1. @StayCool revers split 10:1 ... google my friend :) $BONE

  2. $BONE can someone ELI5 how it jumped +916% $AAPL $P $VTI

  3. $BONE can someone ELI5 how it jumped +916% $appl

  4. $BONE Same value, less shares= reverse stock split 10:1; nothing has happen yet.

  5. $BONE are you guys settled already? Im still not

  6. $BONE Um...

  7. $BONE such tiny volume, this one is hard to get into and out of

  8. $BONE 55M shares to 5.5M shares. When good happens here, there s going to be a pretty good battle for those 5.5M. Holding and hoping.

  9. $BONE So what is best option here, hold or dump,

  10. $BONE impressive... no impact of r/s $RNN will be same then

  11. @Alpha2014 this had a 10:1 reverse split, it is about where it closed on friday...not up 900%+ $BONE

  12. $BONE This reverse split reminds me of newl. Will see 100% days again after this

  13. $BONE Wish I got here sooner...

  14. $BONE is my chart showing correct? 919.67% up for the day? geez... Hopefully it doesn t get halt....

  15. $BONE What is the pps? Scottrade can t seem to update my holdings.

  16. $BONE Resumed just as quick.

  17. $BONE And now what?

  18. $BONE Bacterin Halted on Circuit-Breaker

  19. $BONE 200 share volume...wow, slow down guys

  20. @speedytrader $BONE Possible catalyst : ER 12th AUG. It s a unique treatment/therapy, so may be attractive to BP somewhere :-)

  21. $BONE Good morning Boners! Relax,its only money...

  22. $BONE Why won t it let me sell

  23. $BONE lol my protfolio showing $610k in here alone. How do I sell???

  24. $BONE the volume was too low for me to jump in, at least if it is >$1 wont have to deal with 0.0001 nonsense

  25. $BONE good luck longs, i was debating whether to jump in but decided to see how it responds to r/s monday