1. $BXE.CA Anybody read the SA article about BXE becoming the next Peyto? What do u guys think about that and the 5 year price target?

  2. $BXE.CA just journaled some shares to NYSE to gain on a decrease in USD along with increase in crude price.

  3. $BXE.CA An education on how to BTFD, very funny

  4. $BXE-CA now the wild card for oil: war in the real oil patch. The trap is set for the house of saud, and they re in.

  5. $BXE.CA wowza!

  6. $BXE-CA ok, any backbone to this move? Thoughts? Where are your stops @PeterDylan ?

  7. $BXE.CA this stock trades like a 3x ETN - absolutely ludicrous. thinking of trading this when we can confirm failure of this pop.

  8. $BXE-CA not trading this, but energy sector looking bouncy. My commodities guy has downtrend resist at 40.84 in WTI.

  9. $BXE.CA Inventories and production trending in the right direction. The oil futures boys can only push on this spring so long. winter!

  10. $BXE-CA bold surprise last night from the API. Will EIA confirm?

  11. $BXE.CA Very strange, oil up 3%, XOM up 3,5%, BXE even. Any thoughts?

  12. $BXE.CA Holding my all in @ 1,53. Very confident it will move up!

  13. $BXE-CA you guys were supposed to take care of this while I was away.

  14. $BXE.CA Cmn baby jump!

  15. $BXE-CA This could be my entry price. I lost a bit when I got out at 2.65 and have been waiting to get back. Too soon? Any ideas?

  16. $BXE.CA Not sleeping well. Oil rebounds above 39$, Europe also looks good. It could be trigger for short squeeze in oil

  17. $BXE.CA Nice article on BXE over on SA: http://seekingalpha.com/research/5006891-wilson-wang/4286316-bellatrix-exploration-the-next-peyto

  18. $BXE.CA Anyone wants to share average price?

  19. $BXE.CA Market makers doing their best to push price down. Well.....

  20. $BXE.CA Hi, hi, this stock made me all in. Not smiling just acting, complete portfolio now on line. Total 286564$ God help me

  21. $BXE.CA systemic influence. im calling a quick rebound ie: this market crash is a fakeout of sorts. economic data is too strong. holding

  22. $BXE.CA Holding excellent!

  23. $BXE.CA Ups, no lunch for a week

  24. $BXE.CA WTI in collapse

  25. $BXE.CA Jump in the train. As per Zacks minimum short term target 2usd max 3, Rated strong buy