1. $BTU Well, next week will be interesting. Not sure if people are position for major surge or major drop. Option action reflects big bets.

  2. $BTU squeezing

  3. $BTU dropping under 2.20 in short order IMHO

  4. $BTU Ask getting pounded! Heavy Buying Baby! Exploding to above 3.00 next week! $$$$

  5. $BTU zero movement what is going on here? LOL

  6. $BTU lagging $ACI from lows. Options activity high in $BTU today. On watch. Dec 4 calls.

  7. $ACI down 45% since failing at 200DMA resist on Monday s intraday hi. Trading like a manic biotech. Still up 450% from low. $BTU lagging.

  8. $BTU Interesting. 3,200 $4.50 Sept 18 CALLS. Are they buying or selling? All eyes on ACI bond deal, where one goes the other follows

  9. $BTU i wish we hit 2.5 plus next week

  10. $BTU $RJET watching BTU per heavy calls today, holding RJET (up 6% today) and looking for EOD run. A lil bounce from SPY wud be nice!

  11. $BTU any news? after hours it will jump?

  12. $BTU Sell some more $2 Calls boy s, easy money....

  13. $BTU Come on boys, keep it propped up for another 90 minutes.

  14. $BTU serious volume on both sides... Easy potential gains here

  15. $BTU There s one reason this is up today. It s the 12k $2 CALLs that will expire worthless. Tuesday down again.

  16. $ACI $BTU here!

  17. $BTU today will hit 2.32 at least

  18. Eyes on $ACI potential EOD bounce.... sympathy play of $BTU

  19. $BTU sorry am new what does call volume for 4 $ mean?..are folks betting this wud hit 4 $ by dec?

  20. $BTU ok here they come back all the 15 dollar guys come on we no ur there

  21. $BTU $ACI Crazy Call volume for Dec.16h $4 strike but even crazier volume for Jan.16/2016 $4 strike for BTU. Nothing but crickets on Puts

  22. $BTU is there a vol increase?

  23. $BTU I smell trap

  24. $BTU and the $ just started flowing in.

  25. $BTU nay sayers... This goin back ^^^^ next week $$$$