA $ATOS $ATRS $BLRX $CRIS $ETRM $GTXI $MJNA $NAVB

  14. @StockAdvice $ETRM $BLRX $MELA $IMRS $GIG $ ZLCS Ok either you are mentally challenged or just a troll. Either way welcome to my block list.

  15. $BLRX uhhh.. in 100 shares since $3.18.. gonna need some #StockAdvice on this one

  16. Hal Mintz, Sabby Management Report 7.43% Stake in Oxygen Biotherapeutics, Inc. $OXBT $REPH $BLRX http://y.ahoo.it/lhjzTQFL

  17. $BLRX Long. March 31 catalyst, great buy here, very undervalued. Holding $BSPM $NAVB Sold $SSH this morning

  18. $BLRX very undervalued. Could receive a 265 million royalty payment from one partner in the near future. That only is 3x the current mkt cap

  19. $BLRX has enough cash for 2 years, huge pipeline, partners, royalties, and many catalysts this year. Next on march 31 which looks positive$$

  20. Sabby Management Adds Bioline RX Ltd & Recro Pharma Inc to Its Equity Portfolio $BLRX $REPH http://y.ahoo.it/by6w9pVh

  21. $BLRX stay quiet, let me accum, then. Pop

  22. Going through remarks suggested on the $BLRX conference call transcript http://y.ahoo.it/xdULh0ht

  23. Current holding for this week: $AEZS $ATOS $ATRS $BLRX $CRIS $ETRM $MJNA $NAVB. 4 of them are red :((

  24. BioLineRx Ltd. just filed its Annual and transition report of foreign private issuers [Sections 13 or 15(d)] http://y.ahoo.it/fAc2KTIF $BLRX

  25. Biolinerx Reports Year End 2013 Financial Results http://y.ahoo.it/t8E7Gr08 $BLRX