1. $BTU $CNX one or the other needs to buy/merge with $JRCC

  2. Share an idea on $JRCC $BTU $CNX

  3. $BTU - My favorite color: green . BTU@$16.87; $WLT@$8.00. Spread @ +$8.87

  4. $ACI OMG..coal begins ERs next week. Here s hoping a few canaries are left in ACI s mines. $WLT $BTU $ANR

  5. $BTU Shorted 16.59. CB is 16.71. Looking for 52 week low at 14.34.

  6. $BTU - I think the Ukrain is about to influence coal strongly

  7. $ACI $ANR $BTU pop goes the weasel. http://y.ahoo.it/kCmtbgnL

  8. $ACI $ANR $BTU this bearish NG daily chart probably keeping longs away. http://y.ahoo.it/y68T7TjV

  9. $BTU The current Real Value of BTU is about $19.50.

  10. $ACI $ANR $BTU.... I was wondering when someone would say this: http://y.ahoo.it/y0oAWGw8 Brainwashed greenies would cry about it though

  11. $BTU - $WLT Spread @ +$8.87 BTU

  12. $anr $aci $WLT $bTU - how much more do we need to prove coal demand up and above : http://y.ahoo.it/afWUVNrB

  13. Active Stocks From Basic Materials- $VALE, $BTU, $SID, http://y.ahoo.it/S7CrUd60

  14. $BTU Please go back to $14 where you belong

  15. $ANR $ACi $BTU $WLT $cnx $clf Can someone tell Goldman and UBS that met coal demand is up http://y.ahoo.it/97pcCyRA

  16. $ANR $anv $btu $wlt Can someone tell Goldman and UBS that met coal demand is up http://y.ahoo.it/8HjS7B10

  17. $WLT continues to 9s tomorrow . . . on way back to $27 $SPY $KOL $CNX $BTU

  18. @SpecialSits101 what s a rational Met Coal Miner to do? Idle production! Got Coal? $WLT $KOL $ACI $ANR $ACI $BTU $BHP $RIO $VALE

  19. $BTU Shorted 16.84.

  20. $WLT takes out hod next 10 minutes on way back to 9s. $SPY $CNX $BTU

  21. $WLT gaps back to hod then onward towards $27 price target $KOL $CNX $BTU

  22. Are stocks like $WLT $BTU $ANR good for long term? Will coal be coming back or are these sinking ships and its time to get out while i can?

  23. $BBRY Is it time to consider. $ACI $BTU $WLT $KOL I m long on coal

  24. $anr $aci $wlt $BTU, canada factory orders beat est due to coal and oil : http://y.ahoo.it/tJRHu2AJ

  25. $anr $wlt $btu $aci Bipartism efforts to tackle war on coal http://y.ahoo.it/4zSfMwOd