1. $BYD Lets see how strong is its 20EMA!! Fast Sto is giving sell signals and ADX is bearish crossover http://y.ahoo.it/Efon4Sh0

  2. @Thorgood @Global_Trader I think LVS put double bottom in dunno yet. My favorite is $BYD. Lot of puts bought on it recently tho. @ 8 I buy.

  3. @ACInvestorBlog: $MGM $LVS $WYNN $MPEL $BYD Macau Slumps: August Rev Fell Again; VIPs Scared, T

  4. $MGM $LVS $WYNN $MPEL $BYD Macau Slumps: August Rev Fell Again; VIPs Scared, Tight Labor http://y.ahoo.it/OtBqjT4e

  5. $MGM $LVS $WYNN $MPEL $BYD Bloomberg: Macau Casino Revenue Misses Estimates on China Probes http://y.ahoo.it/zZIIKMSJ

  6. HIGH PUT VOLU $BYD 3039% $KBE 2691% $BKW 2203% $ARUN 1887% $AMTD 1747% $THI 1687% $WSM 1599% $SNSS 1454% http://y.ahoo.it/DDItrR3d

  7. Wednesday s Notavle Options Activity: $YHOO, $HAL, $WFT, $PBR, $VALE, $BYD, $MGM http://y.ahoo.it/5yOWt4QS @EnisTaner


  9. HIGH PUT VOLU $BYD 3029% $ARUN 1743% $BKW 1465% $RKT 916% $BHP 841% $WSM 760% $TSCO 747% $TIF 686% http://y.ahoo.it/bNnvrnXS

  10. Block Trade: 10:28 $BYD Jan15 16 8 P (AMEX) 0.95 9491x Today s Full Report: http://y.ahoo.it/gXjkMUAc

  11. Block Trade: 10:22 $BYD Jan15 16 8 P (AMEX) 0.95 11000x Today s Full Report: http://y.ahoo.it/63LLVlCa

  12. $BYD 11X usual vol

  13. @SippinCoughy I bought to open shares of $BYD with the intent of only holding them for a day or so. I bought in a few chunks, hence the avg

  14. $BYD #bto day-trade equity - average price $10.66794

  15. $BYD Haha CEO says less supply in AC is good and market will rationalize market. Yah bc they all going to be gambling at THE BORGATA! $$$

  16. $BYD CEO going on CNBC soon. Support at 9.75. Long term super bullish. Only casino left in AC really. Online gambling leader in NJ.

  17. @SippinCoughy Longs into weekend $CRUS $AMBA $INVN $TWTR $SNSS $HALO $ARWR $GOGO $JRJC $AFOP $TSL $SPWR $SPLK $CSLT Stalking $BYD $VRNS

  18. Parabolic Sar Buy Signals 1/3 $ABEV $ACAS $AFL $AIV $BBT $BCEI $BGCP $BP $BWC $BYD $CATY $CDNS $CIG $CME $CTRX $DOW http://y.ahoo.it/SgJOr0uy

  19. $BYD Nice chart up we go!

  20. $BYD up 3.46%

  21. $BYD Fighting to stay above 9.5. Also weekly MM200 is very close. Interesting point at this moment

  22. Bullish MACD Crossovers 1/3 $AAL $ALKS $AMGN $AMZN $ASX $ATVI $BYD $CRNT $CS $DHI $DISH $ETE $FIG $GILD $GNTX $HDB http://y.ahoo.it/xwdkPAKo

  23. Insider Transaction: $BYD Sale at $10.20 per share of 5000 shares by Officer Boyd William R on 2014-08-12.

  24. Powerful Billionaire Activist Hedge Funds Are Bearish On These Four Stocks http://y.ahoo.it/6mylf043 via @forbes $LTM $DRI $BYD $WPP

  25. $BYD day macd histogram says BUY