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  7. $GPRO $BRK.A share price.....watch out....a new Cowboy is in town.....should pass this price by next year....everyone wants a camera, ya dig

  8. $BABA @ $95 a share it s worth more than $GE, $CVX, $WMT, $VZ, and many more. But not bigger than $GOOG, $XOM , $BRK.A, or $AAPL Just yet.

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  11. $BRK.B $BRK.A, Didn t Warren Buffet say he would consider buying back shares if the Price/Book fell <1.5? Better than $SPY average @ 1.4 now

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  14. On a day like this you can make pennies shorting be it $vips $brk-a or small caps.you will make More money only going long

  15. @The_Real_Chopper_Reid: $GPRO I see this passing up $BRK.A in stock price by the end of the year quote of the day sir

  16. $GPRO I see this passing up $BRK.A in stock price by the end of the year

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