1. $BNC.CA ask stocktwits

  2. $BNC.CA When will we get a new ticker on stocktwits?

  3. $BNC.CA how do I see my position for the new tix

  4. $BNC.CA tst

  5. $BNC.CA how do I find out new tix symbol

  6. $BNC.CA So the .03 increase today was due to a big buy? Think we hold it? I like being green. :)

  7. $BNC.CA Whats the news on this jump?

  8. $BNC.CA RT 0,27 there r no sellers imagine someone wants 1.000.000 boom shakalaka boom

  9. $BNC.CA WOW,,up 0.2 in 2 minutes!!

  10. $BNC.CA rt 0,25 can $

  11. $BNC.CA Don t quite get how this exchange works. It shows red here but a green day in my acct.

  12. $BNC.CA Anyone able to find this company s sec filings? I looked under both bioniche and telesta and couldn t get a hit.

  13. $BNC.CA http://www.stockwatch.com/News/Item.aspx?bid=Z-C:TST-2233974

  14. Telesta Therapeutics Announces Key Clinical & Corporate Updates http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/summaryc/?id=1302179 $BNC.CA

  15. $BNC.CA new ticker tsx:tst

  16. $BNC.CA $BMY phase III application denial shows that nothing s a sure thing. We re not out of the woods until MCNA is on the market.

  17. $BNC.CA Significant move on BNHLF this morning, up 11.3%. Feels good :)

  18. @Moses_MoMoney $nvlx, $oncs, $BNC.CA $ecgi.. I can keep going if u want

  19. $BNC.CA if this company has a phase 3 drug for bladder cancer pending fda approval how is it only trading at 17 cents?

  20. @davidgregan very self confident... good strategy clear decisions... i like it expand pipeline sounds promising also partnership :) $BNC.CA

  21. $BNC.CA Presentation from Bioniche CEO. 2015 should be an exciting year for Telesta Therapeutics. http://www.bioniche.com/pdf/2014/CEO%20Presentation%202014%20Annual%20General%20Meeting.pdf

  22. $BNC.CA give me 17 or 18 cents please and thank you

  23. $BNC.CA finally some up moves its about time ...

  24. $BNC.CA http://www.stockhouse.com/news/press-releases/2014/11/13/bioniche-life-sciences-inc-announces-results-of-annual-general-meeting-of

  25. $BNC.CA at the FDA s request, the Company has scheduled a face-to-face pre-BLA meeting with the FDA later this month.