1. Natural Gas- The Magnet of Lower Price... Podcast on Commodix https://commodix.com/research/ $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL $SPY

  2. Natural Gas- The Magnet of Lower Price In A Fuel That Loves To Toast And Roast http://technomentals.com/2016/02/08/natural-gas-the-magnet-of-lower-price-in-a-fuel-that-loves-to-toast-and-roast/ $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL $SPY

  3. $BOIL $KOLD $UGAZ $DGAZ $NG_F http://www.gfx.gbm.scotiabank.com/Chart_Feed/IMM.pdf COTR -- Add on weakness to deferred contracts <December 2016

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  5. $KOLD $BOIL $UGAZ $DGAZ $UNL $FCG -- Friday Commodity Round-up after TOM KEENE -- Happy Friday Everyone!

  6. $DWTI $DGAZ Watch #EIA Natty Thursday LIVE http://kevinbantz.blogspot.com $UGAZ $BOIL $KOLD $UWTI $GAZ $GASX $UNL $FCG

  7. $ugaz if that s it then back to fill Monday s gap. $ng_f $boil $kold $dgaz

  8. $UNG $UGAZ $BOIL $NG_F Natural Gas production in Marcellus will continue to drop significantly, good SA article:http://seekingalpha.com/article/3857136-prolific-natural-gas-region-decline

  9. Na(s)tty update: This little tricky bastard likes to fake breakout s & bounces! $NG_F $UNG $UNL $BOIL

  10. Great time to add here LONG: $SPY $IWM $QQQ $FAS $LABU $SVXY $XIV SHORT: $LABD $FAZ $TVIX $UVXY CLOSE: Natural gas short $UGAZ $UNG $BOIL

  11. Natural Gas- Looking Firm But Don’t Get Too Excited Podcast on Commodix https://commodix.com/research/ $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL $GASL $SPY

  12. Natural Gas- Looking Firm But Don’t Get Too Excited http://technomentals.com/2016/02/01/natural-gas-looking-firm-but-dont-get-too-excited/ $NG_F $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL $GASL $XLE $SPY

  13. $UNG $UGAZ $GAZ $BOIL with another draw of 200 BCF last week, we enter February with ONLY 2,800 bcf & there are 10 weeks left until April.

  14. $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL $KOLD And a gap down $NG_F as predicted

  15. $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $BOIL $KOLD Blocks trades on highs friday ung looks distributive 8.50 level is key


  17. $NG_F in bullish side @ their quarter year rolling back median. $UNG $UNL $BOIL $XOP $XES $XLE


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  20. Money Flow says a break of horizontal resistance, the herd will have to chase. $UGAZ $BOIL

  21. $NG_f $boil $ugaz and $kold $dgaz March - April turf battle for the Spring Chickens


  23. $UNG $UGAZ $BOIL $DGAZ the nat gas bears are in PANICK and have flooded the boards with bearish allegations. IT S JONAS, STUPID!

  24. nat.G $UNG $BOIL $UGAZ on 2hr interval chart is an INVERSE head & shoulders pattern here:

  25. $UNG $UGAZ $BOIL $DGAZ hey nat gas bears, close positions, this is a deadly snowstorm:http://abcnews.go.com/US/weekends-snow-storm/story?id=36446103