1. $BLRX ...flash ratings on Blrx .... https://www.flashratings.com/stocks/305-BLRX?t=90&in=true .........

  2. $BLRX longs are desparate and understant finally their mistake. Sorry tjis was on the board since last failure!

  3. $BLRX OMG

  4. $IDRA $INO $ARIA $BLRX better days coming, chart the supports, hunker down and play until ASCO/bio season

  5. $BLRX all in

  6. $BLRX

  7. $BLRX wish I had more cash for the upcoming buying opportunities.

  8. $BLRX in November some will regret selling at very low prices told me an investor long on this - I hold

  9. $BLRX where have u been when the stock was OVER 3 $ SMART S. Go back to your hole.

  10. $BLRX bullish

  11. $BLRX down 2% in TLV. If someone remember this stock went down 200% over tears of investors dillutions and poor management !! No future.

  12. $BLRX my system produced sell signal analyst say buy Ok love them

  13. $BLRX If BL-8040 platform is successful, SP will rise similar to $ADXS. Should have an idea by EOY.

  14. $BLRX Analysts have it as a buy to outperform. Co. to meet w/FDA in Oct. re: BL-8040 & stem cell mobilization from bone marrow.

  15. $BLRX worst ..... Surprise surprise i expect it to go to 1 if 2 dollars not reached next weel

  16. $BLRX cant wait to get rid of my shares next time this runs. Worst on my portfolio

  17. $BLRX total junk stock fell today 7% in TLV SE hope for the longs that conditions will develop to sell. Poor management and failure

  18. $BLRX: New SEC Filing for BLRX: Form CT ORDER, No. 9999999997-15-013851 http://stocknewsflow.com/1498403_999999999715013851_9999999997-15-013851

  19. Confidential treatment order http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/no/summary/?id=2047780 $BLRX

  20. $BLRX this is worse then i even seen in my charts horizontal support broken sellers line up

  21. $BLRX giving out shares:}))))))))))))) why:)))))

  22. $BLRX no support free fall if ends at the low of the day 1.47 will drop sharply look at the chart

  23. $BLRX sold and added CANF based on the news and volume

  24. $BLRX yea will be good really good by EOY

  25. $OPK $IDRA $TNXP $BLRX $ISIS Still holding majority, although swimming some off to hedge with $BIS. Hopefully $IBB can find support soon.