1. $CLD enterprise value at $BTU asset sale of 5x ebitda, is $725mm EV. Or $367mm market cap ($6.01) ($498mm debt less 140mm cash.) price=cash

  2. $BTU Peabody Energy: Mine Sale Should Give It Enough Cash To Get To A Positive Cash Flow Year $BTU http://seekingalpha.com/article/3711476

  3. $ACI woow where is $BTU

  4. $BTU Why can t this run like $SUNE :/

  5. Asset Sales To Bowie Resources May Benefit $BTU http://www.bidnessetc.com/58077-asset-sales-to-bowie-resources-may-benefit-peabody-energy-corporation/

  6. $BTU double???... ja ja...don´t be ingenous!!!!!

  7. $BTU Could Still Double (on its way down)

  8. $BTU BTU Energy Could Still Double by Chris Lau

  9. $ACI $BTU http://blogs.wsj.com/numbers/most-electricity-in-u-s-still-comes-from-coal-where-does-your-state-stand-1705/

  10. $BTU has given up much of its early 15% gain but is still higher following news that it is selling its NM and CO coal assets for $358M.

  11. $BTU looks like they re going to start focusing more on Asia and less on domestic

  12. try some $ACI at bottom??? No go , down 20% today on low volume pre-holiday trading day. A real SOS coal Chitter! Try some $BTU?? SOS!

  13. $BTU please rally so bears can short

  14. $BTU One day chart was ugly despite starting strong...almost straight line down just like always.

  15. Departure of Directors or Certain http://www.conferencecalltranscripts.org/8/summary2/?id=2211030 $BTU

  16. $BTU This POS can barely rally on good news.

  17. $BTU $KOL - DEFINING WORTHLESS: Selling 350m tons of coal reserves for $350m. So for a buck, you can get a million tons of coal!!!

  18. $BTU I am waiting for you to claim up more. :) $XLE

  19. $BTU that si true....but let s gonna see the close...

  20. $BTU hmm...not exactly the kind of bump I was expecting.

  21. Here’s Why $BTU Stock Is Up Today http://www.bidnessetc.com/58011-heres-why-peabody-energy-corporation-btu-stock-is-up-today/

  22. $BTU great chance to buy more

  23. Morning Market Gainers $APTO $BTU $CANF $KBIO $TSYS $NVCR $CTIC $MNK $TOUR http://www.benzinga.com/news/15/11/5997040/morning-market-gainers


  25. Top % Gainers: $CANF 38% 2.5M, $KBIO 34% 1.2M, $MOC 27% 20K, $MCUR 20%, $AEZS 14%, $TSYS $BTU $NVCR $CTIC