1. @Rockwelly @barna What about $BSPM ?

  2. $RNN $BSPM Couple to keep an eye on

  3. $BSPM looking ripe to buy.

  4. $BSPM Watch this dip, a retrace to $1.9 is a 10% trade from $1.73. Anything sub $1.65 is worth buying for an easy swing. Magnet to $2+

  5. $BSPM Might be the only undervalued biotech left in the whole $IBB sector. $4.68 book value, $3.78 share price to sales, 283.30% EPS Q/Q.


  7. Unfortunately, momentum goes both ways. Time to buy more. Know what you own! $ssh $xxii $bspm


  9. Gainers: $EMKR +26%. $VVUS +15%. $VIMC +12%. $ICCC +11%. $RLJE +11%. $BSPM +10%.

  10. $BSPM patience is always the game :P Thanks gents!

  11. $BSPM & $EMKR Gainers: $EMKR +39%. $XXII +17% PWE +9%.

  12. @antonzalutsky If you re trading $BSPM, do that! Keep your core position if you think it has a lot more upside (it does).

  13. $BSPM almost avg volume and its not even 10:00, is anyone else alive here?

  14. $BSPM on deck for some action? $RADA $SCOK

  15. $BSPM any PT s for today?

  16. $BSPM Biostar Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Files a PRC Patent Application for Oleanolic Acid Injection, its N.. http://y.ahoo.it/mE7noajV

  17. @barna sold out os $BSPM ?

  18. $BSPM Get back to 2s

  19. $BSPM adding here @1.75

  20. $BSPM correction underway, back in at $1.55 my new entry point

  21. @Biostockman $BSPM That s what I am talking about since weeks :-)

  22. $BSPM Load the boat here we go $

  23. $BSPM We are pleased to have successfully sold four BSD-2000 systems to Linden in fiscal year 2014,” stated Sam Maravich, Vice President

  24. $BSPM When is the next data or PR?

  25. $BONE Sorry guys. I just sold all my shares. Made up the loss elsewhere in total today. Still in $BSPM $ECTE $SSH $GTXI