1. $BLRX Needs to take out PM high $2.38 its blue shys

  2. $BLRX Found this interview to be an objective good read: http://stocktwits.tumblr.com/post/114677694830/what-you-need-to-know-about-this-boom-our-q-a#_=_

  3. $BLRX Wow, came back from errands and the damage is being repaired! Go little doggy, go. Good boy!

  4. $BLRX iShares Nasdaq Biotechnology ^^^^^^^^ IBB NASDAQ 343.83 2.53 (0.74%)

  5. $BLRX Awfully quiet, this day needs to end..

  6. Stocks Lure Investment- $BLRX $MPO $PBR http://www.streetwisereport.com/stocks-lure-investment-biolinerx-ltd-nasdaqblrx-midstates-petroleum-nysempo-petroleo-brasileiro-petrobras-nysepbr/112811/

  7. $BLRX Ouch, today looks to put the hurt on.

  8. $BLRX I m out, time to short....look into $RALY

  9. $BLRX youtu.be/GE9bX0zfyUA

  10. $BLRX With 21K+ shares in long, got a hinky suspicion next few sessions are going to be brutal. Short term bear, long bull.

  11. $BLRX what the heck happen today! I made a mistake buying 6k shares at 2.43

  12. $BLRX dipping

  13. $BLRX someone stole 4k shares after hrs at 2.14 #jealous

  14. $BLRX Roth Capital Set Price Target Buy $10.50

  15. $BLRX Maxim Group-Set Price-Target Buy $8.00

  16. $BLRX was nudged but regaining path

  17. $BLRX BioLineRx Reports Successful Top-Line Safety and Efficacy Results for Novel Stem Cell Mobilization Treatment http://stocknewsnow.com/news/NEWSID25032015100010/BioLineRx-Reports-Successful-Top-Line-Safety-and-Efficacy-Results-for-Novel-Stem-Cell-Mobilization-Treatment

  18. $BLRX Anyone thinking a gap up possible afhrs/pmkt again?

  19. $BLRX *throw in whoooops

  20. $BLRX Indeed! Wished I had another 10K to through in at today s price. :(

  21. $BLRX THIS IS ALL PROGRAM SELLING ...IT IS AUTOMATIC AND IN THE COMPUTERS HANDS .. So buy now and yes will most likely be green by eod....

  22. $BLRX Should I get rid of it. Or wait another week?

  23. $BLRX http://finance.yahoo.com/news/biolinerx-stem-cell-leukaemia-drug-115158848.html

  24. $BLRX oops got problem to post

  25. $BLRX for info...