1. @Hornerc01 I am gone now, I gave $BLRX a week :p, on to the next ... Disappointed, but may be a navidad thing.

  2. $BLRX out-licenses novel skin lesion treatment to Omega Pharma; $PPHM, $ENDP http://marketsdaily.com/biolinerx-nasdaqblrx-out-licenses-novel-skin-lesion-treatment-to-omega-pharma-peregrine-pharmaceuticals-nasdaqpphm-endo-international-nasdaqendp/

  3. $BLRX In at a 1.75 2400 shares. Let s see what happens in a couple months

  4. $BLRX Mr. MacGee do you run this board solo?

  5. Some people are going to make allot of $$$$ today. $BLRX

  6. I sure would like to buy some @ $207.86 but I bought some $BLRX @ $1.69 to raise the capital; it has a BUY & a STONG BUY & is +501.5%

  7. I sure would like to buy some $AAPL @ $112.02 but I bought some $BLRX @ $1.69 to raise the capital; it has a BUY & a STONG BUY & is +501.5%

  8. I sure would like to buy some $TSLA @ $222.67 but I bought some $BLRX @ $1.69 to raise the capital; it has a BUY & a STONG BUY & is +501.5%

  9. @syedau84 I agree & is about time I heard it, I read $95 a week ago, I have invested in $BLRX (+501.5%) to raise some funds to buy $BABA

  10. @Sillerman I did very well with $BABA but just sold and invested all of my earnings in $BLRX which has a BUY & a STRONG BUY Rating Google it

  11. @Mike_2014 I wish you all luck with $KNDI but I invested in $BLRX instead, it has a buy & a strong buy rating & sells @ $1.68 to $8-$11.50

  12. BioLineRx: Results From R/R Aml Phase 2A (Under Ind) http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summary2/?id=1352092 $BLRX

  13. $BLRX: New SEC Filing for BLRX (Form 6-K, No. 0001178913-14-003935): http://stocknewsflow.com/1498403_000117891314003935_0001178913-14-003935

  14. 4-star analyst Jason Kolbert from Maxim Group reiterated a BUY on $BLRX. https://www.tipranks.com/experts/jason-kolbert

  15. 1-star analyst Joseph Pantginis from Roth Capital maintained a BUY on $BLRX. Joseph has a -1.9% avg rtrn https://www.tipranks.com/experts/joseph-pantginis

  16. I bought 1,200 shares of $BLRX with the proceeds of my $SKYS sale after the run Friday, will buy more $BLRX when I free up some funds

  17. $BLRX 17,000 Shares traded in the first 21minutes ... I guess is is Christmas or something tomorrow :p

  18. here we go...$BLRX will put $BABA to shame today

  19. $BLRX are you all ready? Hold on, it is going to be a wild wild ride. :D

  20. Roth Encouraged by Progress, Biz Development of BioLineRx s ($BLRX) BL-5010; Affirms Buy ... http://www.streetinsider.com/Analyst+Comments/Roth+Encouraged+by+Progress%2C+Biz+Development+of+BioLineRxs+%28BLRX%29+BL-5010%3B+Affirms+Buy+Rating/10121941.html?si_client=st

  21. $BLRX I m happy you re all here. You bring life to the forum. I was Lonley for a long time. The road is still long to 10.5 $, I love you all

  22. @Yaleboy I just came onboard and bought on Monday (I found out about it on Friday, but didn t have any money so I sold my $SKYS & got $BLRX

  23. $BLRX is everyone ready? $BLRX will run tomorrow, 11,500 shares sold after market closed, will be $11.00 by 10am, happened w SKYS on Mon

  24. $BLRX Previous two posts are one message.

  25. $BLRX removal of benign skin lesions, for over-the-counter indications, in the territory of Europe, Australia and selected other countries