1. @Newb24 don t leave you ll regret, I just entered with 2599 shares and the promotion begins, Zack s has as a #1 strong buy $BLRX too

  2. @Yaleboy I haven t given up on $BLRX but I have moved on to a better buy in $CYTX from .48ยข to $6 1152% upside & Major Holders

  3. @Yaleboy 1091% Upside just purchased 2500 to go with my 1,200 $BLRX http://investors.morningstar.com/ownership/shareholders-major.html?t=CYTX https://www.google.ca/finance?q=NASDAQ%3ACYTX&ei=NozKVMGfNITR8AaUp4GQCA http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/cytk/analyst-research

  4. $BLRX

  5. $BLRX Good Shabbos.

  6. @ttnew: $BLRX great momentum at Tel Aviv stock exchange. Made a stunning reversal

  7. $BLRX great momentum at Tel Aviv stock exchange. Made a stunning reversal

  8. $BLRX We R Waiting. ... http://stocktwits.com/message/31852901

  9. $BLRX .... stok and macd about to cross again .........

  10. $BLRX .... looking good here ..... http://www.stockta.com/cgi-bin/analysis.pl?symb=BLRX&cobrand=&mode=stock

  11. @MrHouse I can t see any money being made anytime soon, when we take fees to buy and sell into account... I like $BLRX over this one

  12. @Yaleboy: $BLRX BLRX. Heading North http://stocktwits.com/message/31720309

  13. $BLRX BLRX. Heading North http://stocktwits.com/message/31720309

  14. $BLRX Good Shabess

  15. $blrx Good Shabbos.

  16. all the Biomed stocks are down::small ones like $BLRX $CGEN $CANF and big ones like $NVS Roche

  17. $BLRX What is going on here? :(

  18. $BLRX dropping against the market on low volume. Maybe $NVS would take advantage current share price and exercising it s option

  19. $BLRX ... a list of all of blrx trials .... https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/results?term=BioLineRx+Ltd&Search=Search

  20. $BLRX BLRX. 5 Waves are done by Elliott from 6.89 to 1.20. reversal wave has been started. Fib Target 10.40$ Bullish

  21. $BLRX has 2 analyst ratings in the last 30 days and 100% are positive. Median target: $9.25 (380% upside). View here: https://www.flashratings.com/stocks/305-BLRX?in=true&t=30

  22. $ATHX ... so I have start to buy $blrx ....any body else in that .... i have done dd on it ... anybody have any back comments to make ??

  23. $BLRX ????????????

  24. A lot Israel duals like $BLRX $RDHL $AUDC $KMDA $EVGN are coming with negative arbitrage. If market is up tonight, take advantage of it

  25. Market swing and low volume taking $BLRX and $CGEN down. It a bumpy ride with all the Central Banks/Regulators/Greece announcements