2. $NG_F daily. Natural Gas futures daily. $QG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNL $FCG $BOIL $KOLD $GAZ $DCNG $GASX $GASL

  3. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASL $BOIL $UNG - Synthetic storage indicator shows bullish trend ahead.

  4. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASL $BOIL $UNG International Labour s Day - according to GFS12

  5. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASL $BOIL $UNG Quick update: closed 75% of my short positions, increased long exposure.

  6. $NG_F $DGAZ $UGAZ $GASL $BOIL $UNG sorry, guys. I ve been away Had to travel to St. Petersburg, gas capital of Europe

  7. $UGAZ - This is one commodity I will play catch the falling knife with! $NUGT $UWTI $DGAZ $DWTI $BOIL $DUST

  8. $NG_F daily. Natural Gas daily. $QG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNL $FCG $BOIL $KOLD $GAZ $DCNG $GASX $GASL

  9. $UNG Could easily test recent pivot of 12.49 & fail for new lows... $ugaz $dgaz $boil $kold

  10. $UGAZ $BOIL what is the difference in these two stocks?

  11. @Mill_5049: Thoughts on $BOIL. Good 1 -3 month investment? I am in for 4000 shares at $10.60. My target is $13

  12. Thoughts on $BOIL. Good 1 -3 month investment?

  13. $UGAZ $BOIL where did the ng bloodbath guy go?

  14. $UNG $BOIL $UGAZ $KOLD $DGAZ $FCG in-depth analysis about natural gas and how to trade it by 2016: http://seekingalpha.com/article/3073246-natural-gas-market-will-ung-be-the-next-big-trade-by-2016

  15. $UGAZ perhaps i am seeing Bullish Doji Star... $ung $boil

  16. $NG_F daily. Natural Gas daily. $QG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNL $FCG $BOIL $KOLD $GAZ $DCNG $GASX $GASL

  17. $BOIL spellbound by the devil

  18. Seeking Alpha: Natural Gas- Injections and Higher Prices, Go figureā€¦ http://technomentals.com/2015/04/20/seeking-alpha-natural-gas-injections-and-higher-prices-go-figure/ $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL $SPY

  19. $BOIL lets see 10 EOD

  20. $BOIL in @ $10.57 bought more $ugaz @ $1.98

  21. Gapping Down $AMPE 57% $FARO 18% $CNDO 16% $FNRG 15% $CZR 9% $BOIL 7% $MBII 6% $RCL 5% $INDL 5% $USLV 5% $UVXY 4% $JNUG 4% $AGQ 4% $VXX 2%

  22. $UGAZ most likely scenerio is NG bottoms out after Thur inventory report. 2.47 should hold and hold well. Start building $BOIL Super long

  23. $BOIL why is boil trending?

  24. $BOIL why not just buy $LNG ? Any thoughts

  25. $BOIL