1. Wild ride for $BYD.UN.CA price spiked to $37.56 on earnings report up 9%but ended day down 1.28%. http://y.ahoo.it/AmRn1UAk

  2. Boyd Group posts higher Q4 revenue, adjusted earnings but $6.9 million net loss: http://y.ahoo.it/YfRCCv9q $BYD.UN.ca

  3. $BYD.UN.CA quarterly resust scheduled for March 21st. It s pulled back a bit

  4. $BYD.UN.CA looks like this is ready to break out to a new high.

  5. $atd.b.ca $bad.ca $byd.un.ca $vrx.ca proven winners

  6. $CHW.CA, $BYD.UN.CA - selfishly looking for a pullback on these

  7. $byd.un.ca going higher, recent bought deal and good balance sheet means more acquisitions

  8. Oversold stocks for your consideration: $MTY.CA $BYD.UN.CA $NCI.V $BRP.CA $LOY.V $PKI.CA $BXE.CA

  9. $BYD.UN.CA Oversold and started to turn. ER on Nov 15 before market.

  10. $mx.ca $byd.un.ca sold these way too early, learn and move on

  11. $byd.un.ca under the radar, still growing nicely, entered ontario market last q

  12. $byd.un.ca another beneficiary of the auto industry coming back, great returns

  13. $byd.un.ca all time high territory, sold this way to early

  14. @VapourTrails ive been there, sold my $byd.un.ca way to early too

  15. $byd.un.ca why i sold this is beyond me - luckily I bought $ad.ca $mty.ca otherwise id be pissed xD

  16. $byd.un.ca continues to outperform, impressive growth organically and by aquisition

  17. $byd.un.ca high quality cyclical, growing collision and glass repair shops, sold this one too early

  18. $byd.un.ca one I took profits on, always seems to be a mistake

  19. $byd.un.ca Boyd Group Autobody still marching to highs, great stock this has been

  20. New Post: Rise of a Millionaire Portfolio Update: Sold $chl.a.ca $byd.un.ca, Bought $bci.ca $cwa.ca http://y.ahoo.it/pm8aimnp

  21. #Boyd Group $BYD.UN.ca reports Q2 profit as acquisitions push up revenue to $102 million: http://y.ahoo.it/ez08vItT #tsx

  22. sold $byd.un.ca and $chl.a.ca at nice profits (20%ish) - bought more $bci.ca

  23. $byd.un.ca $mty.ca caught up in the selloff today http://y.ahoo.it/nTLab0ef

  24. $byd.un.ca up 7% after reporting 1st quarter earnings http://y.ahoo.it/igvyRzmC

  25. $byd.un.ca ouch