1. $CLRX $CPRX $VLTC $ANX $XOMA $ATHX $ARIA $ANTH $OXGN $BLRX I see blood everywhere! Thanks Greece.

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  4. $BLRX holdin on for the ride

  5. $BLRX The one stock I sold last week. :$

  6. $CBLI from last night s post. Market is helping to bring it down. http://mobilestocktrader.com/?p=839 $GEVO $BLRX $NES $COVS

  7. $BLRX i think we would be seeing the 3 s on an upmarket day. im long and bullish

  8. $BLRX

  9. $BLRX Nice move....$$$

  10. $BLRX

  11. $BLRX gimme 3 baby!

  12. $BLRX Holding strong; all we need is one strong up day in the biotech sector and we are off to the races.

  13. $BLRX no worries at all here

  14. $BLRX holding up well, all things considered

  15. Pre-Market Losers: $NBG -28% $MCRB -17% $MBI -10% $VDSI -8% $JMEI -7% $SAN -6% $BLRX -6% $BBVA -5% $DB -5% $CSIQ -5% $PBMD -5%

  16. Premarket $UVXY +13% $VXX +6% / $NBG -28% $MCRB -17% $MBI -10% $VDSI -8% $JMEI -7% $SAN -6% $BLRX -6% $BBVA -5% $DB -5% $CSIQ -5% $PBMD -5%

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  18. $BLRX A


  20. $BLRX this is going to be a blood bath today.

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  22. $BLRX Tel Aviv Stock Exchange open, and it is up 9.27% up today on BLRX.Monday would be great day on BLRX on NASDAQ!

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