1. @GonzaloBaya: $ACUR $KOOL $BSPM $IDRA $BONE GRNH is going up today with good performance idra !!

  2. $ACUR $KOOL $BSPM $IDRA $BONE GRNH is going up today with good performance

  3. $BSPM buybuybuy

  4. $CYTR $INO $BSPM $IDRA $CTIC Cheap stocks

  5. $PXLW in mornin add if holds the 5.10-5.17 area $KNDI startin over on first nice dip $BSPM may add more have plenty so maybe not $PDLI add

  6. webmiztriz did u add ?? PXLW watch KNDI on dips in low 11 area $BSPM did ya get it keep mental stop at like 1.52 area

  7. @Bailey2011: $BSPM stop giving your shares away. Youl be sooooorry hold an add or hold no reason as he said ta sell it will head North

  8. $BSPM $PXLW $KNDI boy oh boy many gift during mid-day that paid well b4 close or for a dip buy

  9. $BSPM take a loss r u joking???? just add

  10. $BSPM Tomorrow! http://y.ahoo.it/H6pGBmV9

  11. $RNN Glad I dumped this at 1.18 orig purch at .97. bio-turds in my portfolio: $BSPM $KOOL fortunately small positions.

  12. @barna are you holding $BSPM ?

  13. $BSPM dammit I had to take loss on this one.

  14. $PXLW $BSPM added hard L $YELP stalkin again if holds $KNDI add few more L $RNN just watchin $TSLA short if 190 fails

  15. $BSPM $NAVB $BLRX $INUV market is in serious correction mode. I don t even see this stopping. Trimming positions here

  16. $BSPM ta many of you paid attn ta the 2.05 area buy long that peeps posted an still not sure why as you can see much cheaper

  17. $BSPM check the ER two weeks ago

  18. $BSPM stop giving your shares away. Youl be sooooorry

  19. $BSPM 1.50 my mental stop

  20. $BSPM getting long on this

  21. $RNN $BSPM etc speculation stocks dont really trade from markets dont be fooled many have ran hard on down days an on up days both ways GIFT

  22. $BSPM OUCH!!...please, somebody stop the bleeding. Must make it to ER.

  23. Dropped $idn $bspm and watching other areas for entry. $bldp I m watching you.

  24. @barna Hi Barna, where do you see $BSPM going?

  25. $BSPM is it true that there s suppose to be a ER today? http://y.ahoo.it/ufiYO5Us