1. $BOSC Wanna see trascript of CC -

  2. Losers: $NBS -30%. $OME -18%. $BONE -13%. $CBSO -12%. $TRT -12%. $BOSC -11%. $YUMA -10%. $YOKU -9%

  3. Mid-Day Top Losers November 18 2014 $NBS -27.42% $OME -17.96% $CBSO -12.57% $BONE -13.31% $BOSC -11.14... ..

  4. $NETE $GEVO $QKLS $BOSC $CDTI $ATEA $MVIS $TOPS $OPXA For Atea - Bosc - Qkls great spike is near

  5. $BOSC this is super company - good chart - fundamentals and a funny gap fo fill

  6. $BOSC B.O.S. and Live in Clean City Launched an RFID Based System for Waste Management.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/BOSC/communique/794756

  7. Monday s Losers: $ALCS -73%; $HIVE -32%; $NLST -30%; $ GDP -29%; $COVS -21%; $DRYS -20%; $LAD -20%; $ZAZA -20%; $BOSC -19%; $VBIV -18%

  8. $BOSC B.O.S. Successfully Completed Implementation of a Mantis Warehouse Management System.. http://boardvote.com/symbol/BOSC/communique/784229

  9. $BOSC Big asks were for forcing BOSC price down while someone bought. No big ask filled. Someone likes BOSC! Weak hands were fooled. BUY

  10. $BOSC The large sells that were showing were to help the big play get back shares cheap. Not a single big showing sell filled one share.

  11. $BOSC Only 2 technical indicators left to break & a $10 or run is probably a reality. $4.50 and $4.80 must break Monday broke $4.30.

  12. $BOSC Yesterday didn t break $4.30 so hoping today it breaks $4.15 the current technical mark that suggests next week BOSC heads higher.

  13. $BOSC

  14. $BOSC needs to break over $3.91 today to show traders it s got continuation. A $4 close would indicate a bull run forming & get it noticed.

  15. pre ideas today $CREG, $MTSL, $OTIV, $RITT, $TISA ,$SGOC ,$MNDO, $GCAP,$BOSC..some thin ones

  16. $BOSC Anybody using charts tell when we will pop over $4 & stay? Tried 2 learn - just don t get it! Quit w/ cup/saucer, resistance, etc :(

  17. @StockKingz Premarket Movers! -$bnny $thld $ctic $bosc $crnt $tgtx $gfig $mzor $tlog $burl $ivan $rxii $ecty $STUDY http://y.ahoo.it/QiKFgG9M

  18. $BOSC still holding

  19. Israeli stocks on the move $RADA +92% .... Eyes on $BOSC .. bottom play 2x avg volume http://y.ahoo.it/gr4ln7sf

  20. in $BOSC ... potential sympathy play for $RADA

  21. @3DTradingtrader WHY does $BOSC keep swinging so wide???

  22. $BOSC so.. thin. Ripping...

  23. $BOSC low floaters breaking

  24. $DGLY too risky here..buy big on $hpj & $bosc both low floaters

  25. $HPJ & $BOSC are potential monsters today like $DGLY & $JRJC