1. $BLRX good science, poor managerial decisions.

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  3. $BLRX the onlyway it can go is down every up move is just a bump on the way down sorry the number of failures is 3

  4. $BLRX we might end this week almost at $2! Such an amazing good news about BL-5010!

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  9. $BLRX something was going on on the close Friday.... 1.82 bid and trading there...

  10. $ADHD $BLRX Good chance FDA approved Breakthrough Therapy for DIGNITY since 3 million shares traded hands for CLSN in Tel Aviv. (TASE).

  11. $BLRX why the pop today?

  12. $BLRX What happened here? any news?

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  25. $BLRX BioLineRx Announces Initiation of Phase 1/2 Trial for Novel Treatment in Two Bone Marrow Failure Conditions