1. $EWZ In kind of a no-man s land. Waiting for a break above 51.75 http://y.ahoo.it/QZshiLkf $BRZU

  2. $BRF $ewz $ews $brzu #watching

  3. $EWZ Breaking out. $BRZU

  4. $PBR $SID $EWZ $BRZU etc - bankstr f hds reined in (for now) dig deeper, work. Dont wanna work? Dont trade

  5. Gotta stick with $RUSL - flatline above zero line looks rather definitive. $JNUG and $BRZU prediction paying off quite nicely!

  6. $BRZU bottoming out above the zero line, you know what that means! RALLY! RALLY! RALLY!

  7. $BRZU $EWZ.... $BRZS is the next to rally!

  8. $BRZU i dont trust this stock

  9. @AlejandroMasari what do you think about $BRZU ? Do you think soccer world cup fever might push it up ?

  10. Wow $EWZ $BRZU

  11. ETF Of The Day: $BRZU 10.60%

  12. $EURZ Looks bullish. More volatile than $EPV. New europe triple ETF s $EURL $UPV $RUSS $RUSL $YINN $YANG $JNUG $JDST $DUST NUGT $BRZU $BRZS

  13. $EWZ both $BRZU and $BRZS up today.

  14. @betaloss: $PBR $EWZ $BRZU about to crash and burn. Short $PBR and buy $BRZS Worked well

  15. $PBR $EWZ $BRZU about to crash and burn. Short $PBR and buy $BRZS

  16. $BRZU What s the matter with Brazil? Better than China?

  17. $BRZU - Brazil 3x ETF http://y.ahoo.it/GaotNTp4 on last nights scan of High Tight Flags - FWIW b/o http://y.ahoo.it/027J4FNI

  18. New BLOG POST http://y.ahoo.it/zD2s7uhB Scan 4 Tuesday $RDNT $PAM building HighTightFlag $BRZU $UDR http://y.ahoo.it/cqi71R8L

  19. @Apples_Oranges91: Potential 2x 3x ETF runners $BRZU $RUSS $NUGT $SOXS $JNUG $GASX $DGAZ $TZA

  20. @RoadhouseBlues @LogicalReasoning @ciscodisco @groete Though $BRZU may be an easier ride though. I may put my money there

  21. ETF Of the day: $BRZU 10.40% #stocks #trading

  22. Potential 2x 3x ETF runners $BRZU $RUSS $NUGT $SOXS $JNUG $GASX $DGAZ $TZA

  23. $BRZU looks ready again. $RUSS $JNUG $SOXS

  24. @Wavepatterntraders You were on the money here... props. And overall market is no excuse because look at Brazil $BRZU $EWZ lol

  25. $BRZU closed position this am. Nice run